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October 13, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: cheating, whore

I was dating a girl for about 3 years, and one night we go out to a fantastic bar with a poker buddy of mine whom I had known for about 2 years. Being young and at a bar, we get totally shitfaced, and head back to the hotel (too far to take a cab home). After continuing to drink for another couple of hours, I discover that the insides of my stomach have decided to make a break for it, and that I need to lie down and pass out.

I wake up 30 minutes later to breath on my ear and the sound of moans. It seems my girl is on the bed behind me (bonus, there are 2 beds in the room), and my "friend" is behind her, with one hand down her pants and one hand up her shirt. I decide to wait a bit, to see where this is going (and to prevent excuses later). After about 15 minutes, I hear whispering, which I can only assume is something like "Let's move to the other bed so we can fuck without waking him". At this point I alert them to the fact that I am awake and have been for some time, that they're both dead to me, I'm moving to Vegas the next day, and then I get dressed to catch the aforementioned cab (the one that was too expensive).

She starts crying, and this guy, this...unbelievable asshole, starts trying to play the mediator, "She's a good girl, she doesn't deserve this" and the like. I tell him to shut his fucking mouth, and proceed to walk to the elevator. He chooses to physically bar my way, and even grabs me by the arm to prevent me from leaving. I calmly inform him that if he doesn't let me go, I'm going to knock him the fuck out. He doesn't take me seriously. Now...I'm not a violent guy...but looking at the expression of "come on guy" on this bastards face snapped something in me, and I dropped him like the sack of shit he is and leave.

The thing about this that really irked me is this:
Really? REALLY? You're going to wait until I'm sick with liquor, and THEN betray me at my weakest? Contemptible.

Vegas is nice.




June 14, 2012 @ (plainview)

Tags: ex1

kyle is still not talking to me
i love him
should i give up ,,,, or move on?

i think hes doing this cause prom and after prom is next week nd im going away but im not going with him



December 28, 2019 @ (North bend Oregon )

Tags: Messed up break up

We got to gather at school she pulled me over and asked me I was so happy we talked and texed for weeks and one day I sat down and it was a notification from her saying sory when I got in the it said I'm breaking up with you sory I didn't know what to do I cried talked to friends and watched Netflix to help the pain but I don't know im so sad i wont to die i askex her why she dumped me she said she never liked me and she only got with me because it was a dare right now its 2 am i needed someone to hear this so thanks for reding and please follow me at ghoster420.69 on insta and say I red your story it will help me get thru this



July 01, 2010 @ (arizona)

Tags: example1

My boyfriend and I had been together 9 months. We'd known each other and been really in love for almost 2 years. I gave him absolutely all of me. We really were great together and always had fun and showed each other how much we were in love. He always told me how he wanted to marry me and how much he loved me. Everything was going great until one week he had phone issues. He never tried to contact me in any way. When he did get his phone back, he still didn't at least text me and say he'd call me later or anything. So after going from speaking everyday or just getting an "i love you" text from him, which was always enough for me and made me feel so amazing, he went to zero communication. Who wouldn't "freak out"? I tried contacting him and got nothing. Anyway, I went to see what was going on and he told me he wanted a break and started naming off all these silly previous fights that he had already apologized for and I had forgiven and moved on. He said how I ask too much of him, which he lives 2 hours away, and he had always been able to find time to call me or just text me each day, and if a day or two went by, I was okay with that because I do know how busy he really is. Anyway, after saying all that I had finally agreed to a break. I asked if he wanted to break up and he said no, just a break for a few weeks because he didn't have time for this.
A month has gone by and I had tried to contact him out of desperation for answers the first two weeks. I have not tried to contact him for the past 2 weeks and I will not. I sent him a pour my heart out, this is what really happened with all the silly fights, and do you really love me if you're throwing away what we had...and still heard no word.
It's the most painful thing in the world to go from "i love you I want to marry you baby" to not acknowledging my existence. We are both 21, so yes I know we're young, but he had been so genuine and he doesn't sugar coat anything, so I know if he didn't love me, he would have just said so...
I've been suffering from panic attacks my whole life, but had not had an issue with them again until all of this happened. It feels as if my world crashed down. I live alone, I'm in a new state where all I have is a job so this makes things even more difficult. I do have hobbies, but cannot pursue riding horses at this time because I live in an apartment and can't afford to board a horse in town.
I wake up every morning thinking about every good and horrible thing we've gone through. After what he's done to me, I hate him, but I love him at the same time. My heart races, my stomach turns, I feel nauseous all day long and cannot eat like I used to.
I tried not making him my whole life, but I guess I felt what we had was so real, I never had to worry about him not being there. This all makes me sound pathetic, I know it does and I hate feeling this weak.
How can you love someone so much one day, and want nothing to do with them the next? And no, nothing changed. He changed. I know there isn't anotherr girl because his roommate wants to date me and I'm sure to get me to date him, he would tell me if there was another girl.
So now what? How can I get over this? I've bought books about breakups that have helped me on the whole outlook of this about how if we were so perfect, this wouldn't have happened.
But still...
anyone have any words of advice or encouragement? Anything would help. Sorry this was so long.



