November 26, 2016 @ (michigan)

Tags: #bitchthoughtwrong #tf #dontfuckwithmethewrongway

Hi everyone my name is Britney,
That bitch off a boyfriend had left me for a hoe she look like a pig and she dress like she rolled in a pill off dog shit didn't take a shower in 4 weeks and she lives in the trailer park i'm so disapointed in him he probably only wants her because she looks like a prostitute and i think she secretly works as stripper for money and, did i mention she try to were clothes that are like 5 sizes to small for her she try so hard and she don't even know how to put makeup on she was wearing neon green lipstick, yellow wig, and bright sparkling purple eyeshadow . so i saw that scank in fucking McDonalds and i fucking pushed that he so hard on the ground and her 3 bigmacs and 2 large fries on the ground and a apple pie. that shit went flying. That whale bitch so heavy son, and so i said are you the whore that slept with my man in my bed and she was like ya and so i went and picked up her apple fucking pie and and flung her weave from here to fucking Canada and crumbled the pie on the dry ass head. so then that week i went and learned how to shot a gun and acually got one too for a bitch who wanna fucking wit this bitch. but anyways i went to my ex's/my old apartment to get ll my stuff right? no, that whore was n my Tempur-pedic 1,000 dollar fucking bed . and that shit was so wet looking i said , bitch apparently you cum all the way fro Africa cause my bed is ruined. when i saw her ugly as i looked at her one more time and i said how you just gonna ruin my bad and she had the damn nerve to say that it was hers and you know what my ass fucking did was say get the fuck off my bad you have 3 seconds and she said no her ass not moving so my ass leaped across the room into that ed and i pulled put that gun that i was saving for that day she was begging me not to shot her she was on her knees and saying please don't shot me and i was like why shouldn't i, you took my man so instead of shooting her i took her to the park and made her like the entire sidewalk and then put a diaper on and sit in the middle of Walmart saying i'm a slut /hoe and i suck dick for living so i took her home and her ass was crying and so mad she started cussing at me so i slapped her so had i think that bitch flew to Africa. that bitch fucking thought she was gonna get away.



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