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January 06, 2015 @ (the netherlands)

Tags: sad breakup, betrayal

I was together with my boyfriend for almost 11 months. I was struggling with sepression? But he always assured be that i loved me for who i was. A day before we went on holiday together he said he wanted to talk. He said that he felt trapped and he wsnted to be single again still, he wanted to go on holiday with me, because maybe he would change his mind. When we came back from our holiday, he broke up with me anyway. He said he wanted to stay friends, and i was kind of okay with that. A week after we broke up, he said he had to talk with me again. I asked him what was wrong, amd he told me he got together with my best friend (!!!) because he wanted to know what it was like to be with her instead of me. I have never felt so betrayed. And even though he did this to me, i still love him to pieces and would get back with him any second.


Anon Pls

December 18, 2016 @ (california)

Tags: bad break up, just ugh all sad

i mean i'm not entirely sure what we were. which is pretty sad but, i'll explain. so i met this guy at school a long time ago and we hardly talked at all, he was an upperclassmen anyway. :/ so towards the end of the year apparently he told me how he liked me for a while and he gave me his number which i was shocked because he doesn't even talk to me. I eventually let him into my walls which i'd built so protected and he was a sweet guy. He told me all about his past, and how he had a girl of two years dump him because of her snake friend. He was suicidal because of this and it took him a long time to recover, and how during that small time he would see me everyday he was amazed at how calm i looked and how i looked so mysterious because i never really talked to anyone. We talked everyday for a while there and one day i said how i loved him and he started crying tears of joy. I figured that he was a perfect guy and i wanted to be with him. We hung out over summer and one day when we were cuddling, we kissed and he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes. Shortly after I left, a friend of his (who was a girl) got really pissed at him getting a girlfriend and forced him to dump me immediately. He listened to her and it was just really sucky. We were still talking like usual. Then a month later he finds out that his ex of two years got a boyfriend right after they broke up and that they were as happy as could be. He was heartbroken that he didn't get to even know (she blocked him on everything) and he disappeared for a while. He eventually came back and he was different. He tried flirting with me on a whole new level and wanted to have sex with me. It was just rediculous and i did let him do some things but not even close to letting him put himself in me. That was a no no. He was pretty pissed that i didn't want that and he would only talk to me for sex really. I stood up for myself one day and said "if you want me then ask me out." and he never did, proving to me that he was just using me. We share a class now (yeah he kind of taught me a lot school wise and i moved up to be able to take higher level classes) and i see him watch me sometimes, but he acts like he's never met me before



November 24, 2009 @ (colorado)

Tags: paris, poem, rhyme

I went to paris with my girlfriend of one year
To stay for four weeks in the city of love
But after three weeks it became very clear
The love that we had was not the kind they were speaking of
We fought all the time on the stupidest of things
Each second was one that I wanted to escape
Her control of me made me want to scream
And the love of her became something I couldn't take
So after one fight about cutting my hair
It came out that I couldn't take anymore
And after tears and pain I could hardly bear
Our tumultuous love turned into war
The last week was filled with fights and tears
I spent 1500 dollars on hotel rooms
And at the peak of the fights when the end of the trip appeared
We had to spend 8 hours on the plane sitting next to each other
Worst day of my entire life



February 25, 2012 @ (fg )

Tags: me me me

Well this break up was all me.. So me and my boyfriend had so many fights this year. Him disrepecting hanging up on he all the time i wanted to talk. He chose XBOX or me WTF. Anyways i said lets go to a dance he said okay. Then the next day he calls me and says Hi um i am up north at my cousin house i got to go. I got pissed and called him back and said did you forget about the dance? its tomorrow. He said yeah i forgot about that sorry. I said fine whatever. then hung up so i txted him and said why did you forget about what we was doing tomorrow? If you loved me so much like you say you do then wouldnt you have forgotten about tomorrow. I am sick of you doing this to me all the freakin time i can not and will not stand for this. BYE! He never called never txted back nothing so i thought i was over. Then Trent txted me and wanted to hang out so i said sure why not. He said okay i will be at your place in a min. I was scared i was nervous. I have only hung out,made out, shit like that with my boy. I knew what Trent wanted and yet i went with him and did everything. His friend Kyle txted and got mad at me for doing stuff with Trent when i knew Kyle liked me i just said sorry it shouldnt have happend. Kyle wanted me to tell my boy so I told him and he didnt want anything to do with me :( so there forth i want him back and dont ever want to hurt or let him go :( help me!



