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March 26, 2014 @ (new jersey)

Tags: bad break ups

Wow where to start on January 1st I was asked out by this boy.... he is in my school well I am a sophomore and him a senior.... every girls dream in high school.... well anyway he asked me out and it was so cute cuz he was like I like you and when I said I like him too he was like really. ... I tend to over think things and It was all thru Facebook.... so eventually during our 2hr long discussion at 2 in the morning he asked me to be his girlfriend I was ecstatic... I mean cmon a senior was asking ME out... well he came over that saturday he met my mom and my brother and my little cousin he was so sweet he played with them and him and I watched tv all day.... and then on the monday after that saturday he told me he loved me and he was falling in love... and I have to admit there was something about him that made me start to fall... well a week and a half later he broke up with me the reason was that he had a lot going on and he didnt want to loose me and that as soon as things were better for him we would get back together... being naive I believed him... well 4days or so later he got with a different girl which broke my heart but I was ok.... on February 19 he came to me upset and said that she cheated so he broke up with her and he wanted me back so I hugged him and he hugged me back and so I really wanted to be with him we got back together we were great for 2 weeks... again... then he turned around and broke up with me but this time there wasnt a reason so I was heart broken yet again but then I was bound and determined to find out why.... well I started paying closer attention to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE when one day I seen this girl walking with his sweatshirt on 3 DAYS LATER.... I went up to him that day since we had the same last period class together I was furious he was supposed to be only friends with this girl.... so he told me he didnt want to talk to me which hurt me worse I cried right there in front of him.... he wont look at me unless he thinks im not paying attention.... his smile makes my heart skip a beat..... and I am still in love but I dont know if he still loves me anymore....


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October 04, 2014 @ (Australia)

Tags: Bad break up, sad break up

Year 9:
I met him on a train, he went to my brother school.
September 17th 2012, he asked me out.

Year 11:
Almost two years, we were the strongest couple in our school, he was kind, caring, perfect, we won prince and princess at our school formal.
I often overreacted at some stuff, and whenever i did i would always pull the "lets break up then" card, but we always worked them out, always! We were so tight, and he was so clingy and i loved that about him.
Then one day we had a fight, we were skyping and he shared screens with me and it was porn, and then he quickly hung up and said "i don't know how it got there." I wasn't mad, just upset, i couldn't even satisfy my own boyfriend, my self esteem dropped i guess. He knew i was upset and kept asking if i was mad, and i chucked the "lets take a break then" card. I regret it.
He didn't even fight for me.
He texted me a day before my birthday that "I hurt him too much" and he "couldn't handle it" 5 days before our 2 year anniversary.

To think that they guy who planned your whole future together, told you where he was going to propose, how many kids you two were having, break up with you, yeah. that sucks.

Am I in the wrong? Ah, im so confused.



May 06, 2012 @ (california)

Tags: first, break, up

I started dating later in life, so he was my first--and this is my first break up.

We moved in together less than 6 months after our first date. We stayed together for a little under 2 years, but things started getting rocky half way through. I was feeling unsatisfied. I wanted it to work, and i would try communicating to him what I wanted. But for some reason we just weren't on the same page. By the end both of us were feeling worn out and unloved.

I was the one who initiated the idea of splitting. Maybe, immaturely on my part, I was thinking that it would spark something and we'd think, "no, I don't want to lose this person", and we'd try some other way to reach each other. But by then we didn't even know how to have that dialogue. It took me a couple of months to actually move out, but after some emotional drama, in the end he was the one wanting me to leave.

It's been about a month now and I can't stop feeling as though we failed, as though something died. And instead of just leaving it be and moving on, I keep feeling like we could have done so much better. I feel like the situation has brought me perspective, and a new sense of awareness of what it really means to be in a relationship with someone. But apparently it's too late. He says he's too tired, that he needs time to himself.

I could understand taking some time to ground ourselves, so reassess the situation. But in my mind I'm daydreaming about us connecting again like we did in the beginning, with excitement and a sense of adventure. In my mind, the second time around would be more wise, more mature. We'd have a better sense of how to approach it.

But he doesn't even want to entertain the idea, I guess. Embarrassingly, he doesn't even want to take my calls. I keep wanting things from him that he doesn't want to give. It hurts me, and on top of that I feel like such an idiot for trying still.

But I don't know how to let go, you know? I don't know how to not remember all the things about him and our past relationship without missing him.

