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September 21, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: California

i just got dumped.
i'm reading break up stories to try to chear me up a bit.
we had gone out for four monthes
and he told me i was really special and he loved me alot and never was gana leave me
then he dumps me on aim.
and he was real cold about it too.
as if i had cheated on him or somthing.
and i would never do something like that.
i know this story doesn't compair to urs.
but i know how u feel.



January 18, 2010 @ (davao city, philippines)

Tags: 1

i gt a relationship way back in march 10,2008.. i fell in love with a so happy whenever we are together.i just dont know if he truly loves me but he always tell me that he loves me.the only thing is that i don't trust him.every time he don't text me i easily got angry it is because we don't see often hats why i want him to text me..we always broke up but we patch things up again..but until the time came that he told me he don't love me anymore. that was april 23, really hurts me.and i got a news that he had a new we are 9 months broke-up.and i heard a news about him that he is going to marry his new gf because her girlfriend got pregnant and im so hurt



August 03, 2010 @ (FL)

Tags: break up

So I've been with this guy for about a year and a half. We met over the internet and it was a long distance relationship, but we met up many times & every time was amazing. Our entire relationship was great (aside from the distance of course) We never fought, we talked all day every day, he was like my best friend. I'd never been so happy with someone. The only issue in our relationship was his ex-wife. She was very manipulative of him, using him for money and constantly trying to break us up. Well last week, out of no where he sends me a text saying that she had stayed the night with him b/c her electricity had been cut off. Of course I was not happy about it and was pretty upset, but he assured me that nothing happened and that he was going to take her that day to get her electricity back on and take her home. I asked him to call me as soon as he got her out of there and took care of everything. That was the last time I spoke to him (exactly a week ago) He didn't answer any of my texts or when I called later that day. And 2 days later, he had his phone disconnected...He sent me an email after that basically saying "I'm deleting your from everything. Please respect me and never contact me again" (ha yeah, respect him when he's so obviously not respected me) I really can't believe all of this is happening. We went from everything being perfect to total strangers in one day. It's obvious to me that he must be back with her or else I don't see why he'd just cut off all contact with me. It really hurts b/c I just don't understand how someone can be so close to you, and say they love you and want to spend their life with, but then turn their back on you. I feel like I've been thrown away. :(


Tim Tam

May 25, 2010 @ (Melbourne)

Tags: Sexy1, holiday2, stupid3

My ex of 6 years is a stupid b***h...
She always likes to take control of situations. Well we went to Thailand a few months ago and of course she had to plan the trip from start to finish.
Well let me tell you she booked a "tour" with this shady looking guy.. Long story short I nearly lost my balls and she nearly got kidnapped.

I was sick of her stupid incompetent brain.. Useless woman so I told her it was over because she was way way to stupid for me.. To bad nice bod..

Cant have them both brains and looks.. But after a while who cares how they look you want someone you can talk to and have a proper conversation with... BUYA!!



July 09, 2010 @ (Washington)

Tags: stalker, engaged

I met my ex through a woman that I worked with (Who, in retrospect, turned out to be as much of a nutcase as my ex). So my ex and I fall "in love" and after about a year of dating, we're engaged.

At this point my soon-to-be husband had been living in the dorms on the military base an hour a way from my home. He promises that he would make the commute a little easier and move closer- even just a little(He doesn't have a car so I'm doing all the driving). So the time comes for him to find a new apartment and I find out that he completely disregards his originally promise and moves about 25 minutes the other direction. Great. We get into a fight, he tells me it's over. I spend the night miserable. The next morning I call him and we work out our issues- he then proceeds to tell me that he got mad at me and "closed" our wedding account (That he hadn't contributed a penny to) and that he left the money at the bank. Of course I find out later that he actually spent it in one night on god knows what. Like an idiot I forgive him and we continue to date....
Nine months later I drive to his apartment (still an hour and 25 minutes away) with red velvet cupcakes and plans for a romantic evening. I help myself in, he's cleaning the bathroom. I give him a big hug... and right as were having this nice moment I see the words "I want my first child to be yours." as an incoming test message. Long story short- He had been cheating on me with this chick for a while. I left heartbroken. The next week I get a death threat from the girl he cheated on me with telling me to leave him alone. I write her off as being crazy but call my ex to talk to him about it. We're talking again anf of course he says he loves me. A couple days later he "loses" his phone and is calling me from a friend's phone to tell me how he wants to work our relationship out and that he needs me. A week later I get a call from his family telling me that he was getting a restraining order against me for stalking him (really long drive to stalk someone), that he changed his number because he was afraid for his safety and that I was crazy. Two weeks later and totally not stalking him- I'm posting lovely new pictures of me and my new love interest. It's a win-win, I found someone better and he'll never have to worry about me "stalking" him again.



