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January 27, 2014 @ (Washington DC)

Tags: So Bad it's funny

My girlfriend and I were dating for a few months, and things were going really great until I felt pressured to tell her I loved her. I didn't want to be the one to cut things off because she told me about her post breakup anorexia, so I waited, getting more miserable because she never listened to my feelings. One weekend she invited me to her house, which was an ordeal because she didn't include me with her family or friends, and I got into an argument with her. On the way back to college, she broke up with me in front of her mom and sister. I couldn't believe it. She said she thought I needed help and that she couldn't talk it out because she needed to eat lunch with her family, but she contacted my dad and friends to let them know how distraught I was before I could. Later when I asked over Facebook if she would give me a movie ticket I paid for that she was holding for me, she said that she gave it to her stepmom. I proceeded to call her a bitch. Soon after I was greeted by a message from her father saying he called the police. Nothing happened, but during the next week or two, she proceeded to blog about me numerous times after saying she didn't blame me. Once I used the private blog she recommended to me to process things, but she passed my link to all her friends and one of them compared my to the shat out remains of Hitler after reblogging what I thought was a private post. Needless to say we are not on speaking terms.


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February 20, 2013 @ (Clarksville, AR)

Tags: example1, example2

So this breakup story teens could probly relate to more. So me and this guy got together at the begining of the school year, he is my first boyfriend. He tried to flirt with me and he kept annoying me for about a week because he wanted to go out with me so bad. I had a few feelings for him so we gave it a shot,everything was going smoothly when about two weeks after we started going out he accused me of cheating on him with one of my friends. So I broke up with him to see if maybe he just needs some time so we broke up friday and got together on Monday. We went out for about three months and then he was being mean to my friends, me, and he accused me AGAIN for cheating on him. So we brokeup again and i asked him if he still wanted to be friends and he said "No, i don't think it will work out" and i said" You don't think i have a good reason to breakup with you do you"? and he said " No you don't"and i was about to explode right there in front of thirty people so I just went and sat down. Later on in the day i cheaked my email and i had an email from him and it said " Someone once told me that having someone that you love as a friend and in your life is better then not having them in your life at all". So we were friends for about two weeks and then things took a turn for the worst. He called me a Re Re and a B word and he told me to go puck myself. He was emailing me on the school email so he had to change the f to a p so he wouldn't get in trouble. He was trying to make me jelouse by asking two of my best friends out and that made things ten times worse. He keeps asking if we can get back together but he knows i have nothing new to say to him. So I have not talked to him in three weeks, but he keeps emailing but i have the strangth not to email him back. So if your ex wants you back and you and me have a similar story then he probley dosen't really like you. If they don't respect, appreciate, and value you then they don't deserve you. Stay strong I belive in you. Also if I miss spell something I am sorry. Good luck :)


Omar Zavala

November 24, 2009 @ (Monterrey, Mexico)

Tags: phone, planned

We started arguing via IM because I was being different; she said she must be first in my list of priorities being my friends beside her. So, I decided to stop talking to her and not logging in to Messenger. After one week of not talking to each other she called to my house saying that it's over. I just wanted she to dump me; she wanted to commit suicide one year ago so this was the best way of getting rid of her.


Jane Doe

February 26, 2014 @ (phoenix, AZ)

Tags: breakup family sister cheating drama mexicans will always believe their daughter

This is a really looong story.

