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John L.

July 20, 2010 @ (Orlando)

Tags: 8 year dream

I was with a girl for 7.5 months. When we first met she told me that she was going to try and get back together with her ex.8 years earlier I had begged God to show me the girl I was to marry. I had seen this girl and her dad for 8 years in my dreams and had been looking every day. 2 days before my 23 b-day,I took her out to dinner and it was my first date.We ended up hanging out more and more. FOund out later she was with a guy I knew and was having sex. I am a true Christian and wanted to show her that sex wasn't how you loved someone it was just being with the that mattered most. Her ex had messed up her head. I got drunk for the first time forher and apparently I woke up next morning with no clothes on. I lost my virginity.To me it was the most sacred thing I wanted to give my wife to say this is all that I am and I am giving it to you. We ended up doing it a lot and I thought she would stay with me. She was talking with her ex the whole time and I hated that but was trying to show I cared. He came back 4 two weeks and she had sex with him. I had just given her a 200 dollar pair of earrings saying the night before don't forget about me. She came back and we were together for a few months then she started working at a place full of guys then the there was no contact with her. I was like what the crap. She didnt tell me anything. I had nightmares of me being in the room while she was having sex with a guy I had never seen. Later found out she was seeing a guy from work. And that she had finally broken up with her ex.
I said is there any way that we could start over since she now had a clear head. No. She never once loved me or had feelings for me. They were all transferred from her ex to me. Sorry.
In the end I gave my virginity so she wouldn't go to another guy who would use her for sex,gave her my heart, mind, body and soul. I waited 8 years for this girl and she took everything and said it meant nothing. Now I am afraid to even ask a girl out because I believed in her. One time after sex she was like what is your favorite part. aka on her body. I pointed to her heart. I never wanted sex. I kept telling her it was just holding her hand, being in her arms, and looking into her eyes that made me forget everything. Now I fear she is destroying her future. All I can do is pray


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December 16, 2009 @ (Atlantic City)

Tags: Atlantic City

Met a new girl recently, things were great. she was down-to-earth,funny, and super sexy. As things progressed, we got to the point that we had sex. During sex, her boobs looked smaller. I thought to myself WTF... but just kept going. after, she went and pick up her clothes quickly and something fell from her bra. she had TP all up in her bra. WOW, i didn't know what girls outside of Highschool still did this. Aren't there pushups or whatever? I broke up with her on principle.



November 07, 2009 @ (Arizona)

Tags: failed engagement

I was dating this guy for about a year. I wasnt really into the relationship toward the end as much as he was. I was working full time and going to grad. school, so my schedule was really hectic and I didnt have much time to see him. I had tried to break up with him a couple of times, but he had always talked his way back into the "relationship". I thought the best way to break up was to start seeing someone else. He would get pissed and leave...we'll he got pissed but didnt leave. The next night (after he found out) he said that we needed to talk. I was almost excited because i figured he was going to break it off. I went over to his apartment after class. I walk into a candlelit dinner set up with romantic music playing. He walks out all dressed up and says "the past is the past. I want our future to start today" drops to one knee and pulls out a gorgeous Tiffany's ring. I start crying fully aware that I am a horrible person. He takes that as a yes and starts to put the ring on my finger. I had to jerk back, say how sorry I was and walked out of the apartment. The worst part was that his mother called me for 2 weeks straight telling me how awful I was and that I am going to end up alone.



March 16, 2010 @ (Tacoma, WA)

Tags: Me, , Jerk

Was dating this guy for a few months.. he kept doing some shady BS and I was tired of putting up with it. So I decided last week to finally end things... We talked about it a couple times actually, but on wednesday it was official. Now begins the text messages...
Me: No. I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry..
Jerk: okay. I had gf whole time. I knew you were a fling
Me: Did you really have a gf the whole time?
Jerk: It's over. No need to talk. bye
Jerk: Deleting your number. Outta sight outta mind
Jerk: u can't hurt me anymore
Jerk: one day you love me, next you can't do it anymore.. first time thats happened
Jerk: you'll never know.. cuz we done. cuz u are unrealistic.. and its spring time.. aka playa season. i only date during the winter
Jerk: You were fun... thanks :)
Me: Likewise (My last message to the jerk) Wed morning
Jerk: What about one last fuck
Jerk: My last comment to u is.. a bitch is always last to get fucked. sorry it didnt work.. I almost gave up my gf for u. so glad I didnt

