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May 19, 2016 @ (Norway)

Tags: breakup sad

I spent 5 months with a fuckboy until he chosed someone else over me


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John L.

July 25, 2010 @ (Orlando)

Tags: Why does this happpen

I have posted my story and it was the first time I ever had something like this happen.

My question after reading other peoples stories is this.

While everyone says move on thats all you can do. Others try to take revenge but my question is why?

Why do people of today treat people with such little respect. Sex is seen as nothing more than a social event when that is never what it was designed for. It was meant for marriage.

Look at all the media around you (sex sells) look at we as a people and what we are becoming. People are so selfish that they forget that the one thing you do is put the other individual above yourselves.

We are all here because the person we thought we could trust, believe in, give our lives to, want to be with for the rest of our lives, etc. Left or broke us. How many of us have done this to others. Yes many times it's better that we split (abusive or harmful) but at the same time its become normal to break people's hearts and souls and in some cases we still don't know why the other did it.

I am challenging all of you since you have gone through a breakup to stop and think. Don't just jump into bed. Look at the person in the face and ask is this the woman or man I can spend my life with. Waking up to their face every morning and never getting tired of it.

Don't let your emotions run your life. Stop the cycle that the world has said is normal. Stop having sex just because it feels good. Or you are lonely. Grow up and set an example for others to follow.



October 13, 2009 @ (NY)

Tags: Whore, dirty girl

I went on several dates with a girl who was way out of my league and way into me. Things were going great. Then I found out through my friend that she told him she'd been raped at a party, and that she couldn't handle a relationship right now. I felt like I'd been punched in the face. Didn't hear from her all day that day.

By the end of that week, I'd found out she'd been "raped" by an ex-boyfriend of hers with a six-pack. And about 2 weeks after our thing ended, she started dating some chick. When my friend confronted her about this, she told him "but I'm not dating another guy". They've already moved in.

Life is very weird sometimes.



April 19, 2012 @ (belfast)

Tags: confused

i been with my partner for almost 3 years and for the last couple of months he has been finding any reason he can to fight with me and i dont know why he even told me that im just a slut that no guy will ever want ive never cheated on him ive never hurt him im always trying to keep him happy but its like he just doesnt care but anyway i have been talking to my dads friends son who is also a really good friend of mine and hes always been there for me ever since we met but recently he asked me to leave my partner to move down with him because hes in love with me and i love my partner with all my heart but i dont think he loves me anymore but i dont know whether i should stay with him or call it quits while i still can even my dad wants me to leave him but says that its my choice my friend is a really good guy who always tells me im beautiful and that i deserve more and that he loves how im kind to everyone and i put all my friends and family before myself but i really dont know what to do can anyone help me please??


A Guy Who Belived In True Love

April 14, 2019 @ (Somewhere)

Tags: breakups depression

Hey, im a guy in my twenties and i meet this girl who is 20 years old this year last summer. I have been together with her since then into recently. She have struggled with depression and school, and she told me she wanted to break up and be alone. She did this twice and came back twice after 1-2 weeks. Long story short, but i just keep wondering because today she told me it is over like really over. And i have tryed everything, like literaly anything. It has even gone out on my mental health, because i have tryed so hard to make things right. Everytime i tryed to move on then she was there again but now it seems like its over for good. I have had the best time of my life with this girl, and i dont want to realise that this is true. I have always belived in true love, much like in the disney movies kinda, and my parents have been together since they where at my age. Im a very sensetiv and empatic guy who just want to find someone to build a life with, its like my missing piece in life. So i wonder. I have never given up on anyone i have been together in, in my life. Is that strange? Its like im so in love and i would do anything to be with that person. Can a person love you even when they leave you because of depression and timing in life. Because this girl has said that to me several times, still this is compliated to tell and its a short story of the whole picture but i wonder about those questions. Is it strange that i want to build a life with the girl i love even if im in my tweenties? Is it true love when i never give up on someone? But i have never seen that in any girl og friends i have or have been with. Im i just weird?



June 22, 2010 @ (arkansas)

Tags: love sucks dont it

So when i was a freshman i fell for the senior soccer star. He was gorgeous goood grades great smile, family guy and all around PERFECT. i obviously was smitten but ha so was his gf of a year. he failed to mention this everytime we hung out everytime we talked and when i brought it up he said that she just couldnt get over him, it was quite sad. the saddest part was he was my first and after we got done she called him and left a voicemail saying baby when your done mowing the lawn call me, i grabbed my clothes and bolted out of there. he tried calling texting everything for almost a month finally i gave in and he said that he didnt know if i really loved him and thats why he stayed with her. LAME right,then he tells me how hes leaving for college and when he gets back were hanging haa he never left, ya i sall pictures on fb of a party in the town we live in he denied them saying they were before he left. THen his still gf posts saying how she loves her marine boyfriend and thinks little girls need to get over him. well needless to say we got into it just to find out that he told her i was obsessed and that i wouldnt leave him alone, so i told her what i knew but she said that i was lying. ha they broke up not that long after and he got with another one of my friends.
he still trys to talk to me but funny thing is now looking back at it i wish i had given myself to someone who respected people more



November 14, 2013 @ (lusaka)

Tags: Bad breakup

well there was this girl, her name was Marie. She was beautiful, funny and really smart. I loved her with all my heart. I started sacrificing my lunch to save money and take her out to see the twilight premiere. Then she just stopped talking to me and the next thing I know she starts posting love statuses on some other guys profile. When we finally spoke she told me she kissed him during their date and they were watching twilight. I died inside, I felt hurt. I practically wrote her a book of poems for her birthday but she never appreciated it. I just don't know how I got into this.


