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August 17, 2018 @ (WI)

Tags: bad break up

Sorry its kinda long

We met 3 or 4 years ago and ended up dating while i was still with my now ex boyfriend. All three of us were dating until the original boyfriend broke up with us both so it was just me and my partner left. Just a couple months ago the other partner left me as well, out of the blue i was heartbroken. We had a son together who i saw the day he was born and were going to be married and suddenly they stopped talking to me as much claiming to just be busy then lied to me about why they broke up with me. Found out soon after they were already dating someone new and that they had actually lied to another person saying i said it was okay to date them when i didnt, they cheated on me while we were dating. Their excuse? they were afraid to break up with me. Even after they kept leading me on that they may get back together with me so i couldn't let go and move on from them. Finally i admitted my crush to someone else only for the ex to come back and start fighting with my crush and i over it!! Acting like we weren't allowed to date other people but they were allowed to. It felt like my heart was broken all over again when i stood up to them, but at least it helped me realize i deserve better than that. Stay strong.



January 31, 2017 @ (NY)

Tags: shitty breakup

This was my first time dating a guy. I'm a softmore in high school and he is a senior. Throughout highschool I talked to many different guys but I was always ending up being used. TBH it's hard to come around a respectful guy and I bet you all are aweare of that... anyway, out of the blue I started dating this guy and I had never felt happier in a relationship with someone. Even though I am still very young, through him i found out how I should really be treated and respected. He was my bestfirend and i felt so open and free with him , I never knew someone like him existed. Saying that sounds cliche but he was definitely a big part of my life. We dated for 6 months, which very much impressed me because i usually get over a guy fast! 2 days befor Halloween, I felt very strange about our relationship. He always had work and I got fed up with not being able to be with him all the time.. I didn't know how to handle my anger, so I asked for a break. I knew I was loosing feelings, not all to do with him, but more so the timing was awful. he was also leaving to collage soon. I just felt a little heartbroken. I knew he cared about me very much, when I told him I wanted a break he cried and that was so strange to see because i never had a guy cry over me. We loved eachother one day but the next i just couldn't be in the relationship any longer. He resipricated by telling me he doesn't want a full commitment beucase he's a senior and maybe we can get back together later if the timing is right. It sucked to hear but I knew he was right. He wanted to belive we could be friends, but at that time I felt as if the rest of his party life as a senior was the most important thing to him. We broke up on Halloween night, the day after we said all of this too eachother. He knew I wanted to break up with him BUT HE WOULDNT LET ME. I think it was somthing to do with his pervious relationship when his X broke up w him due to the same reason. So yep Halloween night he texted me a shitty breakup text saying he wants his independence . that made me so much more attached knowing i couldn't have him. We talked a little as friends after but we both agreed if we would ever want to get back together we can't be friends. I haven't talked to him for 2 months now and I don't know how i have made it this far , all I know is I deserve better , but I miss my best friend. Knowing our past and how alike we are , I somtimes do belive we will get back together but i never want to hurt myself again. What is your opinion on this type of breakup and any advice ???



November 07, 2016 @ (A place)

Tags: bad breakup, cheating, deserve better, sad

I met this guy three years ago through friends and it seemed to go really well. We were both in high school and the first year was lovely with us going on adventures and going on dates. However, during the first year of college, he turned incredibly immature (he had failed his GCSE's and I had just started A Levels), stopped making an effort with me and there were rumours he had cheated on me. We broke up for 2 weeks but I was stupid to take him back after he begged me that he missed me.
The next two years sucked. I would put in all of the effort into the relationship whilst he spent all of his money on cigarettes and spent his time playing video games. I felt trapped and lonely.
Recently I started university and he is still stuck at college. As all of his decent friends are at university or working, he started to become friends with some very dodgy people (known to do drugs and commit crimes). He started to get close with a lot of girls and it became obvious he was cheating on me when he suggested we go on a break. I ended it after receiving a text from him saying he was sleeping with another girl and yesterday we gave each others things back (three years worth of his things given back to him in two bin bags). He had hickeys all over his neck and random girls kept calling him whilst he was saying we should remain friends.
I know I deserve a lot better than him and I'm going to try and focus on my degree and find someone who will make an effort with me. It's just that it is hard to move on from three years of confusion, bittersweet memories and him in my life.



