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March 31, 2011 @ (yelm)

Tags: nikki123

well, today me & my boyfriend broke up. Obviously or i wouldnt be on this site. No, im not upset of sad but i hate leaving a situation with "WHY" in my mind.

Me & my boyfriend had been dating for a year and 4 months. In the beginning we were head over heels in love; spent all the time in the world together ect (i mean that's how most relationships are.. in the beggining). over the months our relationship began to get sour. Im a very impatient person so most of our fights were my fault. I changed of course because i did love him, with all my heart. But then two weeks ago he started doing the same things i did. Some examples of why he got mad at me, walking away from him when he wanted to talk, not texting him, not kissing him, not looking him in the eye when we talked, yelling at him, or bossing him around. Yea pretty extreme, now if ANYone can believe that i changed ALLLLLL of those things just to make him happy. things got better but then two weeks ago everything i changed for him he decided to do to me. After a while i had been desperatly waiting for him to break up with me, because i made the promise not to leave him, so in the end of it he would. finally he breaks up with me & i tell him how i feel and trust me i let it all out. Funny thing is, he didnt have anything to say. Mostly because he's 19 and still a junior in highschool, pretty lame of me to choose a dumb onee. All in all im glad we arent together i can focus on me now and stop worrying about weather or not HE'S happy..


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Kiana Boxdale

March 21, 2011 @ (Ohio)

Tags: breakup

So we had Carrer Day at my school , I wasnt all too excited except for the fact that i got out of class for a whole day . We had Seniors who were our leaders and they helped show us all of the programs in our school . One kid stuck out to me, he was gorgeous , i have never seen him before in all my two years in the highschool . He showed me around , along with the other hundred kids, what are the odds he ends up talking to me ? Slim but possible, because we ended up talking to each other. It was slow at first, just texting , then hanging out . He was shy, i was shocked, a sexy senior who's shy ? Well , things picked up and we started spending almost everyday together. We would sleep together, no not sex, just falling asleep together and i never felt so right in his arms all through the night. It got serious, we told each other we wouldnt know what to do without each other..then he changed. Turns out he wasn't so shy, he starting turning into a jerk and ditching me, we went from texting all day non-stop to not texting at all. I was crushed, but i held on because losing him would be like taking my heart out and throwing it into an ocean . I held on , my grip slipped, and now he's gone. He didn't tell me why, just walked out . I thought atleast i deserve a reason, but i guess i don't. Turns out he's talking to someone else, doesn't text me back anymore and i'm heart broken. I loved him, when he was mean i would just kiss him, when he would make mistakes i would forgive, i was always there for him . When i do everythign for him thought ; he does nothing for me but leave me behind like a bad habbit .. Being left behind , is the worst pain ever immaginable .



December 02, 2011 @ (Here crying)

Tags: Here crying

Ok, so I met this guy and at first I wasnt keen on him but he was really into me, got my number and we started talking. So he would tell me things like how much he wanted to be with me, how he would never let me go, and that he was falling in love with me. So eventually, I began liking him and wanted to be with him and start a relationship with him. So he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was ecstatic and said yes. The next day, he dumped me for his best-friend. So I was hurt completely and I spent an entire day crying..why the hell would he do that?



March 12, 2019 @ (Virginia )

Tags: Hard breakup

My story goes like this. I started college this year and when visiting back home over winter break i found that someone down there liked me, after going on a few dates we began to seeing each other. Over the course of the next 3 months we laughed together, cuddled, and just had a blast. When things began to get busy for me again in college i made sure that i texted her everyday but i couldn't really go down there for weekends as my education needed me to study, or i wanted to spend some time with friends i hadn't seen in a while. I thought things were going good and was planning on going back down more regularly after spring break, but she stopped texting after a few days even when i texted her good morning which she told me that she loved waking up to. And we were going to go see How to Train your Dragon 3 together, but the day before we were supposed to we had a talk and she said that she wanted a relationship that wasn't so distant... This hurt... I told her we could try and make it work but she said " I don't want to force anything that wouldn't happen naturally." But still... I respected her view on the topic and that's where the relationship ended there... and now I'm just wondering if i did something wrong or should've gone down more even during my exam weekends... I just needed to get this off my chest... Because this was my first real relationship and I can't help but wonder if she just wasn't interested in me anymore, because after being bullied for years in elementary and middle school, I'm a bit self conscious of my looks even though I know that, that shouldn't be what matters in a relationship... But I can't help from thinking if it was just me you know?



