Scarlett Withmore

December 01, 2015 @ (The Solar System - I live with Chewbacca)

Tags: bad break up

My names is Scarlett Withmore, I am 17 years old, and life for me has just sucked in every way. My family and I moved to Somerville, a small town in Georgia about six months ago. Changes really suck and all, i thought life was over until I met Evan. Evan was my gorgeous neighbor with green eyes, dark brown hair, tall and lean, and captain of the swimming team, he was the unbelievably hot boy next door. At first I kind of stalked him, well i'd see him through our windows in our bedrooms which faced each other. Then he just started talking to me, and gosh did I died.. He asked me out and of course I said yes. Evan was simply perfect and life was as beautiful and perfect as it could get for me,until one night. It was my 18 birthday and Evan had promised he'd ask my hand in marriage. I called him once, twice, so many times that my fingers hurt so much from dialing. That night I cried so much, I thought he'd only used me just for his amusement, but I was wrong. Evan's mother came the next day. Evan had died in a car crash, one caused by a drunk driver. My life was over. The future we planned was buried with him. I still feel the pain, all of it, i just hope that one day I will heal, or least that I'll see him again at least once more.



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December 04, 2015

Sounds like a lie to me but if that is true thats so sad



December 03, 2015

How are you 17 but he failed to show up to your 18th birthday?


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