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Shannon James

October 22, 2014 @ (bolton)

Tags: breakups

Well i met this guy who understood me for me? who never put me down..but all he ever did is lie to me i lost every bit of hope,he wasnt the guy i met him as.i never make him happy i dont know what i do wrong i just be my self?its like im not good enough most nights i cry.i act dead normal about the sitaution but deep down i love him to pieces but he lies to me all the time?he's toothfaced slags people off i dont know what to do?


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September 06, 2016 @ (Spokane, WA)

Tags: Bad Break Up

I was dating this guy for 9 months when I had a feeling things were getting difficult. I kept having dreams that he would cheat on me.. one day he said he needed "space" even though we had only seen each other twice in three weeks! He told me, "I don't want you spending the night tomorrow night because I just want to get tons of sleep. I have a late flight and when you come in you always make too much noise.,, and it wakes me up and I can't sleep for an hour. He had never had a problem with any of this before so I thought it was suspicious.. my best friend convinced me that we should park down the street from his house to see if he would actually come home.. We did. He never showed up.. it was 2 40 in the morning and he had not come home... I left and confronted him the next day and when he claimed he got home at 12 30 the previous night (during our stake out) I knew he had cheated. He confessed after 10 minutes of me drilling him. We haven't spoken since...



January 18, 2010 @ (davao city, philippines)

Tags: 1

i gt a relationship way back in march 10,2008.. i fell in love with a so happy whenever we are together.i just dont know if he truly loves me but he always tell me that he loves me.the only thing is that i don't trust him.every time he don't text me i easily got angry it is because we don't see often hats why i want him to text me..we always broke up but we patch things up again..but until the time came that he told me he don't love me anymore. that was april 23, really hurts me.and i got a news that he had a new we are 9 months broke-up.and i heard a news about him that he is going to marry his new gf because her girlfriend got pregnant and im so hurt



October 28, 2010 @ (new york)

Tags: example1

6 yrs ago I started dating one of my best guy friends itswas the best of both worlds for me and him we fell in true love for each other there was so much passion in our relationship very steamy!! We datedfor about three years we were young I was eighteen in a very serious relationship I was ready to make him it my world... we had our fights n ill admitt I used to take them to anotheer level I just never felt that much for someone!! I know he would say it to...he left me for another girl....who had nothing on me she literally looked like a hooker but anyway left me n told me I'm the girl he wants to marry and well meet back up but were too young too serious.. I was heartbroken I didn't kno what to do but to fight to save our love and it didn't work it pushed him further... now that was four years ago and I still think of him everyday I miss him sooo much I can't even put it in words...a yr after we broke up I meet someone moved in had a baby who is almost two!! But I can't get him outa my mind/heart I still see him here and there and when were in the room together we vibe and it feels like it used to before we dated. But when people are around he's shy he only looks at me for two seconds to say hi and bye what do u people think I kno he still loves me I can tell but does it look like ill be with the love of my life again??



April 13, 2011 @ (U.S.)

Tags: broken up heart

So here's my story:

I'm 17, just your average guy, I play a lot of sports, have a job... my girlfriend of almost a year dumped me 2 months ago. I met her over 3 years ago at a youth group. We were close friends for 2 years before we started dating. Last February we started hanging out a lot. By the time Summer started we were head over heals in love with each other. I guess I was kind of the "bad boy" we snuck out all Summer long and I disrespected her grandfather whom she was living with at the time. In August he kicked her out of his house and she was forced to move in with her alcoholic/abusive mother who is the only other person she had to live with. She doesn't have any other family and her entire family has a whole lot of problems. She also has a past of a lot of abuse in her history as I found out eventually. As for me, I also do not have any family or relatives. I live alone with my single mother and my younger siblings. My family has just as many problems as hers does. My mother is really the only person I have, however, we are not that close. My ex-girlfriend goes to a different high school then me and as we went through the school year her life became very challenging at home. We stayed together though. I was there for her through it all time-and-time again. I even got my ma to let her live with us for a while to be away from her life at home. In my heart she became the love of my life. We had so much in common in our pasts. The same goals for our futures. We could understand each others pain like no one ever could. I loved her with all my heart for near 10 months

Anyways we started fighting because of her own problems at home. This went on all the way through December and January. I tried to be supportive of her problems, but she started pushing me away, more so every couple weeks. In February, after I hadn't seen her in 3 whole weeks (which she filled with excuses, and insincere reasons why she couldn't see me) she called me and broke up with me on the phone. I asked if I could at least see her one more time. She refused. I asked her why it had come to this and her reasons were things such as she wanted to be independent, she did't wanna be in a relationship anymore, she didn't feel like we should take relationships so seriously at this time in our life, blah blah blah. So after hours of tears on my part I let her go. If this is what she wanted, then I wanted her to just be happy. Anyways, I had been the only one really holding the relationship together for 3 months and I couldn't take it anymore. I never texted her or called her once after we broke up on the stupid phone that night.

Two weeks later after a lot of pain and hurt, I was at a party with some buddies. I asked a mutual friend who I saw there how she was doing to find out that she had been cheating on me with some fuckin douche bag who's six foot-seven, plays basketball, drives a 2010 mustang, is rich, and apparently is a big player at her school. This hurt so much that I ended up getting in a fight with another guy at the party. I couldn't sleep for days, and still have a lot of trouble sleeping. I wanted really bad to go find this guy she'd been cheating on me with. Luckily I didn't. Now I'm sitting here a month later still heartbroken. She has made me hate my life, and according to people she's having a great time with this other guy. I've gone out with 2 girls since we broke and neither one of them has meant anything to me. As of right now I hate my life, I hate her, and I wish she was NEVER ever a part of my life.

