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February 15, 2011 @ (Miami fl)


I met him on myspace I know that may sound crazy but it wasn't when I met him he was wonderful in my mind I felt. And ease that I might have found that one he was so sweet and handsome next I know I was pregnant with our first child and from there w everything was down hill he got mad at me cause he thought I said I wanted to watch his cousin and my bestfriend which I did not say so while I was gone he packed all my things and threw it in the garage and it hurt me so bad and then we started back talking and I. Had another baby and we still not together want to let him go so badly but I'm crazy bout him he doing him y. Can't I. Do the same but that's life



August 10, 2014 @ (nowhere)

Tags: breakup

I just broke up with an enormous douchebag



January 05, 2010 @ (OC)

Tags: guys, matt, emt, hospitals, loser, new orleans, fighting, crying

I met this guy on yahoo personals. I really thought I hit jackpot since most guys aren't that chatty, but he was. We finally met and instantly liked each other. He would text me every morning saying "good morning" and every night saying "good night." I was seriously on cloud 9. He works in a hospital so we only saw each other once a week. 6 months in we decided to take a trip to New Orleans together. We had been fighting a lot about stupid shit because we are both strong, opinionated people. I gave up a lot just to make him happy. It got to the point where I didn't care about my happiness anymore. It only mattered what he thought and what he wanted because it was easier that way. But I would slip and give my opinion sometimes and that's when we would fight, he would make fun of me for the dumbest things and put me down constantly if he didn't agree with my opinion. While we were in New Orleans he wanted to party every night, and sleep all day. I was super upset, I'm on vacation in an amazing City and you just wanna sleep all day because you wanna party all night?? I did a lot of exploring alone, which made me sad. Every time I made a decision to do something he always found something wrong with it and put me down. I cried every day. One night I begged him if we could stay home and relax. Our sex life was seriously lacking, but every time I was in the mood he wasn't...I wanted to stay in because I wanted to have a hot steamy night together. He wanted to go out. After telling me he was only going down to the hotel bar for an hour I called him 2 hours later, he said he was still there, 3 hours later he wasn't responding to my texts. 4 hours later he told me he was in the bar still, it was 2am! I went downstairs to the hotel bar and found out it had been closed since 11pm!When I finally got a hold of him and found him drunk outside he said he met some guys at the bar and went out with them. The next day I saw a couple texts in his phone to 2 girls that he was texting the night before. Saying that he wished they were there, and if they were there he wouldn't be "lonely in New Orleans."

I called him out and he laughed, saying they were just friends. I didn't really believe him but I let it go, we had 3 days left of our vacation. After coming home and a couple more weeks of me being miserable I decided we needed to talk, but he never had the time. He can't text me back, but he can text other girls? WTF?

He ended up coming over the day after Thanksgiving and breaking up with me. Stating that he cared about me sooooooooo much but just couldn't have a GF right now.

I wasted 6 months of my life with someone who wasn't all that into me and made me cry every day, and in the end, cheated on me and then HE broke up with ME. Lesson happiness should matter more then his.



June 12, 2015 @ (Philippines)

Tags: break up, ex bf, advice

Pls help me. I have broken up with my boyfriend last month. We were in a relationship for 2 yrs and 1 mo. We had a bad break up and I said some horrible things to him. After a week, I said sorry to him and realized that I want him back. But he said he just wanted to explore other people and that I should just give him time and space, even just for two months. He asked me not to go anywhere and that he'll miss me.

The whole month after our break up I pleaded/begged/asked him to get back to our relationship. A week has passed after our break up, he is now in a relationship and he chose the 'new girl' over me. I asked him why he has done this to me, he said I already broke up with him. And now they are facebook official and posted a lot of pictures of them together. He hides these pictures from me on his facebook, but I can see them using my friend's account. Why does he do that? I already know that he has a girlfriend, then why hide the pictures from me? He does not text me anymore and completely ignores me.

I just started the 'No Contact Rule' this month. I have not contacted him for almost 2 weeks now. But he texted me on the 1st day of NC that he wants his money back. I ignored him because I was hurt. He shows no concern for me anymore and just asks for his money. So, I was angry. Should I reply now? or should I wait for the 30 days to reply and give his money?

And this weekend, they went out of town for a vacation already. They haven't even been together for a month! They went to this place where we planned to go together and exactly on our monthsary date. Is she just a rebound?

Ever since we broke up, I posted happy pictures of me hanging out with some friends and exploring life by mountain trekking and swimming. I think I am doing a good job pretending to be happy. But to be honest, I am totally hurt and don't know if I want him back. I miss him and our good old times but his attitude now makes him so immature.

