October 28, 2009 @ (Pittsburgh)

Tags: Pittsburgh, PA

This is a funny breakup and a worst breakup and a happy breakup all put together. I was seeing tom for close to 5 months. things weren't very serious but we were together alot. I have to admit the relationship was getting rocky. I'm not all the sure why or how, but it just did. We had dinner plans to meet up last friday. It wasn't a super nice place, but still i was excited. He was going to meet me there, and he was late. I was trying not to get angry, but my blood pressure was starting to rise. I see him walk in with someone next to him. He has this guy sit down at the seat across from me. "I think you two will get along much better then we do". Good luck hun. I wanted to throw my knife at him. who the hell does he think he is. I was kinda in shock, what just happened? the guy actually introduced himself as tom's co-worker. He ended up being a really cool guy, and we're going to see each other again. wow, couldn't have ever seen this coming.



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October 30, 2009

Fred, where have men gone today?



October 30, 2009

You know, the kind of guy that allows himself to be introduced that way is either an idiot or a scumbag, but, you know, whatever.


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