Brian E

January 11, 2014 @ (ND)

Tags: bad breakup, crazy woman, fake pregnancy

Well about 20 months ago I began dating a girl with whom I had a great relationship and love affair, for about a year. She was awesome, terrific to laze around and watch a movie with, terrific with my son (id say they were even good friends, I sometimes wonder if he misses her, he doesn't mention it).

About 8 months ago she got pregnant. She wound up miscarrying. After that she had some struggles and the relationship got to be not as good, she kept trying to change herself to look better. I kept telling her I always liked the way she looked. Finally she wound up in the hospital after going drinking with her friends to a bachelorette party and I had to split up with her. I just said "I'm sorry but I can't talk to you, I can't reason with you, I just left my son at his moms for 5 days sitting ina hospital to make sure you're alive and well, I can't handle it anymore" and we split.

She came over and hung out a few times, we stayed friends, she'd play words with friends with both of us everyday, all that. Then family circumstance changed a nd my son and I had to move away from the town we were in.

And thats when things went nuts. She told me she'd missed her period, I said ok. She'd gotten pregnant before, but miscarried, she sent a photo of some positive tests, so I didn't disbelieve her. I said we'll deal with this as it happens, but I'm already committed to moving 2 hours away, so for the time being thats it. While later she sent me a picture of an ultrasound with a caption like "take a look at our kids", we talked about it. A while later she sent another, a doctors report. Then she invited me to some ultrasounds, once in the middle of the week when she knew i couldn't make it as there was nobody to pick up my son, once 1 day after she knew my son and I were scheduled to fly to Cali to visit family for the holidays.

Then she started texting me stories about her amazing love life. How she was dating 2 dudes, how one was "rocking her world" so I got suspicious and just googled ultrasound pictures. I eventually found BOTH THE PIC OF THE POSITIVE TESTS AND THE ULTRASOUND PICS ON GOOGLE IMAGES.

I called her on it, she maintained she was pregnant, with twins no less. Eventually I had to call her sister, her sister said no she's not, she goes to the bar, she lives with our mom, she's just messing with you. So I talked to her about it and she responded with a pic of 4 ultrasound pics next to her ID. Except they were printed and cut with a scissors and ALSO found on the internet.

So I told her to stop it, I knew she was lieing. Then I started getting prank phone calls in the middle of the night, people with blocked numbers threatening to beat me up or "kick my @#%#", strange texts from out of state numbers. Finally someone showed up at my hotel room when I was visiting the old town, at about 9-10 am beating on the door and yelling my name. I figured it was related as I'd gotten numerous late night / early hour pranks the night before.

I wound up having to change my phone number, my email address, and get a restraining order. And she STILL, even though she has admitted to her mom and sister that she is not pregnant, and I've spoken to them about it, finds ways, through mutual friends, to get texts and emails to me about how pregnant she is.

I just hope it eventually ends. And let there be no doubt that truly "he!! hath no fury like a woman scorned" or, as it seems, no crazy like one either.

It has been the worst 4 months of my entire life, truly traumatic.



January 16, 2010 @ (east coast)

Tags: k

I'm a 34 yr old guy who was looking to settle down with a good girl. I meet this girl about 10 mo. ago and she seems like the perfect woman. I live about an hour away , but we made it work. She tells me she is ready to settle down, doesn't go out, ect etc..about 2 weeks in she is calling me from a cab at 1 am drunk..this happened a few times..instead of coming up to my house to see me, she was out with friends a lot of the time. I started to get pissed and told her I was done a few times..She begged and pleaded and said I was the best guy she ever met, she doesn't want to lose me..Fast fwd three days before x-mas..I see an e-mail on her comp to a friend basically saying if i didn't have a boyfriend up my ass i'd be partying every night of the week..i said screw you and left..girl never called to say merry christmas, happy new year,happy birthday..zerooooo..not even an explanation about the e-mail..dropped off the face of the earth after a year..i just don't get it.



December 22, 2010 @ (Ohio)

Tags: Break up

Ok, well here is my story, Me and my girlfriend were going out for about 3 months, i loved her to death, i would do anything to be with her, Im a nice guy, and i was devoting my life to her, we had great times together, a few days ago we broke up, she dumped me, saying she wasn't ready. i honestly would do anything to get her back, and feel like i used to. I cared about her so much, and we talked almost everyday, but sadly she was always busy and could only spend time with me sometimes, but we talked over the phone everyday. I loved her, and still do, i dont see what went on, i was told that 2 hours before we broke up she was think of a gift to give me for Christmas, because i got her an extremely nice necklace. I feel horrible, and i want her back. any advice to get her to take me back one day. It would just kill me to see her together with a jerk because i treated her like she was everything, and thats what i think scard her away from me.


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