I guess I'm not even sure if it's him I want. Maybe I am just craving a fulfilling relationship in general, and I keep trying to make him fit into that when he's obviously not the one for me.

It's still so hard to not get all emotional. I can go a couple of weeks without contacting him, but then it's like I can't stand it anymore and I just want to hear his voice. ]:

Pathetic, I know.


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April 17, 2019 @ (East Don Parklands)

Tags: East Don Parklands

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April 13, 2011 @ (U.S.)

Tags: broken up heart

So here's my story:

I'm 17, just your average guy, I play a lot of sports, have a job... my girlfriend of almost a year dumped me 2 months ago. I met her over 3 years ago at a youth group. We were close friends for 2 years before we started dating. Last February we started hanging out a lot. By the time Summer started we were head over heals in love with each other. I guess I was kind of the "bad boy" we snuck out all Summer long and I disrespected her grandfather whom she was living with at the time. In August he kicked her out of his house and she was forced to move in with her alcoholic/abusive mother who is the only other person she had to live with. She doesn't have any other family and her entire family has a whole lot of problems. She also has a past of a lot of abuse in her history as I found out eventually. As for me, I also do not have any family or relatives. I live alone with my single mother and my younger siblings. My family has just as many problems as hers does. My mother is really the only person I have, however, we are not that close. My ex-girlfriend goes to a different high school then me and as we went through the school year her life became very challenging at home. We stayed together though. I was there for her through it all time-and-time again. I even got my ma to let her live with us for a while to be away from her life at home. In my heart she became the love of my life. We had so much in common in our pasts. The same goals for our futures. We could understand each others pain like no one ever could. I loved her with all my heart for near 10 months

Anyways we started fighting because of her own problems at home. This went on all the way through December and January. I tried to be supportive of her problems, but she started pushing me away, more so every couple weeks. In February, after I hadn't seen her in 3 whole weeks (which she filled with excuses, and insincere reasons why she couldn't see me) she called me and broke up with me on the phone. I asked if I could at least see her one more time. She refused. I asked her why it had come to this and her reasons were things such as she wanted to be independent, she did't wanna be in a relationship anymore, she didn't feel like we should take relationships so seriously at this time in our life, blah blah blah. So after hours of tears on my part I let her go. If this is what she wanted, then I wanted her to just be happy. Anyways, I had been the only one really holding the relationship together for 3 months and I couldn't take it anymore. I never texted her or called her once after we broke up on the stupid phone that night.

Two weeks later after a lot of pain and hurt, I was at a party with some buddies. I asked a mutual friend who I saw there how she was doing to find out that she had been cheating on me with some fuckin douche bag who's six foot-seven, plays basketball, drives a 2010 mustang, is rich, and apparently is a big player at her school. This hurt so much that I ended up getting in a fight with another guy at the party. I couldn't sleep for days, and still have a lot of trouble sleeping. I wanted really bad to go find this guy she'd been cheating on me with. Luckily I didn't. Now I'm sitting here a month later still heartbroken. She has made me hate my life, and according to people she's having a great time with this other guy. I've gone out with 2 girls since we broke and neither one of them has meant anything to me. As of right now I hate my life, I hate her, and I wish she was NEVER ever a part of my life.

That's basically my story. Enough said.



December 03, 2013 @ (maryland)