Ok.. those were all Wednesday morning.. then at 6:30pm he sends this...
Jerk: I miss u. i'm addicted
Then at 10pm
Jerk: Goodnight Lexi
Then the next morning he actually tried calling me. Then more text messages
Jerk: Are we not friends anymore?
Jerk: Wow. I guess I'll never hear from you again. couldn't give up girlfriend. she is hella rich. and Im going on 3 vacations Vegas Hawaii and she gave me money also towards new york. I like u. I'm sorry i couldn't give you 100% of me. u need a sugar daddy and cool dude to fuck on side. fuck a relationship. get this money
On Friday morning he tried calling again.. then more text messages
Jerk: I need to hear your voice
Jerk: can we talk
Jerk: I'm coming over to talk to you (I left for work at this time, I dont think he ever showed up)
Jerk: I can't live without you Lexi. I love you more than anything
Jerk: remember i'm the cereal, you're the milk
Jerk: you weren't a fling. u are my soulmate
Jerk: I haven't been able to eat since we broke up. I am sick... love sick
Jerk: one last talk, I need that
Then that night.. he sends me a picture message with his photo.. saying..
Jerk: miss you
Jerk: These other bitches dont do it for me. I need u

Then I heard nothing all weekend so I thought maybe he was actually going to stop contacting me. But I was wrong. Monday morning...
Jerk: without you i'm lost. talk to me
Jerk: or do i gotta show up at your work just to see you again
Jerk: this sucks. all these other girls wanna kick it, but i dont. I want my LEXI BACK!!!

It's weird how crazy someone can be once you break up.. Or at least that's when you finally realize it. I've been ignoring him since last wednesday morning. If he continues contacting me I'll post an update...



March 03, 2010 @ (Norway)

Tags: Confusing long distance

So, I lived in the USA for a year and got a boyfriend. We dated for approx. 8 months before I had to leave. We went in to a long distance realtionship which was hard but it worked. Now 8 months into it, and 4 moths before I come back, he decides to end it. I was heartbroken. Now after a week of silence he e-mails me and asks: did we use condoms when whe had sex"!? He also said "he was just thinking about it the other night." This all happened after he said he didn't have any feelings for me anymore, he even said he didn't want me to come back and now he's randomly e-mailing me! What is this supposed to mean? Does he regret breaking up, or just trying to make it harder for me to get over him?



February 01, 2010 @ (youngstown)

Tags: Secrets , Games, Lies

I was with her for what feels like almost 2 years. We had our moments you know good and bad just like everybody. To her though I was this horrible person, but I didn't keep secrets from her and always told her how I was feeling. She was the complete opposite we broke up 4 times and got back together. The last time was on the third time we broke up I met another woman she was younger and we had a lot in common. She wasn't interested in me well that's what she told me. After awhile we stopped talking. Well me and my ex got together yet again and I was happy really but while me and this friend was talking I was gonna do something for her birthday and it was also around Christmas to. So she gave me something to help build her this present. I broke the thing she gave me to use and I felt like I owed her. I had forgotten about it but I had it programed it in my phone for that day I got paid. So I figured I would get her a card and put 10 dollars in it and say I was sorry and explained myself in the card. Well I didn't tell my ex and after awhile I got afraid of her finding out some other way. So I told her what I did and why I decided to tell her to. She didn't like any of it and she said some nasty things and we broke up for the very last time. She was my first and I loved her and some part of me still does but I don't think we will ever make it work and it sucks.



March 28, 2010 @ (Brooklyn)

Tags: maury wife deer whack

OK so I was uh waiting to get paid by my boss James & take my wife out on the town. So I gets paid & I comes home, when all of a sudden WHACK! My car hits something as I pull into my drive. Lo and beholds, a little deer was there. His paw was stuck in the grill & everything, it was a sin. My buddy Tommy likes deers, so I gets suspicious. Anyways long story short, Tommy's upstairs in my house stickin' it to my wife. He went berserk over the dead pet deer that was wandering in the garden & he cracks me over the head. My wife had a 3 day erection.




October 13, 2009 @ (don't matter)

Tags: broken heart, lost love

There was this girl. I had known her for years and years. I met her in 5th grade and ever since then we became friends. We wouldn't talk much but we'd always have something to say to each other. We grew up...her becoming gorgeous day by day and me realizing how much this girl knows me. We'd literally sit for hours talking about our lives and our beliefs. She had a cold outside, but inside she was warm and sweet as sugar. She went out with my best friend at one time and I didn't mind. I always felt she would come back to me. So I waited. 2 long years I waited until finally all those times of going to her house to have sandwiches got to me, all those times of sitting in class cracking on everyone else got to me, all those times of hanging out and generally loving each others presence got to me......I fell in love...or so I thought. I felt perfect. Everything was right. Just being in her presence took away all my demons, my frustrations, my unwavering pathetically insignificant life. I felt like a person in front of her. Like I mattered. I fell in love with my dream girl.

