November 27, 2016 @ (indiana)

Tags: #dontmesswithme

I'm 17 years old and me and my boyfriend shave been together for 4 years and i had a friend named Stephanie and we knew each other because we are on the same swimming team ,and she one day wanted o come with me and Luke to Panera bread and Luke said he was fine with it and while we were eating i said i needed to use the bathroom so on my way back from the bathroom i saw this lady coming towards me and she said aww, isn't that two cute i said that's my boyfriend ,that bitch!! so i pulled out my phone and i took picture of them , so when we dropped her of at home we were gonna go to Luke's house to watch a movie so i asked him do you love me, he said yes i would never cheat on you so fast forward 4 months i had a swim meet and he showed up and when i was changing into my uniform i caught them making out, i was like ,that slut she was like my best friend ,so after the swim meet he takes my out the gate and we sit on bench and puts his hand on my lap , and says i think we should see other people. i was like the fuck you mean, so then i was like ,you wanna see other people? and he was like your so cool with it , and then was like ya its all good and the next day i went to the wig shop and got my self a red ass Afro, and i went out and got the longest sharpest fake acrylic nails and i got my makeup done and put on this red ass lip stick and put these high ass heals on, went to his house, so when he opened the door and i said here is your new bitch, and he said what you mean, and i said that you said you wanted to see new people so you thought your ass was leaving , and the next day i went up to Stephanie and i punch that bitch so hard she flew into a pool and i was like so you were kissing all up on my man? and then she was like ya, what are you gonna do about it? And then i said wait till tonight and you'll see, so i went home and grabbed all Luke's stuff threw it in Stephanie's yard , grabbed some gasoline , lit that shit the fuck up, grabbed a rock, threw it at her window and a piece of paper and wrote here's all that bitches shit so the i got in the car ,took a picture , sent it to Luke and said i'm the badest bitch alive and don't you ever underestimate me.



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