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May 16, 2012 @ (Earth)

Tags: sighs

So me and this girl had dated for about 7 months. The first 5 months was perfect, we were in the honeymoon stage and it was full of love. About 2 months ago, she has this personal problem that she couldnt tell me but I can see a big shift in the relationship. She told me that this personal problem has caused an effect in our relationship and there wasnt anything I she and I can do about it. Things went down hill from here because shes become more snappy. We got into this one petty fight and I walked away because it wasnt necessary. She then later on said something that really got to me, she said that I have no urge to fight and that makes her lose interests and she think she can walk all over me. Maybe its the age difference, im 29 and shes 22 but I dont like fighting over small things especially I already accepted the fact that she is high temper issue. But after this incident, I started having dilemmas with my actions, always questioning whether I'm being too nice or maybe I should be mean. This causes big time withdrawal and I feel like I can't be myself around her most of the time. Since Valentine, we stopped having sex because she has this health issue (i know it wasnt an excuse cuz she has many doctor visits). And then comes the personal problems, she stopped making time for me but rather stay busy with work, school and her friends. A kiss becomes a peck on the lips, holding hands become very vague. The only thing I feel like we truly still had was we still called each other sweet names and quick kisses here and there. I tried to understand and deal with it because I respect her space/time to deal with personal problems. It wasnt easy but I had friends to talk to and helped me through it. About a week ago, we took off on a cruise and the entire time I had to play the "careless attitude" game and to her, I came off as blunt and rude. So be it but I didnt have any more rooms to suppress my feelings about the situation. Then on the way home from the cruise, my ex started venting about her relationship to me (note that she does talked to her ex and whenever my ex contacted me before I always let her know and she said she doesnt care, we have that trust) so I was in a venting mode and vented back. After a few texts, I realized this is wrong because my ex started to tell me if this girl doesnt treat you right then leave her. That doesnt help me, I felt like my ex was trashing on my relationship so I stopped and deleted the thread. My current girlfriend saw that i was texting the ex and later checked my phone but only saw the last part of the message (which said my bf stopped talking to me and walked out of the room, she was venting). To her, this is a dishonest act that I deleted the message, she thinks I have something to hide and she said she lost complete trust in me. I understand where she comes from but I really was deleting the message out of my own guilt and not hiding anything but she doesnt believe me. She said that she has major trust issue and to others this may not be a big deal but to her its a huge deal. I asked her how she felt about us, she said that she doesnt think I can ever cheat on her and that Im the best guy shes ever dated (she dated many guys before but they were all the assholes type so I spent most of my time to show her that good guy does existed and always go out of my way to make her happy) but she cannot trust me after what happened even if she forgives me and broke up the relationship. Ive asked all my friends and they said it was a harsh decision but I need opinions from someone that doesn't know me so please help. I also know that what I did was wrong and I wrote her an apology letter to own all the faults I created but it didnt seem to affect her decision. I just feel very shattered because I spent the past few months to build this relationship and it is now broken over an honest mistake, and accident that I didnt think what i was doing was being dishonest.


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September 21, 2009 @ (pittsburgh)

Tags: pittsburgh, life, love, heartbreak

ok, my friends told me about this site. here is my story. moved back from texas to find that my EXGF was on eharmony and dating while i was gone. to come back to find out on FB that out engagement was over, b/c she was now engaged to him.



January 15, 2012 @ (my house )

Tags: break up

I dont get love at all. This is for the girls, Do you ever feel like when you have the guy that you want you dont want them cuz you know you can have them? but when you lose them you want them so bad? This has to do with my break up. I would talk to so many different guys and my boyfriend asked me not to so i stoped then i started again. Then he was showing how it felt well i over reacted and we broke up then got together. A week after that we broke up then got together same thing happened over and over. Well not it has been 1 year that we have been together but last night he told me he wants a 4 sum with me my friend and my cousin now is that not messed up now how am i suppost to stay with him when he said this i love him but i can do this shit anymore :( plz plz help me out ppl



November 12, 2011 @ (CA)

Tags: long distance, phone

We broke up over the phone. I hated it, but what could I do? Normally I want to do everything in person, but we were too far apart to do anything. It was building up I guess, but it still happened so fast. I would talk to her like I do every night by phone or skype. My favorite part of the day, it's all gone now (or at least for now). My mental state isn't going to recover for awhile, but I'm never going to tell her that.



