October 17, 2016 @ (Findlay )

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Me and my boyfriend has been together for 9 months. When we started dating to me it was more about looks but not all relationships start with a heart full of feelings. But the longer we were together the more I started to fall for
Him we would spend every weekend together at first it was awkward but we started getting really close to the point where he was the first one I would go to when I was having a bad day or problem. We would talk from the minute we woke up to the minute we would go to bed. We had our arguments but what relationship doesn't. I was 14 he was the first guy I ever Truley loved. We had a lot of problems with me snapchating other boys he thought it was something more than what it was. It was jealously that killed our relationship even though we fought a lot about it I was so blinded by something I thought was love that I never imagined us breaking up. We had plans for the future at the age of only 14 to other people they will look at it and say that's kids for you. But I think I really did love him one day he texted me and said it was over. He had said that before but never ment it. But this time it was diffrent. He didn't talk to me after that he just kept saying we would talk about it that weekend that weekend we met up at the fair we talked about it I kept saying sorry and he kept saying "I can't" "I'm sorry but I can't" he stood up because he has to leave and gave me a long hug. And said he was sorry. I sobbed in his arms and told him I didn't want to go he said he had to. He hasn't talked to me since. I've tried to reach out to him and he says he can't go back. How come I still cry myself to bed. But he can't she's a tear to a girl he said he loved a girl who he was with for 9 months. I get scared that I will never find that feeling again. Someone so perfect. I'm scared to love.



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