January 08, 2015 @ (Wisconsin)

Tags: So Sorry! Funny Breakup

ok, so i was in 8th grade. i was dating this girl for 2 years through sophmore year. we seemed perfectly fine untill one night we were at a movie she seemed down so afterwards i asked her what was up. she told me that her grandmother was very sick and could die so she said she didnt have time for a relationship. i said ok i understand. we broke up and stayed friends. 2 weeks later at a football game i was hanging out with my friends and saw her making out with this dude. he is shirtless just like completely eating her face. so i confront them and this dude picks up his shirt and runs away so afraid of me and she says dont hurt him its my fault. and i said well no shit its your fault. so i chase the dude down a road till he gets so tired he cant run no more. he says bro im sorry i didnt know you were here...i..i so i say no shit dumbass so punch him and then my ex 'Livy' grabs me from behind and kisses me. im like what the fuck and push her away. she says "Kenny im sorry i love you and the stuff i said about my grandma wasnt true" so i say fuck you bitch go with the little fat fuck that u were makin out with behind the bleachers with his rolls stickin out. so now its 2 weeks later and shes still dating him. (cant believe it) i dont even know why i loved her... and for all of you men and women that get lied to by your boyfriend or girlfriend. just think. there are 3.5 trillion girls in the world and you deserve better than the bitch that lied to you



March 21, 2014 @ (Canada)

Tags: bad breakup, sad, lost , confused , need help , romeo and juliette

I have been with my bf for almost three years. He is my second and I am completely in love with him. I hid our relationship from my parents but after a year they found out. They're very strict and told me they wanted to meet him. After they met him, they made my life miserable and told me I had to break up with him. But I didn't want I was just getting closer and closer to him. He was truly my soulmate. Today, I am miserable because we still haven't slept together because I want to be a virgin until I get married but he doesn't he's 20 and wants to lose it already with me because he loves me. I don't blame him he's been so patient with me and I feel bad. But in my religion, I can't sleep with anyone until I get married. He told me that if we don't do it he doesn't see us last another 2 years. My parents are telling me every day to break up with him because they don't see him in my future and will never accept him because I deserve better. So here I am, thinking to myself how I'm going to break up with the person I love. I know I will be depressed for a very long time but it's better to break up now then to wait longer right?



May 13, 2012 @ (MyHeart)


Dear Forever, <3
You don't exist, never will you, never have you, only in the mind of someone blinded by love. Love isn't forever, If you have it you should know you are one luck person. 1 out of 1000 people find true love, I am not one of them sadly. Do I wish to be, yes I do indeed. Is it relevant you ask? Yes, completely honestly faithfully truly relevant from day one. You may say I had a typical relationship, did I think it was typical? Nope, I thought it was completely something irrelevant from that. I though he was different, you may say a lot of girls say that, but I believed it, dreamed it, thought it, loved it, carried it, and anything under the sun, blue moon, and starts, and the heaven above.. I loved him with all my heart. I'd do anything for him, yet all I could do was nothing. I started dating his cousin who I fell completely head over heels with. We only saw each other at school to be honest.. but I thought it was more than a fun, school romance. I thought I wanted him forever. Though he cheated on a girl 8 times to be exact, but more after that. I hated the girl, he cheated on me to be with her. He told us it was because we were alike, whoa there we didn't think that. I hated her, she hated me, I had the boobs, and butt, she had nothing. I was thick, she was... skinny, so skinny she has nothing. I had the cutest everything compared to him, but at the end she had him... and I was left with nothing from him but good memories from before. Did anything from before matter anymore? No. Did the fact I was better than her in body, to everything else? No. Because she had him, I wanted him, I wanted to be her, live her life, be where she is. She and I became friends, and talked all the time. We soon learned we were exactly alike nothing different. She and I, been through the same thing, going through the same thing, like the same things, almost exactly the same person. Except the fact we lived different lives, as in our on bodys. Even though we were almost completely the same person, I was still jealous of her for the longest. Because she had him? Nope, not this time. Because I thought she was better, prettier, which she was prettier. we may have almost been completely a like, but our appearance and body kept us separated. I was me, she was herself. Later, I got over him. I realized I deserve better, I need better, I want better, and better is what I will get. If she wanted to spend her life with him and get less than what she could have, need, or want, she can nobody will stop her not at all. Not me, her parents, herself, anyone. Not even him. As long as he could break her heart he was completely fine. Was she, yes because she loved him no matter what, kinda like I was. Later, I fell for someone else, that someone was him cousin. He was the same age as him, same grade, but different everything else. We never met, but we started talking June 3rd, We talked and talked, till we decided we liked each other. We had talk a lot before then, he was obsessed with the fact that he was in love with me, which if you promise not to tell, I loved that(;. I thought he wasn't. Till 06.12.11 the day we got together, we dated than 2 months later, we met. He had never kissed a girl, nor had a long relationship. I saw him that day, I was so nerves, so I paced back and forth at the mall.. I thought he'd see me and be like she's prettier on facebook... and things like I'm worthless. But of course as always he was such a sweet little cutie. <3 It was the best day. As time proceeded we didn't hang out til July 3rd Thunder Fest of course. As always it was the cutest thing. We dated til 5.5.12 Which was like a week and 2 days ago, 9 days to be exact. So, we dated for 11 months, almost. His birthday was May 11th. Of course on that day he was probably like, "It's my birthday I'll get high if I want to, can't deny that I want you, but I'll lie if I have to." - Drake lyrics. But of course he actually didn't want me. I've been thinking of him and I can't stop. It's my longest relationship, and I didn't want it to end. What do you thinks he's doing? Flirting with a new girl? Probably with a new girl? Hanging with a new girl? Doing better without me? Do you even think he thinks about me? Well, I wouldn't know. Want to know why? Because he wont talk to me. Everyday breaks my heart. I get by, by pretending no matter what day, hour, second, weather, or place he's thinking about me. He's dying inside, and I'm living under sunshine, and he's living in the dark shadowy days of breaking my heart. Sometimes I hope that whoever he is messing with now, as in flirting with.. they break his heart, but now I just hope that he's happy until "It's a beautiful day, and something reminds you, you wish you would have stayed." - Taylor Swift lyrics. And now that is the time I found out that forever only exist with a few people.
Nicole, <3



