December 15, 2009 @ (newjersey)

Tags: funny break up

here was a girl that got over after a while she was really boring so i started flirting and talking to other girls in front of her and when she asked me what i was doing so i said looking for a new girl friend she asked why i said cause were over bad move she got her dad and shot up my house im lucky i was with my new girl when the cops asked if i knew who did it i said no cause i did not want to die !!!



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December 16, 2009




December 16, 2009

i did wat i had to do and sped too bad now u know whos your father- me ! i was dating her for a year dan look i tried to give her the message that i did not like her but she never understood she even wanted to get married after 2 months she waas obsesed with me !!



December 16, 2009

you couldn't have been dating too long i take it



December 16, 2009

You totally had that coming. Shame they missed.



December 16, 2009

Benjamin you are a fucking douchebag! Did you pass 3rd grade or are you trying to write like an asshole? My IQ dropped 10 points trying to read the shit you wrote. Too bad the dad didn't shoot off your balls and prevent the world from you ever getting a girl pregnant with a fucking moron half-wit like yourself.



December 15, 2009

This poster should have a Trailer Trash warning.



December 15, 2009

What the Fuck? Did anyone understand that?


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