May 28, 2020 @ (Earth)

Tags: Painful breakup

I broke up with my gf 3 days ago. More precisely got dumped by her. She never showed any discomfort nor any hatred, and on that morning out of the blue, she said she wanted to break up. It is still painful trying to get over her. I really loved her with passion. But, just after the breakup, I woke up. I started thinking rationally about her. Now, what looked like the perfect girl for me from the heaven looked like an evil. She's been talking crap about me to her friends. She never loved me from the start. She hates rejecting absolutely anything so she just felt bad rejecting to my confession. What I thought was love, was all an act. She just wanted a close friend. I still can't get the handle of the fact that the "I love you" and my first kiss with her was all fake. After the breakup she, without hesitation, blocked me from social media. She never loved me and never will. Moving on is hard but I'm starting to realise she actually has lots of faults, and wasn't as pretty as how it seemed. She never had a clear goal or plan for her future. Didn't try her best in school. Just wants to stay at home and rejected a great job offer just because she was lazy. She was gaining weight but didn't do anything about it. She lacks self confidence. Her relationship with her family was really bad. In fact I can't find any pros about her. Her appearance was actually average. I could say I was charmed by her appearance and personality at first but when I found out who she really was, it was shocking and felt betrayed. I hate myself who still miss her. It's still painful to break up with her even though I knew from the early days of the relationship, she might not be the girl for me. We still carried on thinking if I worked hard it'll work out. But it's still hard when someone so close to me is now gone.



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