August 05, 2016 @ (cali)

Tags: bad breakup, inspirational

She and I were best friends for a while before we become a couple. At first things were great. But soon everything went south. She became a cold heart bitch, she would flake on plans we made together. The terrible excuses didn't help. Apparently playing video games for 8 or 9 hours out of the day qualifies as being "busy" because she's a "sensitive introvert" who needs to recharge her emotional batteries alone. I asked if everything was alright and she insisted everything's okay. She would stop being touchy/affectionate at all too. It got to the point where she would mess around with her guy friends' hair but avoided me like the plague. I had depression at the time and would talk to her about it a bit, but she would just absent-mindedly nod her head and go back to her instagram feed.

It all got to a breaking point. I realized I could either throw my hands up in the air and be a victim, or alpha up and take control of my life. I went with the latter. I did a text break up with her (serves her right) and said we could try being friends and work out any potential resentment over time. She said sure, but soon snapped and made me feel bad about it. I stood firm and said "I was born without you, I could live without you".

From that day on, my life changed tons. I decided to finally grow up. I got a job and became #1 fast. Then I did 100 pushups, 100 crunches, and several miles bicycle riding everyday. Between the extra money and new build, I got new clothing and looked like a prince. But at that point I decided to hit the books and pick up hobbies so I don't look shallow. I read up on Mark Manson, Eckhart Tolle, and classic literature. I tried pro gaming, tennis, ukelele, web design, and paleo cooking. Within a couple months, I was getting laid often and talking to tons of new girls and making a plethora of awesome friends.

I thought we could work out our resentment, but nope. She would flip me off in public and talk shit about me to various people (mostly other girls). Safe to say most saw through her bullshit and she's missing out on a lot now.



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