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Eleanor B

June 25, 2017 @ (London )

Tags: Bad breakup

My first boyfriend was a very big liar and got us both into trouble at college and I got to the point were college stopped us from talking and of course he messaged me and we saw each other without his mum knowing then one day we had a long discussion on the phone and said I could call him later on this week but then later on that day he said he was going o the police to file against me for harassment then the following week he told everyone that I was making fake Facebook accounts and I was threatening the lives of others and everyone else believed him but I know that it was him as he said previously before we broke up if I ever back stabbed him he would find a way to destroy my reputation for the future



October 14, 2009 @ (Ohio)

Tags: ohio

This is how we broke up. she says "You can't leave me, or i'll kill myself". Now note: this girl is a drama queen to the core. my reply: "Well, I hope you've enjoyed your ride."



September 25, 2012 @ (ontario canada)

Tags: heartbroken, deserved it

Our love stories begins in September 2010. How fitting it ends now.

I will be honest and tell you that I didn't deserve his love the first year we were together and if I could find a way to take that time back. I would. A bit of history - he is 10 years younger than I (I am female). Although our maturity levels were in sync age (until recently) was never an issue. (It was something that troubled me. And because of that created unnecessary stress).

He worked full time, I was in school full time and worked two part time jobs. I have two children. One was 11 at the time the other 16. I had made the decision prior to even meeting him that I wasn't going to just introduce my kids to just anybody. I needed to know he was going to stick around. I didn't want to be one of those parents who bring partners in and out of their childrens lives. One year I told him when we met. I would introduce him after one year.

My family and friends disaproved of our relationship because it was interacial and because he was so young. I fell under the pressure. And ended it in December 2010. It didn't last long. We both loved each other and to end a relationship for others seemed wrong. Yet I always put my family and friends needs before his.

He lived 45 min away and was always ready willing and able to see me at the drop of a hat if I was free. Free time was something I didn't have much of and I soon began to resent the fact that all my time was consumed making someone happy, either my family, my children or him. I began to resent how much time he wanted from me.

I felt I had nothing to give in the first place. In May 2011 I noticed there was a girl he worked with that he was msging daily. I confronted him and he deleted her from bbm and facebook immediately no questions asked. The fact that I was uncomfortable made him do it. Why couldn't I do the same for him. I had a 20yr friend who made him uncomfortable and rightly so but I didn't do the same for him and he didn't push me. I know it hurt him.

I chose soding the back yard with family on a night we should have been together because my obligation to family was stronger to my obligation to him.

I could list several situations where this was the case. All of which now, I regret.

In july he lost his job. Money became tight and I found myself frustrated at the fact that he was playing video games all day while I worked my butt off just to make ends meet.

When september came time to meet the children my son had a death in his class, then his aunt was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after. Excuses I know. But I wanted my son to be in a good spot prior to meeting him.

In december, he still had not met my son, still didn't work, was borrowing $$ from friends family and me who didn't have any to begin with. I ended things again.

Naturally we ended up back together in januay. But this time roles had switched. I realized how much I loved him and wanted to be with him and I was ready to share my life with him. Every aspect. The things I hesitated doing before I did without hesitation including getting rid of that 20yr friend. But now, he was distant. He was reserved. He was worried. I tried everything I could to make up for the wrongs that I had done.

The things he requested were unreasonable we both know it but I did it. Some of the things he asked me to do I am so ashamed that I did. Most, I will never tell a living soul because I am so disapointed in myself.

I hadn't seen him in 6 weeks. We hadn't slept together in 3 months, he was refusing to meet my kids still. Then on friday when I was supposed to spend the weekend at his house, he sent me a bbm msg while I was at work I am a manager of an employee and it was his first day. He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he deleted me on bbm. Blocked my emails and my phone number and I haven't heard from him since.

Why is it I love him so. Why is it I can forgive him anything now, but that first year we were together I couldn't give him what he deserved!



