November 02, 2016 @ (Eugene Or)

Tags: Smh

So this was last year (8th grade) and he lived in Springfield for a while but moved to Carolina but cane to visit. I didn't really know him at the time. I hung out with my friend and she would FaceTime with me around and he would say I'm hot and stuff (I hadn't dated anyone in a year at this time) and I started to catch feelings. We hung out for the first time and the mall. He was a little shorter then me but I didn't care. He came to my basket ball games and we would FaceTime everyday. Then after about a week he said he didn't have time for me and thought it was ridiculous because he lived so far. I cried because I really liked him. A lot. But I accepted it. In the summer I went to the fair and saw him kissing another girl (who lived here) which Pissed me off because he broke up with me because he lived too far but then..idk. It was stupid. But now I'm in a happy relationship for almost 5 months now. 🙂



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