Tags: Bad break up, horrible boyfriend, cheater

So at this point I had been single for a little over a year. I was having a blast and really wasn't looking for a relationship. I had recently become friends with one of my best guy friends girlfriends. They broke and we decided to remain friends. We went out for girls night a few times before, and one night we decided to go over to the next county and bar hop a little. I had just turned 21 so this world was new to me. We went to this biker bar full of people considerably older than us, but we made the best of it and had a few drinks. Then her friends call her that are at a bar near by. We go over there and most of the guys in the bar are friends with her and she had known them since high school. She introduced me to most of them and I really wasn't interested in any of them. The we go to the other side of the bar and there is a group of guys just talking and we walk up to them. Apparently she was friends with them too. She walks away and immediately one of them starts to talk to me. "Hey i've never seen you before, where are you from?" he says and I respond " well I've never seen you either, and i'm from the county over. " " so am, whats your name" he says "Mae" I replied. "I'm Mike, I think I like you already." Then proceeds to put his arm around me and kisses me on the cheek. Naturally, I'm like dude you're too close. Then he bought me a drink and we talked a little. He liked that I was short, and that I had tattoos. I didn't look like your average girl next door. When they call last call he asks me to come home with him, but I said no. He then asked if he could drive me to my car back in our county at least. I agreed. I never usually click with people in general, especially this fast. We got to my car and talked for hours. We exchanged numbers and were basically stuck to each other the rest of the summer. When we met he told me he was going away to grad school and I thought we could just have a summer thing. But by the end of the summer, he was telling me he wanted to keep what we had going while he was away and I agreed. We stayed together for the next year and a half. In that time he had told me many many times he wanted to be with me forever, that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of our lives together, he loved me more than anything, we were going to move in together when he moved back from school ect. Our relationship seemed as serious and as perfect as you could want with someone you feel like you love more than life itself. Everything seemed very mutual.When we were together it was like nothing I have ever experienced. I felt like I had never loved anyone before he came along. He was in my eyes amazing. He constantly told me how much I was perfect for him and that he was all mine. Then one day in october, My older sister decided to look him up on facebook. All this time he had told me he didn't have a facebook. I'm not the paranoid type so I just never thought anything of it. Turns out he blocked me and anyone he knew was close to me. He didn't realize my sister had a different last name than I had. He had a serious girlfriend where he lived, and had been together for a year and a half before he met me. Then when I confronted him about it, he begged me not to tell her. She was who he really wanted to be with and he led me on knowing he was never going to fulfill any of his promises. Our whole relationship was a lie.



March 25, 2016 @ (Anywhere)

Tags: #surviving

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. I never was interested in dating until 9 months ago. I am 20 years old and I am young, but I fell in love. To me he was perfect until one day he wasn't. He told me I wasn't attractive enough for him, that I was stupid, a whore, worthless, etc. None of which is true. My friends were confused what I saw in him, and I will not try to sound conceited, but I knew I was much better looking. He made his own insecurities mine, to hide how he really felt. I was so depressed, I lost almost 15 bs. I was never big. I was 5'6" and went from 122 lbs to 106 lbs in three months. It was unhealthy. The first time we broke up I was devastated. I didn't eat or sleep, my anxiety was so bad it overtook my life. I was so desperate to make things right that I drove him further away. There was a point where I couldn't leave my bed and my roommates were genuinely concerned about me. A month later we got back together. It was beautiful. I was so happy and he said he loved me all the time. However 2 months later, it crashed again. I am OKAY. I am here to tell you it gets better. We broke up two days ago, I cried yesterday, but that's okay. I feel liberated. I realized that yes, we love each other, but we both are too immature to be together at this point. Sometimes when a relationship ends, you need to take a step back and really look at it. He holds grudges, he mentally abused me, he never made sacrifices for me, which made me resent him. I realized that sometimes love isn't enough. Sometimes you realize that no matter how desperate you are to make things work, they just don't. I know it's hard to accept, heck I am struggling too. If it is meant to be it will be. Maybe it's just not the right time, but I can tell you that once you hit rock bottom you can go nowhere else, but up. I was at rock bottom, I lived and someone I am okay. I haven't bombarded him with texts begging him to take me back or whine how it isn't fair. I simply said I wouldn't contact him unless he contacted me and he hasn't. I will not reach out again. My best advice to anyone going through what I survived, as much as it sucks and as much as you want to reach out and be with them, cut them off. Take a real look at your relationship. Do you want to go back to it? Is it worth it? If it is, than fight for it and if it works, that's amazing, if it doesn't at least you'll know you gave everything you had. I can promise you it isn't easy, but it does get better.



November 07, 2009 @ (Pittsburgh)

Tags: ho

Tyrell is an asshole. That player done stole my bus pass to go see his ex!!!!



December 31, 2011 @ (bacolod)