June 17, 2015 @ (Mumbai)

Tags: sudden breakup

met him on a friendship site at first, and I had no intention to date anyone. I was 22 an year ago and that's when I met him there. We talked almost everyday for hours and I thought he had good views and ideas. I happened to read a few stories on his blog which were about his crushes or maybe girlfriends in the past. He never wanted to talk about his past,he told me he's not ready to tell me yet. By the way,I never sent him my picture,because we planned to meet in real. after few months, I realized that my mom was totally unhappy with me having a boyfriend,and I decided to break it. But that's when he missed me and i missed him too, and we got back together. I always was trying to convince my mom about us. Later, we fell much more in love, he asked me to marry me, thrice. And then I imagined things like that. He started to ignore me sometimes and used to come back again, though I told him I was not able to take it, he used to talk everyday but sometimes he still ignored me again. He started to be highly flirtatious and his chats were not making me feel comfortable. I finally told him not to make me feel uncomfortable. I asked him about marraige, he said that it involves many things and he do not know what the future holds. Then why should he propose to me?? . He did not tell anyone about me, not at least his mom. That always bothered me. He started to ignore me again for tv shows and his hobbies, and we were talking one night, I asked him if it's worth talking anymore, he said no, i wasn't expecting that answer, I asked him again, if anything is left to talk,he said no again. I asked him if anything is new in his life, he said maybe after 6 months,things can be new. I said, so that will happen, he said it happens if he finds someone. that's when i decided to break up. I went away and I went online again to make things clear. I asked him about it again, he said if i leave him,he'll find someone and he also acted like he's ok with me leaving,he didn't stop me. I told him, that I never thought of someone else or what I'd do if i broke up with him but as he's able to entertain such thoughts i asked him to break up with me. He asked me to go to sleep and never talked to me again. I also found his comments on another site in which he was flirting with girls, and I have stopped to feel comfty with him since then, it kinda broke my heart


Heidi Cambridge

September 10, 2011 @ (Boston)

Tags: baby daddy

I am a pre-med student at a large eastern university. Last year, the first day of school I met and fell in love with my biology professor. He was so charming, so handsome and so married. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help myself.

We immediatly stated a sexual liason right there in his class room. I would come to his room during his prep time, and he would have me bend over his desk and we would make love. He was so rough and violent when we had sex, so masculine, it was an addiction to me. I had never been with a real man who would not play around or slowly try to ackwardly seduce me one button at a time. He would just pull me to him, rip my panties down and slam me. It was so hot. I was so in love!

I never used protection and really didn't think about what would would happen if I got pregnant. For some reason, I guess I didn't think I COULD get pregnant. Well, I was wrong and about 8 weeks into the year I realized I must be pregnant. When I told Professor he said it was my responsibility and I had to be a grown up and handle it. So, I decided to keep it and raise it myself. We continued to have sex every day and he showed me so many ways to explore the limits of my sexuality. We tried bondage and some hard discipline. He used to spank me with a paddle and a whip. It was so erotic and I loved it. But, one day when I was bound over the chair and he was swatting me, I began to bleed rather profusely. He told me to leave and take care of myself.

Later in my dorm room, I miscarried the baby. I called Professor and asked for his help, but he told me it was my problem. I wrapped the fetus in a towel. It was a boy.

I have to admit, it hurt me a lot that he didn't want to take care of our baby. So, I came up with a plan.

The next day we were supposed to do dissections in lab. I came to class and worked on my "project". When Professor came around to check our progress, I present him my work, all arranged on a display board. I told him, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Here's my project, its your son!"

He had me thrown out of school and refused to talk to me or have sex with me anymore. I was hurt and I still think of him when I feel the need for a real man in my life. I miss his firm hands on my body and his "tough love". He will always be special to me as he is the person who made me into a real woman.


Still Pretty.

November 24, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: hypocrisy, ldr

My ex lived in Oregon. I live in California. So I was exstatic for his four-day visit. And all seemed to be going well... until he started having problems in the sack and we started fighting.

He broke up with me the last day of his visit, citing distance as the factor. I found out later in a forwarded email that he thought I was too ugly for him.



November 05, 2009 @ (Boston, MA)

Tags: boston, ma

I was dating this girl for over a year. She got accepted to go over to Italy for her last semester of her senior year. during our discussion prior to her going, she was completely okay with doing the whole distance thing. I won't lie, i didn't really want her to go, but It's not my place to tell her what to do. Magically around a week before she is to leave she starts getting all snippy with me. I wasn't even doing anything. Well she says that she wants us to be on a break while she's over there. I say, so you want me on your backburner until you get back from fucking all the italian guys that you can. I don't think so. She wasn't very happy with my comments, sorry I'm no chump. I know a break is a breakup.