But then things got different. She went to college and hooked up wit some dude...She swore it was a mistake and that it was the first time she had gotten drunk. My dumbass believed her. Why? Because I believe in HER and ME...together. I told her we'd work through this. A couple months later, she told me she had to break it off because her parents didn't approve of me even though they had known me my entire life. They thought I was unpredictable and was going no where in life just because I wasn't becoming a doctor. She told me her parents didn't approve and I believed her. We broke up and God did it fuckin hurt. I couldn't talk to her, email her, nothing. She said her parents knew about us and were making sure I didn't call her. I lost touch with her. My best friend told me he went to go see her to console her because he knew we were both going through a hard time. He came to my place afterwards and TO MY FACE told me that nothing happened. After that, I went to India.

When I came back, I lost my soul, my heart, and my general appreciation for love. My best friend, who has known me just as long as she did, tells me that the day he went to go see her...something did happen. I was a broken man. In one swift move, I lost any connection to my love and my true friend. I cursed her for breaking my heart and for doing something this cruel. As for my best friend, I forgave him with my brain but not my heart. Both of them hurt me in ways I didn't know humans could be hurt. I had done no harm to any of them. I showed them love when everyone else showed hate.

The story goes on. My best friend went on...back to his old girlfriend. She forgave him and they moved on. And for her...she has a new boyfriend. A douche. Some fuck who will probably end up worse off.

My entire perception of people changed that day. I don't know if I should put more trust in strangers or in friends. At least strangers won't lead you on when they fuck your shit up.

I'll admit. I had my faults. Maybe I was going too fast with it and I jumped into things. but I truly felt this was it. My dumbass never felt so stupid in my entire life. I should've calmed down and played it slowly. She told me it wasn't gonna work, but I told her we'd make it work. I just never knew I was the only one workin at it.

I've had so much shit hit me in my life. Car accidents, fist fights, fights at home, fights with friends, broken bones, shattered eyes, surgeries, deaths, fires, rejection, loneliness, isolation...and yet. the only thing that ever REALLY hurts a broken heart.



August 04, 2010 @ (USA)

Tags: pregnancy, birthday

Today is my 16th birthday. I'm five months pregnant; my boyfriend (well, ex now) and I had been going out for nearly a year. I loved him very much. We did everything together, even well into the pregnancy. He said we'd always be together, etc. He went out of town and I didn't see him for two weeks, during which time he didn't contact me at all. When he got back, he was frustrating and distant. But yesterday, he came over and said he wanted to take a step back because he was overwhelmed with how I've become a different person (of course I have; I'm pregnant and the stress he's putting on me is only making it worse). We compromised by agreeing to still hang out once or twice a week, not see anybody else, and let our relationship rebuild itself naturally. But he agreed to take me out to dinner and a movie today, since it's my birthday. It would be kind of like a first date all over again. And I was OK with that. I waited all day for him. When he was hours late, I finally texted him. Over a text message, he told me he was busy with some other girl and that we shouldn't see each other anymore. The baby will be born in a few months, at which point she'll go to live with adoptive parents. And I thought THAT on its own would be painful enough....



February 24, 2010 @ (Oregon)

Tags: Cheating, jail

I found out my husband was cheating and I confronted him. When I asked her name he hesitated then said

Husband "Do you want me to be happy?"
Me " Just be a man and admit it."
Husband " I work with her, her name is xxxxx".
At that point I was so angry I reached out to slap his face, He locked me and pushed me down. I got up and tried to slap him again but he pushed me against the wall and held me there. I grabbed his neck and pushed him away. I then walked out of the room and told him to pack his bags and never come back. The he (are ready for it??) He CALLED THE POLICE AND SAIDHE HAD BEEN ABUSED! The police showed up and becasue he had nail marks on his neck they took me to jail. I spent the night in jail. Then he insisted the DA charge me with a felony which could result in 1 year in jail. For the next year and a half, I waited to go to trial while he used the threat of taking my kids away from me as a weapon.

I was found not guilty but he still insists I am an abuser and I lied.

Before you judge... He is 6ft 2 240lbs and I am 5ft 3 and 150 lbs. He has also punched my 17 yr old son (his stepson)and then called the police on him when he fought back.


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