December 13, 2015 @ (California )

Tags: First love breakup

I met him in seventh grade and I had this math worksheet that was really hard and he was the smartest kid in class so I asked him to help me and that was the start of it. We talked at school all the time and held hands whenever the teacher turned their backs. And when school was over we talked on the phone for hours sometimes on weekends we would fall asleep talking to eachother. I remember listening to him breath and I wish I was there holding him, just falling asleep to his breathing. He told me he loved me first. Instead of saying I love you I said I blueberry you because I once had a blueberry in the shape of a heart. I wonder if he still remembers that. We broke up at the end of 8th grade because we were going to different schools. We lost touch. I lost my mind. Even though this was so many years ago, I still love him. I still think about him. I'll probably love him forever, he was my first love



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