June 08, 2016 @ (Bucarest)

Tags: Sudden break up

I met this guy at work, he was new. It was love from the first side. He texted me so often and so perfect. Shortly, we decided to take a chance and it all was magnificent. Nobody from work was aware of our story. I spent the most perfect 4 months of my life. When suddenly, he began not to text me so often, to make appologies not to see eachother, he did not listen to me anymore. All this time i tried to be supportive, and give him space. I tried to give him the best of me: love, sex, space, humour. He never said to meet his family or his friends. In the last 2 monts of the rel. (Who lasted 6) he became so distant. He was watching other girls on he street when he was with me and always smiling at his phone. I decided to ask him what s happening and he said he wants some time to be alone. Now i am sitting in my bed reading all the posts here and trying to put myself togetrer. But it s so horrible :(



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June 12, 2016

Sucks ass. When people just switch up so quickly like that...and you're left, stumped as to why this is happening. I'd flat out ask if it's over. The outcome is Scarry but it's better than the unknown.


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