October 14, 2010 @ (Santa Cruz, CA)

Tags: Marines, Texts, heroin

I started dating this guy right before he left for Marine Corps bootcamp. We wrote letters back and forth, and when he got home it was absolute bliss, we were both in love. So he finishes his training, during which he flies me out to NC from CA just to see me for 3 days. He tells me about his most recent ex, and old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for years, who he broke up with because she was addicted to heroin. So sad, he just wanted to let me know she called him from rehab, apologizing for making him dump her because she chose the drugs over him. Just so you know...
Fast forward several weeks, he's back home, were still in love, he wants me to move to SD with him, but Im going to school in SC so it couldnt work out. But I spend the weekend with him, roll out of bed on Monday to go to class, we each say I love you...

...Apparently they got married while I was at school.
...While we were still dating.
...Before he broke up with me over a text message.
...And his MOM told me.

Ya. A motherfucking Marine. Thats honor, courage and commitment if I ever saw it.



November 06, 2010 @ (The City By The Lake)

Tags: Affair, married, eharmony

So...I am married and have been involved with another woman for the last six years. Long story short, I just don't have the balls to leave my wife and kids. My girlfriend recently found "the one" and has broken it off with me. I have been devestated. Although they have only been going out since early September, they have already talked of marriage! She even wanted to go on the pill so he could hit it without a condom. I got what I deserve but it still hurts.



March 26, 2014 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: Badbreakup hopeless love

As a seventeen year old girl I have been told that I am beginning to start out my life. But I can't seem to wrap my finger around it I don't know why but I truly hate being a teenager.. Well anyways I grew up in a very Christian family where as a small child I was not exposed to much of the outer world I was literally locked up at home with only gospel music and movies of Daniel in the lions den. I guess you can say I was an innocent child, when I started high school I had everything planned out I would go to school stay in my books and study hard to graduate with no drama . Life however decided to throw me the unexpected. At the age of fourteen I met a guy who was like no other or so I thought, he showed me everything that I didn't know existed for example music genres, because of him I found out that I love alternative rock, yea yea I didn't know what that was xp.. I really thought we would be together forever like he told me, we even ran away together. my parents did not like the fact that I started to date an "outsider" a guy who wasnt Christian so they did everything possible to break us up, I was sent to Texas for a couple of months but that didnt work. Nothing they did worked, my family would warn me about how guys only use you or that he will find someone else then leave you stranded I didn't believe them, I admit I am a stubborn person. I loved him with all my heart and but to this day I still do, I love him so much that it hurts v.v We had dated for three years, he then broke up with me right after our three year anniversary. I gave up everything to him, my innocence, my trust, my love everything even money. Everyday we would spend together and when he broke up with me I felt as if I was being hit by trucks. It has been 5 months since our break up and I still can't move on. I have tried just about everything there is to forget but it's hard, especially since my school is literally one hall way. I see him everyday and it hurts, just yesterday I saw him with another girl.. And it hurt since yesterday would have been 3 years and 5 months. To make matters worse i recently found out that he had cheated on more than once throughout our relationship, and honestly that just made my depression worse..He was my first boyfriend ever and probably my last, guys are too complicating and I'm not good with relationship. I was told to never run away from my problems but there are times where you have to get away to continue with your life. I'm a senior with only two months until graduation, but because I decided to take the teenage love life experience I am forced to transfer schools. Life as a teenage girl.. .-.



