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November 02, 2015 @ (Los Angeles )

Tags: Everything happens for a reason

We met my sophomore year of high school, his junior. He was tall, lean, blonde and gorgeous. At the beginning, I was normal. I treated him right and gave him everything. Gave him my virginity a couple months in, there was nothing I wouldnt give him. But a year and a half had passed so quickly. I didnt notice how awful of a person i had became. I was so irritated by his stupidity, even when he was not stupid. I was angry and I felt trapped, I blamed him for my sadness. I treated him so terrible and I took his love for granted. Though, after a year I had began noticing my abuse to him and decided i wanted to be better for him. I began changing, showing him my love, spoiling him. I wanted to make it up to him. But my damage was done. In the remaining months of our relationship when we first got out first job, he began talking to this girl. He started to not call me, text me, see me. I would ask him why and he responded that he didn't know why. That he forgot. The now and then we did hang, he was texting her. He said she was helping him pursue his dream of drawing. I said okay. He just grew so distant and I was growing so attached. The day he broke up with me was outside my house, I was late for work but needed to see him since he used every excuse to not see me. He finally did, and we broke up. I lead it on. I knew he wasnt happy, that i didnt make him happy. So i encouraged him to break up, and that we were going to be okay. He cried. I did too. He agreed and he ended it. Except... he kissed me goodbye. That was when I felt such pain and disbelief, how could i have let him go? i drove to work in tears, almost got into an accident. I was such a mess and in such a shock. I texted him i didnt want to break up, he didnt reply. I ended up calling and he picked up, explaining this is what he wanted, then saying it wasnt, then saying it was, then saying it wasnt. So i indeed kept hope. We made a deal that he would come to his decision the following thursday a week from then. I kept hope. I called him that monday asking id he had made a decision, he said yes. He made it a while ago, but he wasnt going to tell me till friday. That break up was the most painful thing i have ever dealt with. I had a lot of problems that he only knew about, i was open with him completely. Trusted him. Love him. I had made him my world and left all my friends. When he dumped me, I had no one. So i rebounded. cried. rebounded. cried. Then realized that everything happens for a reason. In this case, i was a terrible person to him. He brought out the worse in me. He didnt deserve it. Im glad he dumped me, i wouldnt have worked hard to change my ways. He wouldnt have been so happy. Hes the one who got away and I miss him. Will always love him. And I am sorry.



May 26, 2011 @ (Oregon)

Tags: trust, heartbroken

After being with my boyfriend for a few years, it seemed like we were always arguing. We were miserable when we were alone in each others company, and couldn't get away from each other because he was living at my house and had no one else to turn to. When we returned to school, he moved into a dorm and so I decided to end the relationship. He was devastated, but we remained close. We had many talks about life in general and I started to open up to him more than I ever had before. However, when he tried to get back together with me, I pushed him away. As the months went on though, we became even closer and I felt like he understood me better than anyone and connected right to my soul- I consented to have sex with him, kiss, cuddle, etc. That continued for a month or so until, one night, we go to a party and he's all over my friend the whole time, while I look on with a broken heart. Now he says he thought I understood he didn't want a relationship with me, and is mad at me for accusing him of using me. I feel like he wanted to build me up so he could hurt me as I had hurt him. I can't believe I had so much trust in one person.



July 16, 2016 @ (Ladysmith BC)

Tags: bad breakup

My ex and I talked about marriage and having kids, she moved in with me after 6 months.

I got a call at work while i was away and she said she was moving out. That was it. Totally blindsided.

Now yes I was drinking too much and was tight on cash but I didnt deserve this. She totally humiliated me. Was moving out for 3 days and texting me the whole time saying "hi hunny love you".

Why would she be so classless?

Even sent me a pic of my one dog while he was super sad because he could tell she was leaving. How messed up is that. Ive never seen his face that sad before.



January 03, 2017 @ (Honolulu)

Tags: Bad breakup, for you guys

The girl that I had cared about and loved for a year did not have her priorities straight at all. Apparently she thought that it was okay to ditch me for her friends, even when I had plans with her before them. I just had the vibe that they did not like me and I have no idea why. On top of that, she never followed through with things involving me, such as dedicating her time and effort to me, even though I spent tons on her. What really upset me was that she had the nerve to break up with me. I am a very passive aggressive person and I am well aware of it, and that is the reason why I stuck with her longer than I really wanted to. I always had that harmful and false mindset that things would get better. Her own mother did not even know about our relationship so that should have already been a sign that things weren't gonna work out. And to make matters even better (sarcasm, I really mean worse), she had the nerve to ask to stay friends after all of that. I agreed even though I didn't mean it. It has been almost four months since the break up and I am still waiting for her to follow through with it (not that I care). I guess I should've expected that from someone as immature as that. I am not still stuck on her, it is just I haven't really been venting to my friends about it because most of them go to college out of state so I really only had a couple of friends who I rarely saw to vent to. And this also explains why I still talk about it today and why I am sharing my story online. I am just amazed that someone who I gave 110% to can do something like that to me. To all my guy friends out there: if you are with a girl like the one I was with, do not stand for it, especially if you are passive aggressive like myself. It really isn't healthy to stay with someone who just drags you down and you pretend like it is okay, when it really isn't.