March 26, 2014 @ (new jersey)

Tags: bad break ups

Wow where to start on January 1st I was asked out by this boy.... he is in my school well I am a sophomore and him a senior.... every girls dream in high school.... well anyway he asked me out and it was so cute cuz he was like I like you and when I said I like him too he was like really. ... I tend to over think things and It was all thru Facebook.... so eventually during our 2hr long discussion at 2 in the morning he asked me to be his girlfriend I was ecstatic... I mean cmon a senior was asking ME out... well he came over that saturday he met my mom and my brother and my little cousin he was so sweet he played with them and him and I watched tv all day.... and then on the monday after that saturday he told me he loved me and he was falling in love... and I have to admit there was something about him that made me start to fall... well a week and a half later he broke up with me the reason was that he had a lot going on and he didnt want to loose me and that as soon as things were better for him we would get back together... being naive I believed him... well 4days or so later he got with a different girl which broke my heart but I was ok.... on February 19 he came to me upset and said that she cheated so he broke up with her and he wanted me back so I hugged him and he hugged me back and so I really wanted to be with him we got back together we were great for 2 weeks... again... then he turned around and broke up with me but this time there wasnt a reason so I was heart broken yet again but then I was bound and determined to find out why.... well I started paying closer attention to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE when one day I seen this girl walking with his sweatshirt on 3 DAYS LATER.... I went up to him that day since we had the same last period class together I was furious he was supposed to be only friends with this girl.... so he told me he didnt want to talk to me which hurt me worse I cried right there in front of him.... he wont look at me unless he thinks im not paying attention.... his smile makes my heart skip a beat..... and I am still in love but I dont know if he still loves me anymore....



March 16, 2015 @ (canada)

Tags: breakup

First week of second year university I met the guy of my dreams. 6'5, athletic, smart, funny, romantic and outgoing. We fell in love with one another and I can remember him shaking as he told me he loved me for the first time. He was so excited for me to meet his family and friends from back home and they all loved me. It felt so good to have such a strong, committed relationship. We thought we would get married to one another and he told me he would never break my heart. I was so in love with him that i lost my virginity to him, somehting that meant the world to me. In February things started to change really fast; he no longer had time to see me as much and his friends werent as inclusive as before. I brought up these problems we were having with him and he agreed that he was being a terrible boyfreind but that there was nothing he could do because he wasnt interested in commitment anymore and realized he couldnt see himself growing old with me. He broke my heart and I collapsed on the spot. My world was ending and there was nothing I could do to stop it. He stayed the night with me and held me while I cried. It has been 3 weeks since the breakup. Weve been seing each other occasionally but he made it very clear that it was over. I am so lost wihtout him, I feel like theres noone in this world as good for me as him.



March 13, 2013 @ (HeartBreakHotel)

Tags: break up avenue

We dated for a little over a year. He was literally my everything. I didn't have any friends due t0 terrible experiences in the past s0 my only sociable activity was hanging with him and, on occassion, his friends. I don't even know what to tell you bout the break up. We'd have a fight over something stupid and, as usual, he lost his temper and walked away. This was something I had begged him n0t to do because it really hurt and humiliated me having to run after him even though he rejected me all the time. I made every effort to keep the relationship working. Even when he walked away, I had t0 drive after him c0s I was worried (he lives 26kms away fr0m me and wanted t0 walk home at night). While I was chasing him, he told me to leave him alone, and that he doesn't know me. I was crushed. But I couldn't keep chasing him. I had a class I was already late for (because him) and I had t0 leave. S0 I left him. Then he messaged me the next day saying I d0nt care about him and I'm proving to him how I don't love him. Then he deleted me. I called him and tried to explain but he hung up on me after saying that he doesn't care; I must do whatever I want. That hurt. I always asked him to make an effort to fix things even though he's mad but he didn't. He let his pride be more important than me. Its been difficult to let g0 but I'm doing it. I asked all my relatives to delete him and I blocked all his profiles and deleted all his numbers. He's taken me for granted for too long. And even though sometimes I just break down c0s I can't help it, I know that as long as I'm breathing, I will be okay. And he will soon realise that he lost the person who would've sold her heart for him.


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