January 05, 2017 @ (Hamilton )

Tags: Not break up like break up

I loved one girl who is my class mate. I told her my feelings to her. I never forced her to like me . But after some time she also fell in love with me. We spent time together. But main problem was that she was married and someone told about us to her husband. Now she is not talking with me. She blocked me on social media sites. I just want to know that she really loved me? She did love marriage then why she fell in love with me?



October 13, 2009 @ (texas)

Tags: plane

I was moving Chicago to start my first real job after college. I was really excited because on the flight to Chicago they were offering a promotion to try their wifi service on the plane for free. I log onto Facebook only to find out that my boyfriend of 1.5 years had canceled our relationship status. I get onto AIM and luckily find him online. I ask him what was up with Facebook only to find out that he wanted to break up while I was in mid-flight.



September 13, 2012 @ (New York)

Tags: heart ache, mistake

It first started as a lust; something I never saw going anywhere nor did I want it to. We met at my place of work, and considering that it's my job to turn men on, I did just that. Not expecting that I'd actually be turned on by him.
We exchanged numbers and I told myself, he was just a client and us spending time together would be strictly professional. With each visit he showed more interest in me, and I continued to play my role as a girl that was into him. However once we became intimate I noticed a change, at least I thought I did. He stopped coming to see me at work and slowly I found myself getting upset and feeling used. Now suddenly I was the one who had feelings.
I swear I didn't see it coming, and I thought to myself, "its just hurt pride, it'll pass". Before I knew it he payed little to no attention to me at all and I began to feel jealous and hurt. I expressed my feelings and he continued to do as he pleased. He knew I hated him coming by and so, he started to come by even more, claiming that although it was hurting me, he wasn't doing it to hurt me...

I think the big slap for me was when he came to my job on my birthday, and didn't want to spend time with me. In addition, his friends would snicker and laugh when they'd see me. I grew so furious I had them all kicked out, and once I got home, I cried. I cried a lot and for days.

I tried my hardest to shake what felt like hurt feelings I shouldn't be having. I reminded myself where I met him and told myself that chances are, I'm not the first girl he's done this to.
Then I told myself, well maybe its my fault. I brushed him off so much in the beginning, that when it got dished back to me, I didn't like it.

I honestly don't know what happened and I still don't understand it. It's been 5 months and every time I think about how he would come to my job to spend time with someone else, it burns me deep down. To watch him lust after someone else, then act as if I wasn't's still so painful to think about.

We were speaking as friends for a while up until recently, but I noticed that the only person who has ever made any initiative to keep in touch, is me. He makes no effort to speak to me if I do not speak first, and so, I've given up on the idea of us being friends. I've erased all his numbers and tried my hardest not to think about him.

I really stuck my foot in my mouth. There are times when I've wanted him back, and there are times when I wish we'd never met. In fact, most times I wish that.



October 05, 2009 @ (my bed)

Tags: sadness, breakup

let's see....oh ya, saturday night, i walked in on my girlfriend screwing another guy....we broke up...

my girlfriend before her told me over lunch one day that she had a date that night, so we had to hurry up and eat...

ya, i'm a winner!



December 04, 2009 @ (San. Fran.)

Tags: ex boys

I've always been really close with all of my X boyfriends. I make this known before I start dating anyone because some guys seem to be intimidated by the fact that I can still be friends after a relationship. I took my boyfriend home for thanksgiving this year where of course some of my X's are from. We all went out to the bars and were having a good time. Apparently one of my x's claimed that he was still in love with me.( we are going on 7 yrs of friendship) I laughed it off, tequila makes you say stupid shit. My boyfriend didn't find it too funny.He told me its either him or the x's. He's been in my life for a year...they have been in my life since high school. I told him I loved him...he said that wasn't enough. I had to stop seeing my friends. He took a train home and still hasn't called me back. I am going back home for Christmas, should I hook up with my ex?


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