May 05, 2012 @ (New Jersey)

Tags: i am so sorry, i miss you, you are not the one, you deserve better

I have known Hector for all of my high school years, we were really close and we had a blast together. In our senior year we decided to date. It was fun, he was funny, romantic, sweet but I always felt that is wasn't right. We then dated for almost a year and a half, now we were both in seperate colleges. He said I was his soulmate and he loved me so much, but during our whole relationship I was distant romantically but we still had fun together. Then I put more thought in it and I realized he loved me more than I loved him. I loved him but not in the "right way", I cared of him but really I wanted my best friend back without the romantic stuff. I decided he deserved better in love, someone who could reciprocate his feelings. He did everything right but I just never truly loved him. I wasnt ready to love him, and the day I broke up with him I cried; he cried and begged for me back. I know I am doing this so he can get the best out of life, I realized I could no longer be selfish and reap the benefits of being in a relationship when I didnt love him. So now as I write this, I am getting ready to visit him; it is a couple weeks after our break up, and I need to return some of his stuff and I dont know what is going to happen. No matter how much fun we had I could no longer go back to him. I am actually really childish but this is the maturest decision I think I have ever made but it just feels so hard. I lost my best friend, I will no longer hear about his life and it is really hard. But I know someone will love him completely and eternally. But in the back of my head I dont think I would find someone who loves me as much....


Bob David

May 03, 2012 @ (san diego)