April 18, 2012 @ (ireland)

Tags: awkward

ok so about a year and a half ago me and my fiance were in a hostel trying to get our own place and it was in there we met a guy called brian hes a really good friend of ours but when we were in the hostel i thought i had feelings for him but i couldnt act on them because i was engaged (still am) but anyway one day my fiance was acting like he didnt want to be near me like he didnt want me anymore so i said fuck this and i decided to act on what i was feeling i knew he felt the same way because he was always trying to touch me and kiss me so when my fiance was in the kitchen making himself something to eat brian had said he wasnt gonna do anything until i ask him to so i told him how i felt and he kissed me before i knew it we were in bed together having sex anyway after he moved out we lost touch but today he calls me and we started talking again and everything was fine no one knew what happened between the two of us but he told me he has settled down with a girl who is 5 months pregnant and that she lives up where i used to live so i asked her name and straight away i recognised it i asked if she had a sister called valerie and she said yes thats when i was 100% sure who she was when i told him ask if she knows valeries husband daughter kyla and when she said yes i told her thats me he kept asking how i knew and i told him shes my auntie things got so awkward my best friend and accidental affair is getting married and having a baby to my auntie when she found out she laughed and she didnt know what to say but it was long before they ever met so i do feel really bad but i dont know whether i should be feeling bad or not p.s my fiance still doesnt know about it



May 24, 2014 @ (Georgia)

Tags: Bad breakup, cheating, karma, psycho ex

So I was with a guy for about a year and a half. The first three months of the relationship he cheated on me. But me being the dumbass that I was, I took him back after he left the other girl. He proposed and gave me a ring.. so I said yes. We were just engaged, not married. Anyways we were fine for a while, but then I started to see a different side of him. He told me he had a mental disorder called ODD.. if you don't know what it is, look it up! Anyways, every time we got in an argument, he would cuss me out and literally beat himself up. The arguments weren't happening often, only every once in a while until we got to the one year mark. When we made it to the one year mark, the arguments were constant. He tried to ruin my graduation night and that was the last straw.. he told me he wanted a break and I don't do breaks, I do break ups. Not even a few hours after the break up, he adds an ex on Facebook, who he always used to talk shit about. Funny. So I messaged her when I found out he was going to see her, the stupid bitch had the nerve to tell me he was hers first and that it wasn't her fault I ran him off and he went back to her. I was livid, and once she told me they had been talking for a while, I was done. We broke up on a Wednesday, and he was already hanging out with her on a Friday. He always used to tell me he couldn't imagine living without me and that he loved me so much. It was all bullshit. I hate him now. Literally, I would much rather have never been with his psycho ass. I hope what he did comes back to bite him in the ass.



June 02, 2016 @ (England)

Tags: #badbreakup #lessonslearned

We were together 18 months. In the final months she said she worried I wasn’t earning enough and doubted our ‘compatibility’ with contradictory reasons, yet would reject my suggestions to break-up (I always had to be the one to bring it up). When we eventually did it was hard, but I couldn’t take the uncertainty.

Afterwards it felt like we hadn’t broken up, talking as normal. She told me she still loved me and was upset. Her birthday was coming up and she was working nights that weekend, so I thought I would deliver her presents/belongings on one of the nights. But she wanted to see me, and said she’d been struggling after the break-up, so I agreed to come after Monday lunchtime following her final night shift.

When I arrived she came out her bedroom naked, claiming we hadn’t confirmed I was coming round (she sent an odd text that morning asking what I was up to that day, to which I replied to confirm/remind, and tried to ring four times). She grabbed a dressing gown and opened her presents. I sensed awkwardness and then it clicked; there was a guy in her bed.

I felt sick and humiliated. She said he was a locum she’d met at work over the weekend, it hadn’t meant anything, etc. I said I wanted answers/closure to move on (this upset her, yet I’d found her moving on!). She even blamed me for turning up. The next day she became remorseful and wanted to talk in person, but I wanted immediate answers – it had been an unnecessary and horrible thing to do.

A week later she called me and I apologised for how I’d reacted, even though I’d suffered a trauma! She wouldn’t discuss what happened, distressed at the slightest mention. She’d flipped the situation and gone back to claiming I was in the wrong. At the end we agreed we would meet to exchange stuff. That was the last time we spoke; 8 weeks later she just ignored me and mailed my stuff without any words.

The lesson here is that there is no such thing as a good break-up. I thought I was having one, and then she had other ideas. So, when you break-up with someone, do just that – cut contact and stay away. And speak to people (friends, parents, counsellor, etc.) – they will stop you from making things worse.


Barr John Wilson

March 26, 2016 @ (USA)

Tags: love

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November 25, 2013 @ (Maine)

Tags: First Love

So i met this guy durring my summer before college, but i said that i didn't want to date anyone. We started as friends hanging out and watching movies. But as a couple weeks passed we started dating. We dated for about 3 or 4 months. I was a college half an hour away, and he stopped talking to me. No messages, no texts. He would ignore me for days, sometimes hours. To busy with his friends i guess. He completly closed up and wouldn't talk. I tried a lot and finally i had to break it off. It was tearing me apart, always wonder what was going on, and what i had done wrong. I has been a month and i still want to cry, and it makes my heart physically hurt. If anyone had any advise for getting over your first real love, please let me know.



April 18, 2019 @ (Snowcrest Ave)

Tags: Carspotter , BMW

2011 E90 BMW 328i 3 series X drive Estoril blue on Snowcrest ave


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