Can you please explain what is going on? I've been making excuses for his actions that he is just hurt over the break up, just like me, which is why he moved on so fast and doing these things. Has he totally moved on? How can I fix this?


Pissed Off

November 11, 2009 @ (east Coast)

Tags: never calls, dumpee

So we had a lot of issues and we were constantly fighting but I still cared for him and did everything I could. That might have been the problem. I spent all my efforts making him happy and he rarely returned the favor. Well it has been a week since our last heated argument and he said we would talk soon. Yet I haven't heard from him. Don't lie to me! If you don't want to see me and work things out then just say so! don't lead me on! ass-wipe!



November 26, 2016 @ (michigan)

Tags: #bitchthoughtwrong #tf #dontfuckwithmethewrongway

Hi everyone my name is Britney,
That bitch off a boyfriend had left me for a hoe she look like a pig and she dress like she rolled in a pill off dog shit didn't take a shower in 4 weeks and she lives in the trailer park i'm so disapointed in him he probably only wants her because she looks like a prostitute and i think she secretly works as stripper for money and, did i mention she try to were clothes that are like 5 sizes to small for her she try so hard and she don't even know how to put makeup on she was wearing neon green lipstick, yellow wig, and bright sparkling purple eyeshadow . so i saw that scank in fucking McDonalds and i fucking pushed that he so hard on the ground and her 3 bigmacs and 2 large fries on the ground and a apple pie. that shit went flying. That whale bitch so heavy son, and so i said are you the whore that slept with my man in my bed and she was like ya and so i went and picked up her apple fucking pie and and flung her weave from here to fucking Canada and crumbled the pie on the dry ass head. so then that week i went and learned how to shot a gun and acually got one too for a bitch who wanna fucking wit this bitch. but anyways i went to my ex's/my old apartment to get ll my stuff right? no, that whore was n my Tempur-pedic 1,000 dollar fucking bed . and that shit was so wet looking i said , bitch apparently you cum all the way fro Africa cause my bed is ruined. when i saw her ugly as i looked at her one more time and i said how you just gonna ruin my bad and she had the damn nerve to say that it was hers and you know what my ass fucking did was say get the fuck off my bad you have 3 seconds and she said no her ass not moving so my ass leaped across the room into that ed and i pulled put that gun that i was saving for that day she was begging me not to shot her she was on her knees and saying please don't shot me and i was like why shouldn't i, you took my man so instead of shooting her i took her to the park and made her like the entire sidewalk and then put a diaper on and sit in the middle of Walmart saying i'm a slut /hoe and i suck dick for living so i took her home and her ass was crying and so mad she started cussing at me so i slapped her so had i think that bitch flew to Africa. that bitch fucking thought she was gonna get away.



August 12, 2019 @ (-)

Tags: bad breakup hurt love

Well i was always looking for a soulmate where i will spend my life only with her, i found her in a social media, got together for 4 years, She is a lecturer in a university and very professional with her work and duty, i just feel like she is the one for me, very caring, loving and we do fight frequently because every relationships have fights, i have met her parents and she have met mine, we have actually decided to get married in 1 year as we discussed, but while time was passing by i literally been dreaming that she with a another dude, i asked her regarding this dream, she kept ignoring and change the topic, on the following week i decided to spy on her activites by following her everywhere she goes, then late in the everning caught her hugging a guy and heading to a hotel, i followed and caught both of them naked having fun with each other, i was totally broken, i could not bare with the pain and the thing i see, she never bothered to say sorry, but what she could say that was just a casual fun with the dude, i kept trying to forget her even my family loves her so much, Even it have been 1 year now,i am yet trying to move on but i failed, i am still stuck with the broken love.


This Girl

January 31, 2016 @ (North Carolina )

Tags: Bad break up

there was this boy that I really like a lot well turned out he liked me to and so we talked and then started dating well then I thought he was cheating so I broke up with him because these girls were saying that they had been talking to him well then he didn't cheat so it made me look stupid and I was sad and mad at myself well I had moved away so it was hard to get a hold of him so I went to his house to try and get him back and he wouldn't take me back



September 19, 2009 @ (Pittsburgh)

Tags: pittsburgh, itsover

My bf of 10 years finally proposed to me! YAY, or so I thought. Came to find out that it was his ex wife’s ring. Then only to be dumped 1 week later by a sticky note. Hurray!



November 03, 2009 @ (GA)

Tags: ga

My breakup story, not much of a way to breakup, but it sure was funny. I came home on Halloween night after being at my friend's party to find my boyfriend making out with his friend, his male friend. He had so much potential too, dammit john!


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