Tags: Acceptance

We met when I was 21 and she was just turning 18, a little over 5 years ago. There was instant attraction and our relationship advanced quickly. I knew deep down that neither of us were mature enough to be in a long term committed relationship, but we stuck together anyways. There were a lot of good times, fun memories, amazing sex and we were always there for eachother through the ups and downs. About two years into the relationship there were multiple infadelities-- she started sleeping with one of my good friends behind my back and I had slept around with more than 1 girl. Despite this huge blow to our trust and relationship, we stuck together after we came clean with each other on what we had done. In hindsight I know that we stuck together because we were attached and had some form of needyness with each other. I feel weak to admit that, but I honestly just felt attached and couldn't let her go despite the fact that we had both hurt each other severely and that we deserved better. I knew in my heart at the time that I should have let her go, but my impulsive needyness forced me to hold on to a relationship that had become toxic. Since then we tried to rebuild the foundation of trust in our relationship, but we were fighting an uphill battle and there was just too much insecurity and distrust towards eachother. A year and a half ago we moved in together, which was a big mistake. Things were ok on the surface, but deep down we both felt disconnected and unhappy with the relationship. Along the way we became very short tempered and irritated with eachother. She would yell and call me names, I would yell back and say hurtful things-- stuff you just don't do when you say that you love someone. I knew in my heart for a long time it was not right and that I needed to let go, but I just didn't have the courage to part company with her. I feel ashamed for having held on to something that I knew was not right for me. We broke up about 5 weeks ago after she did not come home one night. She told me she went out to party with her friends and stayed with a female co-worker, but my intuition told me otherwise. We both agreed that we were not right together and both needed to stand on our own two feet. We were together for 5 and a half years and although I know that it was not the right relationship for me I still feel a deep sense of loss an emotional pain. Despite having hurt eachother I had considered her my best friend-- we did everything together and wanted desperately to make things work. I have been trying so hard for the last 5 weeks to look at the reality of the relationship, but my mind keeps wanting to tell me that we could have made it work or that I should have been a better man. The fact is I was immature and acted with the level of maturity and awareness that I had at the time-- I think it's fair to say that she did too. I keep beating myself up over what I could have done differently and all the what if's, but it has only held me back from letting go and moving on. I am trying so hard to accept that it's over, but still find myself hoping for reconciliation in the future-- hope that is eating me up inside. I know that we both deserve better and that it cannot work. I am not one to share my personal story on an online forum such as this, but I started reading a book the other day that suggested I post about the breakup on this website. It has been helpful typing this story up and putting things into perspective. I think it's important that I look at my past relationship logically rather than feed off of my emotions. Anyways, I know my story probably sounds crazy or like I am a bad guy for having cheated, but I would appreciate any feedback. I am now 26 and have come to so many realizations in reflecting on the relationship. I really want to better myself and become the best man that I can be not only for myself, but so that I can have a healthy, loving relationship in the future. Most importantly I want to love myself so I never put myself in a toxic relationship again where I think that I don't deserve better. Anyways, stay strong to everyone that is going through similar heart break or emotional pain. Everyone keeps telling me it will pass-- I just hope that it does sooner than later!



June 20, 2010 @ (Wisconsin)

Tags: Carol

We were together for 15 months before I finaly broke up with him. When we started going out (I asked him out)he really loved me, he cared, and he treated me right. But after a half of a year he started to change in a bad way. He would choose to play a video game over me. And he would be up all night with his friends and go home and sleep the whole afternoon, so I never could get a hold of him. And so we had about 15 break ups withen the the next few months. I always forgave him and gave him another chance. But then, he would ignore my calls and he would never text me back even though I would leave him a couple of voice messages. And some nights I would call him over 50 times cuz I was worried about him or where he was, but later, I would find out that he was over at his friends house. And he knew that he wasn't doing his part of the relationship. So I was feeling very unappreichated. Not only that but we would always argue and he treated every girl that crossed his path as if they were princesses. I did so much for him, everyday at school, I would buy him his lunch cuz he didn't have the money. I paied for every movies ticket. I even paid for everytime we went out to eat. I loved him so much. I tried so hard for him.I gave him space. I cried out my eyes for him. I went broke cuz of him. I am hated by the people who use to love me cuz of him(cuz every one I knew hated him). I changed my whole life for him. But he took me for granted, so I did what he deserved, cuz I know I deserve better. I bumped his a**.

I didn't want money or a car. I just wanted to be loved for who I am.



April 13, 2010 @ (Calgary)

Tags: Liar....

So I am 21 now and I have known this guy since i was 15.. he was my first love... we dated and lived together for 2 years when my dad left and then he cheated on me with my friend... after 2 weeks I moved to the states and went to college. After being there for about a year i wanted to come back....
We ended up getting back together... even though I felt I shouldnt i loved him... all I could think about was him...
This time it seemed good... I moved back in with him... we were happy so I thought... he told me if he ever felt unhappy we would break things off...he said he would never do that to me again... that he could never hurt me cause he loved me so much... that I saved his life

So i go on a trip to Toronto for 10 days and the day after I left he was already out at the bar with some girl he used to say he hated and that she was a slut.... a couple mroe days in to my trip I found out he was sleeping with her that she thought he was her bf... he told her all the things he told me.. that they would go on trips together and travel....

When i got home i went there to get my stuff... he was crying said he wasnt going to be with her anymore... that he knew he messed up and it would be healthier if we were apart... he needed to find himself.

So I call the other night cause I left some things there and she picks up... says he loves her now that he doesnt love me and she hung up on me.

What kind of guy can move on so fast after 6 years? how could he let her hurt me? and of course LIE LIE LIE he says he wants to be alone but now hes with this girl? He says that he is only with her to get in her pants cause she looks like a porn star and i dont... and that he wants to marry me in 2 years.

WHAT kind of bullshit is that? I am so heartbroken and depressed when I know I deserve better... I just dont know how to stop being sad...


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