December 24, 2011 @ (LA, California)

Tags: still loves me

My boyfriend and I had been together for a little over 1.5 years (my longest, most meaningful relationship to date) with nothing more than minor arguments here and there. Our main problem arose a couple of months ago: He told me he felt like crap because he doesn't have the time to put into our relationship that he could a year ago. He got a promotion since then, meaning more responsibility and longer hours at work... But he also hates his job and wants to figure out what to do with his life (He's in a band and hopes so do something along those lines). We had a talk about our lack of time together, and it turned into a breakup conversation. He said he didn't want to stay together just for me to come to resent him one day. He says he loves me and doesn't want to lose me because I'm one of the few friends/people he respects... even though he previously did not believe in being friends with exes. Problem is, I'm not okay with being just friends, and he hasn't contacted me since our brief discussion/breakup. Worse still: The day after the breakup, I received news that my dad was in the hospital for the 3rd time this year and needs surgery. So... I really needed my bf's support. I don't want to call him an ex, and this doesn't make sense because we both still love each other. Sigh. Really don't know what to do.


Bill G

September 21, 2009 @ (Cleveland)

Tags: life, ohio, breakup, vacation

My ex-girlfriend and I had been dating for six months. I was getting ready to get us a beach vacation and I came home to her and my best friend. On my new couch. We havenít talked sinceÖ but I bet its safe to say itís over.


Broken (part 3)

April 21, 2015 @ (toronto)

Tags: bad breakup

He says she has made his life a living hell and he wants to get out. I say whatever makes you happy and he gives me this smile that makes my heart stop. I lie to him and say i don't have a boyfriend. I go out of my apartment and call him. I say he's here. He says great now go and have fun i love you. I do too i say and don't mean it. Because all of a sudden i realize no other amount of love will ever come as close as the way i love him. I finally realize when people say if its love you will know. I don't care that he has two kids, i don't care that his wife is a bitch, i don't care that he has so much baggage that he literally is the baggage claim. I care about none of it. Because when i am with him i need nothing. The world without him means nothing. And what is a world without nothing to live for? So we go on vacation. We leave the country and go away. At first we are friend and nothing else. It starts with silly jokes, past memories, the brush of his hands against mine, the way he accidentally touches me, the way he pokes me when he thinks i am not listening. Then before you know it you're both falling madly in love. I had already been in love but this time its his turn to feel what i feel. And he does. He feels it with a passion i did not see coming. Then the planning of the future comes. He promises me a grand wedding, the telling of our families, the happiness our fathers would feel at the news. We talk about how we would raise his kids and whether i should learn how to cook healthy options. He leaves and i cry at the airport. I break up with my boyfriend and forget all about him. As if he never existed. I stay up until 4 am everyday so i can be on his time. I sleep all day and am up all nigh. He's worth it i say. I get too tired to go to work, too tired to go out with friends he's all i think of. He calls he says its over the divorce is final and he will send me a ticket to vista him after january (2015). I cry whether its from joy or the foreshadowing of our future i can't tell. I quit my job, i sell the few things i owe, i pack my life up and go to vegas with my best friends and he hits Paris with his. I am on the phone with him on new years i say happy new years love of my life. He says happy new years my soul but i have to go now my guy friends are waiting for me. I feel a pang of something a flutter of wrongness but i ignore it and keep on dousing champagne. I smile and think to myself this year is going to be great.


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