May 11, 2019 @ (Hyderabad, IN)

Tags: horoscopes, jobless

Quick short reasons,to a break-up with my girlfriend needed
1. Horoscopes doesn't match to get married.
2. Dont have a Job
3. Attitude, behavior



March 16, 2011 @ (India)

Tags: Hm

I got together with my best friend. We had a good time, moved to a city of a different country together to live there for a year during my student exchange. We had a good time and we cared for each other a lot. Soon doubts crept in, I wondered whether I loved him enough, whether this was what I wanted from love in life. Only in the crisis that lead to our break up I learned that he's had similar doubts. The drama is that there was no drama. We broke up in perfect mutual understanding, in agreement over the issues that we didn't like and also sharing the opinion that starting new with somebody else would be the best option. I still believe this is right and I don't want to let things get messy by contacting him, I don't want him to come back out of sympathy and I don't want me to try and get him back just out of the fear of losing an extraordinary friend and perhaps the most supportive, accepting and understanding person I met in my life.
Now, it's only been two weeks and after an amazing conversation with one of my professors who tried to help me (and succeeded doing so in a way), I still doubt my choice and I still miss him and the loss of him is certainly the hardest thing I ever had to take.
Perhaps you guys think this is easier as it didn't get nasty, and perhaps you are right, but is there anything that is more bitter than two people who desperately want to be together and tried to make each other happy but whose love simply wasn't enough?
However, this story just seemed different from most I read here so I'll share it with you.



March 16, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: breakup

I'm just going to put it like this, been with my girlfriend for 7 months, she started showing less affection and decided not to care about me anymore or try. Told her to get it over with and break up with me already if she wanted to, so she did. Little hurt, not as much as I should be considering I expected it for awhile now and told her lots of time before to do it already, so I held in my feelings and made sure I lost them for her.


Waited All That Time For Nothing!

December 16, 2013 @ (Chicago)

Tags: bad break up, ugh, in love, crying

So. I had a thing with this guy. He is three years older than me and we started dating when I was 16. I immediately fell for him after our first date. He was everything I was looking for in a guy, and I could already tell that he was special. We had been dating for 2 months when he had gotten a new job and had to move out of state. I thought it was the end of us but we still managed to carry on for two more months. He was only 2 hours away so he came back about once a week. But then things started to get ugly, he stopped texting me and eventually said things weren't going to work out because he didn't want to keep me on the hook and he didn't see himself moving back home. So I went for a month without him, crying every single day. For some reason I had this gut feeling that things were going to work out, but I thought it was ridiculous so I tried to ignore it. But out of the blue, he texted me again and we began to see each other every time he came back. We were inseperable and we truly fell in love with eachother. He was trying to transfer to a store back home and for months and months he couldn't. But finally, after 9 months he did and we were both ecstatic. But in the weeks leading to his return I had a sinking feeling that I couldn't explain. 3 days after he got back, he broke up with me, saying he still wouldn't be able to give me adequate attention and that I should find someone better. He wasn't even willing to try to make it work for a month. I don't think that was the real reason.



November 23, 2011 @ (home)

Tags: example1

I guess i just don't know what to say. I wish we'd never broken up, but I know it's what he wanted to do for awhile now. I was a fool for having been in denial for such a long time, and for believing that he feels as much as I feel for him. It's already been a month ever since our break up, but I still feel as broken as if it was just yesterday. I can remember begging him to not break up with me, but only to have him get angry and push me away. It hurts to think back and face the truth that all the while he was with me, it was just pretense. He really can't even stand the sight of me. He stopped texting me altogether after we broke up. I feel sick and tired; sick of relationships and tired of meeting new people. I absolutely hate the fact that he's made me feel like everything was my fault. I hate that he puts me through so much misery while we were together. He isn't the guy I once knew him to be, so I guess i'll let time do it's job and bury all this.



November 06, 2016 @ ((Around))

Tags: Bad breakup, betrayal, BoysAreTurds

Okay so two years ago I met this guy and when I first met him I absolutely hated him. He was obnoxious and irritating and got under your skin on purpose!! UGH! But, as life would have it, our seating charts in classes started putting us close to each other, so we began talking. And he surprised me by not being as bad as I had thought. We ended up becoming best friends somehow and he kept me smiling. I quickly realized I had caught feelings for him (how, I have no idea. I hadn't imagined myself as one to fall for an arrogant, popular guy). And, well, soon we started dating. We grew closer and I knew I had fallen for him bad. But sometimes it was as if he knew but didn't even care. Some days he would just be a total jerk to me, or (yeah, even better) I would find him flirting with another girl. I brought up these things to him and we ended up getting in a big fight about it. In the end, he yelled "Maybe we should just break up!" and I said okay. and he said okay. And he's moved on since.


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