October 15, 2009 @ (ny ny)

Tags: ny

i just woke up to a next text message, "Sorry its over, Amy made me text this." amy is my EX BFF, and he is now my EX 2. wonder how much better this day will get?



March 18, 2012 @ (Michigan)

Tags: Awful, Terrible, mean, unexpected

I had been dating this guy for 9 almost 10 months. Things were going good, we almost never had fights, and we would do anything for each other. He even used my birthstone for his class ring. He had never once been vicious or rude, and always respected me.
One day he decided to break up with me because he thought I wouldn't be able to commit to him. After a long argument, we decided to just take a break. Only 3 days later, he already made out and had a thing with a new girl. When he told me, I admit I was extremely hurt. Then a side i had never seen before started to show. He blamed everything on me, told me he didn't think I was that good looking and that he just "warmed up" to me, told me he hated me, and made fun of everything I said. I lost my virginity to him, now I really wish I didn't.



July 11, 2016 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: Taking a break

I met him in december, 2015 at a party and we were both attracted to each other and ended up cuddling a bit. I was about to leave for college, but decided to stay as I wanted to have a relationship with him, eventhough I knew that chances are we might break up, but that was a risk I was willing to take! So I applied and got into to college close by to where he lives. Due to his busy schedule, we only saw each other every two weeks and I know that this wasn't much, but I loved him so much and wanted things to work out. I hoped that during the summer we would have more time to spend together. May came along and I found that he had to study during the summer for exams he had in August, but he said that he would make time to see me.

We're in the middle of July and I haven't heard from him in two weeks and haven't seen him in almost a month! I was in Italy atm and asked to meet up with him to discuss what was going on...he read the message but never replied, so I was forced by message to ask him for a break! He replied agreeing to it and said that at the moment he is absorbed with other things such as his studies and that after his exams we would have time to reflect and meet up to discuss the final decision. I was devasted as I still love him and want to be with him and the fact that he didn't fight to keep me, made me realise that chances are he could have lost interest!

Although I hope that after his exams we would get back together, but if it doesn't I am going to have to take time to move on.



March 29, 2017 @ (MN)

Tags: Bad breakup

I am a young and lovesick boy, one that thought online dating over a game was a good idea. I thought it was silly and rather joke like at first, until I absolutely fell for a girl. I was in love. I wanted her. I needed her. She felt the same way and eventually we started texting. We had plans of marriage, further romance, college, and so much more. Then one day I had gotten a text from her that said nothing more than, "I'm literally in tears rn...". I said "what's wrong baby?" No reply. "Are you there?" No reply. "Please don't tell me what I think happened happened..." Once more, no reply. I soon got a text message from her mother saying I was forbidden from ever talking to her daughter again. I fell into tears immeadiately. I deleted the game, and am still recovering from it. Please careful of what you do on the may end up very hurt. Thank you for reading my awful breakup story...



May 02, 2013 @ (POOP)

Tags: d12

That was a year ago.

I was driving, she was with me in the car. I didn't realize there was a dog crossing the street at that moment and I crash him at 100kmh. I stopped the car right away and we both went out. The dog was 10m behind so we went to check his condition (all in blood, could see part of his stomach out), she wanted me to bring him to vet but very obviously there was nothing to do, so i didn't... She left me for being "cold-hearted".



February 25, 2015 @ (Michigan )

Tags: funny break up

Ahhh, this site is so nice to hear all these stories. I think I'm going to share all of my break ups story by story, so here's my first one:

My first boyfriend, I dated from beginning to end of my high school freshman year. He was a dorky theater and choir kid, and I was (and still) an art nerd. We were really shy and had a calm relationship, no drama, doing things from going to theater productions or getting lunch. One day, at the end of my freshman year, we had a mutual break up. We felt like we were too different and it was simple and there were no tears at all. It had a nice ending.

Funny thing, 6 months later, he started dating a close friend of mine, which I had no issue with at all :) We even hung out sometimes. I'm 20 now, so that was 5 years ago.


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