Tags: 123

Hey.I'm ladiesman from philippines(obviously just an alias). It's my first time to experience this kind of pain from a break-up, cause I've invested too much on this woman. We got into a relationship through a dare game, in a text message. We got along,flirted,calling each other every 10:00 in the evening, been making out 4 times.., but never had an actual sex(just oral). The thin g with our relationship is she doesn't want to go out with me in public, telling me that she doesn't want her friends to know about it and that they will be shocked, I've also asked her about the guys that had been tecting her and calling her, and she would just tell me that these guys are nothing to worry about. Deep inside me I know that she's hiding something from me, but everytime I've asked her about this one she would always tell me the same thing, that I don't need to worry, they are just old acquaintances/ friends. It got to a point that I couldn't take this kind of thing anymore, and that I wanted our relationship to be open, so I told her about it, we broke up, and after an hour I told her that I was sorry and I want her back again. She just agreed, but starting that time, things got weird. She would not call me every 10:00 in the evening like what she's gonna be doing before, always delayed or sometimes not replying on my text messages anymore, started to make excuses for us not to meet, it was too much for me that I tried to call her for 33 times, she didn't answered back then. She then texted me on why have I called her for that many number of times, and I told her that I thought she was trying to avoid me, she was pissed, and told me that she's starting to lose interest on me because of what i did, and that caused our break up. I still made an effort to contact her, and even called her once asking for one more chance, but she told me that she just wants to be alone during christmas, and that she won't be giving me a chance
"for now" she says. 3 days passed, i never texted her but I would still call her from time to time, cause I was badly missing our daily routine of calling each other, and also spending time with her too...The last time that she answered the phone, after my 5 attempted calls in one day, she said"hello?...., I'm still busy", and then she dropped the phone. That hurted like hell for me. I felt like it's really 100% over already. I couldn't get over it that much, i became a paranoid and tried to seek advice from a lot of people around me, even those that I don't know. It came to a point that I've realized that I'm starting to get over it already, and had been trying to check her fb walls if there are other guys posting some stuffs. Lo and behold, there was a guy that I really have doubts to have a sexual reltionship with her that posted in her wall, I checked his fb account, checked on the pictures and his walls, and there I've discovered that my girl was actually trying to flirt, and chase the guy(cause he's a model) and had been posting a lot of flirty comments to each other since the day that my girl and I started making out(only lasted for about 2 months and a couple of weeks). Right now, I already consider her as a bitch, and is still trying to move on from the lies that she's been doing to me. I never realized that she's this kind of person, but a girl like this are the type to just be thrown away and be ignored(that's what my ego tells me to do....), and that's what I'm trying to do right now. Thing is, she still has a small boobs and a smelly cunt, so, I wanna wish the other guys who's gonna be meeting with her vagina a goodluck.



May 07, 2013 @ (San Francisco)

Tags: Crush, first, kiss, bad, relationship, teenagers, dumb, love

I have had a crush on this girl sinse the first grade, it started off as us hating each other but it was one of those cute kid cover up things. In middle school there were other girls I hooked up with, other girl friends, so I forgot about this girl for a long time. After dealing with a fair amount of drama with other girls, I started to have feeling for this girl again, this is by the time puberty has hit us both and she became more than just the girl I liked, she became beautiful, so other guys started hitting on her too. Around this time me and he started getting flirty, this lasted for a while until I asked her out, but she said no because she felt like we were too close as friends and she didn't want to loose me. So I was heart broken or whatever but I bounced back and everything was fine between us. We texted all summer and saw each other a few times, it almost felt like we were together, but we weren't. I got over her and started focusing on my studies so for a while all I did was study and party, everything was going fine, I was happy. Then my best female friend told me that she and my old crush were talking and that she found out that she kind of liked me but was going to wait for me to ask her out. So I waited, partied more, and eventually got around to asking her out, again, and she said yes. That marked the start of our month line awkward excuse of a relationship. I was her first boyfriend, and her first kiss, which she was extremely nervous for, so once we kissed I thought everything would turn around and that she would loose her shyness, the thing ruining our relationship. I didn't work, she and her friend started fighting and their fight was affecting out relationship. Spring break rolled around and I had only kissed her one day, on several occasions though, infact we made out. I was planning to hang out with her during spring break but she was out of town the whole time. The last weekend of spring break I was so exited to see her the following Monday. When I go to school I found out that her fight with her friend had gotten worse, they would even look a each other. That day I decided that I Was going to talk to her and either figure out why everything was going the way it was going or break up with her. Before I could do it I checked with my female friend and she had told me that my girlfriend had told her that she wasnt ready for a telationship and that she wanted it to end but she was to nervousness and shy to do it herself, so knowing that I ended it. I felt awful, I picked up smoking again that night and sat on my roof singing sad songs, what a movie cliche. Later people started saying that she just used me to get a first kiss and I was devastated because I thought she liked me. In a spiral of sadness I started smoking too much weed to feel happy again, which was fun while it lasted but now I'm broke. So I've been a sad, bitter, broke, lonely wreck. She seems like she moved on immediately, she's happy, and never regarded it, but I still feel empty inside because I don't know how to be happy again like I was before we got together. She said maybe she would be open to trying a relationship with me again next year but I can't hold on that long, even though I'm afraid I will and this silent sufference will last until then. Sigh... Where some weed when I need it.


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