Due to mutual friends, I was introduced to this guy. Lets call him Kev. We were only 15. We talked everyday on the phone. I had a feeling that he might like but I shrugged it off as I only saw him as a friend and I was still heart broken from my previous break up with "Stan". I loved Stan with all my heart and I still do! Anyways, after getting to know Kev, he asked me to be his gf 6 months later but I rejected him cause I couldn't get over Stan. Then we got into an argument about something stupid and stopped talking for about 2 months. He approached me when we started talking again. By then, I thought I was starting to get over Stan so I gave Kev a chance. We started dating and I was so happy cause it felt like Stan was starting to fade away in my mind (he never did). 4 months into our relationship, we had sex for the first time. We were both virgins so neither of us knew what to do. Needless to say, it sucked. But I was okay with it at first cause sex isn't everything. However, everytime we have sex, it felt terrible. My friends would suggests things but they never worked! I, on the other hand, became quite the expert in oral sex cause of all the advice my friends gave me. After 6 months of trying, I couldn't take it anymore. I tried breaking up with him but it made me realized how attached I am to him. So we got back together. Shortly after that, his bitchy older sister, "Stacy", found out we're in a serious relationship. Idk what's wrong with her, but she was insane! First, she lied to her family saying I harassed her via texts and they believed her! I was banned from the house until the lie was falling apart. The next time I saw her, she was angry cause Kev told her I went to the movies with my ex "Danny". Danny and I were really close friends. Yeah, he was madly in love with me but I didn't feel the same way. We would talk on and off cause everytime when are going well, he think he'd have a chance, so I would stop talking to him for a while. Anyways, Stacy was furious that I did that. She threatened me and said she will kill my ass next time. I wanted to say something back so I would look like a spineless person cause I'm not at all, but Kev just told me to ignore her. BIG MISTAKE. After that, she probably think I was weak cause she kept threatening me. Family did nothing. All they ever say is to ignore her. Well I got tired of her and I was still sexually frustrated, so I talked to Danny about it. Note this, Danny was saving his virginity for me and he was already 18 at the time. One thing led to another, I ended up sleeping with Danny (he sucked too). I deeply regretted it and confessed my crime to Kev. He was angry but he was glad I told him. In the end, I chose Kev over Danny. Now, all that we've been through, Stacy is still harassing me. And I felt like Kev cared more about his friends and family than me cause he never stood up for me. He claimed he has but I call bs. So once again, I was fed up. Another friend who was also head over heels for me was there to comfort me whenever Stacy would verbally abuse me. Needless to say, I made another mistake. I, again, confessed my crime to Kev and he was beyond angry because they go to the same school so he knew him. Well I tried breaking it off with Kev but everytime, something calls me back. I feel terrible for what I did and Kev always reminded me... No, the harassing never stopped. We almost got into a fight once...(she's 3x my size). I stopped the cheating, I didn't want it to turn into a habit. But then I found out he went and hung out with my friend's twin in the middle of the night. "Supposedly" nothing happened, but the twin said he tried to get at her. Idk who to believed so I dropped it. When we were together for about 1 1/2 year, he took this girl to Comicon. I smelled something fishy but again, he claimed nothing happened. Third strike, I found out he was kiking this girl "Joey". The old messages were already deleted but calling another "cutie" is already enough. We officially ended a month ago. We were together for 2 years and 5 months.

in the end, I learned not to meet the guy's family (especially the sisters), if I'm unhappy I should just leave and not cheat, and lastly, Kev is a lying cunt. He liked to remind me of my crimea but whenever I bring up his, he would always say "I didn't fuck her. You actually went and fucked Danny!" Yeah, he made me felt like shit

I know I made many mistakes in this relationship but damn, my life revolves around him. Idk how to function without him by my side... I should just stop talking to him, huh?

p.s. No, I never stopped thinking about Stan. He was my first love.



October 23, 2019 @ (Florida)

Tags: bad breakup

On March 28 of my senior year, a day after my year and 7 months anniversary, my boyfriend had broken up with me. It was sudden and unexpected. We were fighting at the time about something stupid and I had apologized and he never did. I didn't go to school the day after because I was sick. Heartbreak. I loved this man and the reasons he gave for leaving was horrible. He told me I was a bitch, insensitive, and that he hadn't loved me for the last 2 months and he was only with me so I was happy. Although he already planned to break up with me the day after school ended. The next week comes and I found out he already had a new girlfriend. Realization set in. He was cheating. A few weeks later rumors about me were being spread, he was throwing shade at me. I snapped. I told him that if he wanted to be "done" with the relationship like he said then he needed to quit being a petty asshole and grow up. It was over, he moved on and I was on my way with a good life. He didn't stop, but karma was a bitch. His new girlfriend broke up with him after she talked to me and realized that everything he told her about me was a lie.

There was a lesson to be learned. If you say you are done with a relationship then don't make things harder for the other person. Move on. If you hate them, that's fine. Don't go and make their life miserable because you were.

Karma is a bitch.