That's basically my story. Enough said.


Broken (part 4)

April 21, 2015 @ (toronto)

Tags: bad breakup

Three weeks into my still ongoing vacation i get a call from a friend. Says he wasn't in paris with his friends for new years but with his so called ex-wife who is not an ex wife and never was. I feel a flutter of wrongs come back into my stomach. I feel a volcano of emotions. But most of all i feel like puking I puke out everything, the lies, the emotions, the hurt, the champagne, the empty promises, the real promises? I don't know at this point but i keep puking and then i cry. I cry for the lies he has told me and i cry for the two hearts i broke because of him. I cry for the man i let go and i cry for the mistake i have made. I cry for lying to myself and ignoring all the red signs, i cry for believing him, and mostly i cry because i can't and won't let him go. I call him i break up with him. He doesn't run after me and won't run after me. I block him and then unblock him i do this for the next 3 months. once i unblock him i hurl insults at him through Facebook, text messaging, voice messaging. I feel empty so i block him again. I do it again and this time we go back to saying i love yous but then the anger rises in me and i hurl my insult my pain at a screen. So i block him again. I unblock him and so it begins a cycle. I laugh sometimes. My friends stare at me. They used to call me the ice queen now i am the melting queen. I have break downs and melt downs. I can't hurl my anger at him so i hurl it at them whenever they'r ehappy i do it when they're down i do it when they're sad i do it. I don't know myself. The last time i blocked him was 7 days ago today i say its done its over. But deep down i don't know if it is. I love him as a child loves its favourite blanket or as mother loves her unborn child. I love him as if he were the beat of my heart and soul. I feel a physical pain when i see a flash of his smile in my head. I miss him so much that its physically painful to breath. I tell myself it is better to have loved and lost then to have felt no love at all. Then i google and try to find who said that quote and i then i want to find them and murder them. I want to see if they really have loved and lost because anyone who has truly loved. As in loved with their entire soul and finally understood what i would die for you would never ever ever say such a fucking stupid quote. So i go online and i try to find sad break up stories. I find this website but all the stories are about 18 year olds whom portably thing they have found true love. And i think to myself they are only 18 and they don't know what love means. But then i look at myself and i remember i was 18 and i knew love and look where that love has brought me. Which really is nowhere.


Joe Crow

June 20, 2022 @ (Bronx)

Tags: Long Term Breakup

I met a cousin sister in 1992. She stated that she felt so close to me. She asked me to write letters to her. She later got married and her husband wrote a letter with her. I sent one final letter and it was not answered. I sent a Christmas card. In 1995, she gave a phone call to speak to her parents and sibling. Her sister told her that I was there and handed the phone to me to speak. My cousin sister hung up on me. Her mother claimed that she called back to say that I was invited. My mother told me that this was lie. In 1994, my father visited India and told his brother that I was expecting a letter form her. There was no answer. When I visited India, her father claimed that my cousin sister was there the day before and her mother claimed that this person was interested in seeing and was looking for days off from her teaching job to be with me. My mother told me not to believe this. The next year, I went to India again to get married. I was thinking of contacting her. My mother pointed out that there was no need to contact someone who hung up me. My mother told me that the sister could easily call me if she wanted to. As my relatives kept talking about her, I could not get her out of my mind because I had a feeling that she was in neighboring state. When my parents drove me through the streets, I looked at different houses, wondering irrationally if my cousin sister was somewhere in one of those. I talked to myself angrily since my parents would not allow me to visit her. My dad would constantly break down the bathroom door to try to stop my habit. My dad would talk about how I would feel better after I got married. The reality is that I still miss the chemistry of the previous relationship. My wife listens but does not have much to say to me. On an average day, my son and daughter say nothing to me. My children act as if my dad is the dad instead of me. It have not seen any of my relatives since 1998. I do not understand why people are so upset about Trump's travel ban when I have been banned by my own parents from seeing my own relatives in my native country. I see my cousin sister in my dreams. I had a feeling that I would see her after my parents die. Now there is a feeling that I will die before them. I have not been allowed by them to leave the state of NY for the past 20 years. Even though I have a driver's license, I am no longer allowed to drive the family car. I have to accept the fact that I may never see my relatives ever again.


Joe N

December 15, 2009 @ (Visalia)

Tags: etc

So I dated this chick for a little over 3 years, and I actually had thought that she was the one. Well in August of this year, I had found out that she had slept with my band mate about 2 years ago (before the band had formed). I may have been able to forgive it, being so long ago, but I had suspected that she cheated on me with him and had asked her several times over the years. She would always get upset with me (as would I if I was falsely accused) so I dropped it and went along with it because I trusted her. Finally, when I found out for sure, she admitted the whole thing, and we broke up. The band ended, and so did my friendship with my drummer. All he could say was that we weren't that close before the band started, and all she could say was that she was sorry and that she was stupid for doing the whole thing. I know I should just move on and forget about these people, but my gut is telling me to tell drummerboys girlfriend who he's been dating for 6 years about the whole thing, and hook up with her. Any thoughts?



July 07, 2020 @ (Vanauley walk)

Tags: Vanauley glock

Vanauley Glock is the hottest rapper in the 6.



November 23, 2009 @ (Fort Lauderdale)

Tags: Fort Lauderdale

Times have been tough for us. The econ has been shit and so has the job market. She lost her jobs about 4 months ago and can't find a job. She'd been really stressed as of late, but i understand completely. I ended just losing my job as well. It feels like every other word is now leading to a fight. I was starting to feel like i was losing her, boy was i right. when she was breaking up with me, she told me that i was holding her back. she can't be with someone who does have a job. That really pissed me off, because i was nothing but supportive when her broke ass got canned. I mean who breaks up like that?


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