December 13, 2010 @ (arkansas)

Tags: work

well me and my boyfriend were together about a year and two months. we had talked all summer about going out and when we finally did we hit it off great. i was 17 when we started and he was 18 i know were young. we were together all the time and he started to tell me how much he loved me and cared about me everyday and we became eachotthers first love, and other things if know what i mean. we even went outta of state with eachother to meet the rest of our families. soon into the relationship he asked me to marry him even though i know we're young i felt and seen other young couples make it and grow old together so i said yes. it took me a while to see if i truly loved him or was attached but i ignored it. we then started to fight alot throughout our relationship but always made up and had really good moments. he wasnt just my boyfriend he was like my bestfriend i could tell him anything he was even there for me in my hardtimes. one day i realized if we wanted to get married we had to do something with our life and not just be supported by love so i suggested for me to go to the army which i wanted to do before him and he agreed happily and we were then going to get married after boot camp. as the time got closer for me to leave, his family and friends started to tell him i was gonna end up finding someone else in there but i gave him my word. The time got closer for me to leave and we started to get distant and hung out less and less and i started to stress till one day we got into a huge fight where it got physical just a shove nothing big and i told him i dont think i can do this anymore im tired of the fighting but he told me he still loved me and wanted to be with me so we made up of course and silly me i stayed, funny how around this time hes been hanging out with one of his guys friends and he brought a female over. a week goes by and he starts to act strange more distant, but i ignored and i realized that i do love him and dont wanna lose him. he then stops talking to me for week in a half and i receive a phone call that we should date other ppl because he found someone else and they liked eachother after such a short period of time. i asked him if he loved me and he said yes but we needed to be seperated or take a break, so then it hit me and i asked him that he was basically saying he loved me but wasnt in love with me no more and he said yes, i felt crushed i felt like everything we been through was just a lie. he did this to me a couple weeks before i ship out. his excuse is he didn't want to cheat on me while i was gone, he wasnt saying that months before this he kept telling me i better not leave him. so eventhough im very hurt i know i need to move on, but his friend then asks me if i ever cheated on my ex after this whole breakup, (definetly not, and none of his business) his mother then calls me and tells me that he says does miss me and if he should just let me go since im leaving...HE ALREADY LET ME GOO!! he also has to correct himself because he still accidently says my name. after all this im very confused and hurt and hopes karma comes. i do still wanna believe he still loves but since he did all this it hurts, because i never thought he would do something so low, after how much he would tell me how much he loved me and how could he get involved in another relationship so fast.



December 04, 2009 @ (San. Fran.)

Tags: ex boys

I've always been really close with all of my X boyfriends. I make this known before I start dating anyone because some guys seem to be intimidated by the fact that I can still be friends after a relationship. I took my boyfriend home for thanksgiving this year where of course some of my X's are from. We all went out to the bars and were having a good time. Apparently one of my x's claimed that he was still in love with me.( we are going on 7 yrs of friendship) I laughed it off, tequila makes you say stupid shit. My boyfriend didn't find it too funny.He told me its either him or the x's. He's been in my life for a year...they have been in my life since high school. I told him I loved him...he said that wasn't enough. I had to stop seeing my friends. He took a train home and still hasn't called me back. I am going back home for Christmas, should I hook up with my ex?


Sugar Is Sweet

December 08, 2011 @ (Sunshine State)

Tags: Lonely,

My boyfriend and I dated for over a year and a half.

He cooked for us, was very sweet, obviously cared for me a lot. Always did little things to make me happy.

He didn't talk very well, I would ask him questions, tried to use positive reinforcement to get him to talk about his feelings. Cause I think that's important.

I analyze everything, he tends to not think about it.

I wanted to have sex more, his libido wasn't as strong as mine.

I wanted to hang out with my family, he never felt like it.

I wanted to spend more time together, it never seemed to work out.

There were things I could have worked on, too. But by the end of our relationship, even when we were together, I felt terribly alone.

I miss his touch, his kisses, his sweet words. I miss almost everything that reminds me of him, I miss him with everything I have.

But I know I made the right decision. Goodbye, love.



April 01, 2017 @ (Alberta)

Tags: Past regret

I was in a serious relationship with a girl for a while. We shared dreams about marriage, having kids, etc.

We were 19 and 1 day over the phone she brought up a "what-if" scenerio. "If I got preganat what would you do with our baby?" I tried to think about it rationally, instead of emotionally. I said if it was early on in the pregnancy I would consider aborting, but if it was further along and I felt I was killing a baby I would def keep it. It depends.

She was mortified by my answer; the idea that I even considered abortion was monstrous to her. I was just trying to have a conversation and she took it out of proportion, imo.

She didnt talk to me for a cpl days till she called me out of the blue to break up, blaming me for not loving her.

In hindsight I wish I answered the question differently, yrs later now having a child and would never consider abortion now that the situation is actually real.

After a cpl weeks of breaking up she found someone else, she has been with him ever since, yrs later.

I def have moved on, but it will always be a regret I always made.



September 18, 2009 @ (Texas)

Tags: life, texas, engaged

My ex and I were engaged, we lived together, and my children were very close to him. In the middle of the night last week, he up and leaves. He never came back. All of his worldly possessions are still in my home.



November 02, 2009 @ (Boise)

Tags: boise

Just brokeup with my ex of 2 years. things were just getting hard. he wanted us to move-in together, and i just wasn't sure if that was what i wanted. I've been in grad school for a while and the course work has been so much that i've had to take extra time off work this month to get it all done. I wasn't able to give him what he needed, and i didn't want to hurt him anymore. the breakup wasn't fun. It was a really sad, long conversation. I hope its not really over, but I guess we'll have to see.


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