June 12, 2017 @ (Las Vegas )

Tags: Bad breakup

I just got dumped 3 days ago by the love of my life. It was long distance for one year, we broke up 5 days after our one year anniversary. I'm still hurt, He broke up with me because he was tired of long distance and doesn't love me anymore. Everything was perfect until last September when I cheated on him by sending nudes to another guy. Other than that I've been faithful and wish I hadn't been so stupid. He took me back but it wasn't the same, he stopped being that sweet guy I fell in love with. He lives in Florida and I moved to Las Vegas a month ago. I miss him so much, I want to tehe'll him how much I love him and how I'm still willing to make it work. I'm moving to Florida in the next year so I believe we will see each other again but I doubt he'll still want me.



July 07, 2020 @ (Vanauley walk)

Tags: Vanauley glock

Vanauley Glock is the hottest rapper in the 6.



August 08, 2014 @ (New Jersey)

Tags: bad breakup, betrayal

Ok, so here it goes. We met in college at 19 years old, he pursued me. We went out on a date and boom from there we saw each other multiple times, got into a relationship and fell in love. He was my first love and he broke my heart. We were together about 4 and 1/2 years, he lived with me in my mom's house and we didn't charge him any rent or anything always made sure he had food, clothes whatever he needed, I took care of him pretty much. He was a great guy, always treated me well but very unmotivated which caused me to be very bitchy towards him because I just wanted him to make something of himself and do something with his life. When you are with someone almost 5 years you want your relationship to move forward and progress and I just felt like we were stuck. Besides the point I made many mistakes in the relationship too but what happened in the end is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. We started to drift and I noticed so he went away for the weekend as did I separately to think things over and I wanted to work on it because I was still in love with him and he didn't have any desire to work on it so just like that it was over. Now here comes the good part. I confided in one of my close friends about the breakup and told her I was still in love with my ex only to find out her and him started dating 2 weeks later after him and I broke up and apparently they are in love now and in a relationship. Mind you I know this girl since I was 12 years old. My heart is shattered into pieces, it is honestly a horrible feeling when someone betrays you like this especially when you spend so much time with a person and they say they will never hurt you but they do. The biggest lesson I have learned from this is to never put to much trust in anyone. Honestly this situation has made me doubt ever wanting to fall in love again because the heartbreak just hurts to much.



May 29, 2015 @ (London)

Tags: rebound Instagram text

Things were going oh so well. We were a couple without the label. In the beginning he was so crazy in 'love' with me (more like an infatuation, in retrospect). Then his ex bad mouthed him over the phone one day and I should have seen the red flags then and there. Next thing I know he's more distant and we don't talk as much. He's oh so different. Then one day he doesn't message me at all! So I message him and ask if he's dead. We argue a little and he says "ok then bye". Little did I realise that this was his way of ending things. Next thing I know, my friend calls my up asking why he's following his ex on Instagram and viola! The end.


Summer Of Love

July 11, 2011 @ (usa)

Tags: firstlove, teen

I was 14 and hadn't ever had a boyfriend. When I found out he did actually like me, we starting falling together. Once it was "official," we were practically inseparable. He was the first guy I'd ever hugged, held hands with, had a arm around me (all romantic firsts of course, I'd hugged guys before, but not like this.) I was even all of those firsts for him, too.

About a month into it, we were at a party late on night and we all decided to play hide-and-go seek tag in the pitch black darkness. I wasn't chosen to be "it," so I ran and hid behind these bushes that I knew were the perfect spot. A couple minutes later, he dove back behind with me, although he didn't know I was there. I moved closer to him and, through the darkness, found his hand. He just whispered "missed you" so softly, and we had only been apart those couple minutes, I just.. fell. He was the nicest, sweetest guy I had ever known. I leaned my head in towards him, and we just kissed. It was one of those "I hope my first kiss goes like this:" stories.

He lived about 15 minutes away, so we weren't together every single day, but that made our time together every couple days even more cherished. Sometimes we'd go to our park and just sit there and talk about everything there is to talk about, for hours! Every time I would have to leave or he'd have to go, we hugged, and kissed each other. It was the best summer I'd ever had.

After a few months, he had become more than just my boyfriend, he q


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