January 23, 2018 @ (usa)

Tags: fuck you

it was the beginning of my junior year when i met levi, well, sort of. it was like a dream come true because the year before that, he didn’t know i existed while i was admiring him every time i saw him in school. i’ve always thought he was cute but never did i think i was going to have a chance since he was popular. we were talking for about a month before we started dating. a couple months go by and we started arguing day and night. he got mad at me for the littlest things and it got to a point where i would always get anxious about what i would do and if it would make him mad or not. he started getting cold towards me. hurting my feelings, giving me the silent treatment, ignoring me for hours. may 8, 2016 was the dreaded day we broke up. it didn’t take him long before he started flirting with girls and having sex. it hurt me in ways no one can imagine. month after we broke up, we tried to kick it back together. it just didn’t work out. i look back and i thank god everyday for giving me a life lesson on what to look for in a guy. a real man wouldn’t move on quickly if this relationship was real. but little does he know that my current boyfriend is the same man i’ve been hooking up with while him



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