February 24, 2010 @ (Oregon)

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I found out my husband was cheating and I confronted him. When I asked her name he hesitated then said

Husband "Do you want me to be happy?"
Me " Just be a man and admit it."
Husband " I work with her, her name is xxxxx".
At that point I was so angry I reached out to slap his face, He locked me and pushed me down. I got up and tried to slap him again but he pushed me against the wall and held me there. I grabbed his neck and pushed him away. I then walked out of the room and told him to pack his bags and never come back. The he (are ready for it??) He CALLED THE POLICE AND SAIDHE HAD BEEN ABUSED! The police showed up and becasue he had nail marks on his neck they took me to jail. I spent the night in jail. Then he insisted the DA charge me with a felony which could result in 1 year in jail. For the next year and a half, I waited to go to trial while he used the threat of taking my kids away from me as a weapon.

I was found not guilty but he still insists I am an abuser and I lied.

Before you judge... He is 6ft 2 240lbs and I am 5ft 3 and 150 lbs. He has also punched my 17 yr old son (his stepson)and then called the police on him when he fought back.



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May 17, 2010

what the fuck is Heather on and what the fuck is she talking about?



May 17, 2010

he sounds like a chicken shit pussy that was pathetic but i know how ya feel i did not go ta jail cause i held back and he beat me and caused me ta have a miscarriage but he denies it ta this day so i know how ya feel i am still waitin on my divorce ta this day and i told him if ya don't pay the rest and i have too then i am gonna take ya ta court for abuse bic i have witnesses ta how ya treated me do ya agree i posted mine and it was just the short version cause if i told the full story then it would be a hell of a lot longer so trust me i know how ya feel.



March 14, 2010

I stopped reading at sped's supporting the husband %100... Are you serious? Just because you can, you will? Wake up idiot.


chico rush

March 13, 2010

why wouldn't i call the cops.let that bitch deal with the legal system if she can't keep her hands to herself.as most women know when you go to family court the judge looks very unfavorably on a domestic violence charge when deciding custody.the feminists were all okay when the laws only worked against men but now that the cops have started to charge women equaly it's all "oh it was only a little slap" or "i was just calling him names i wasn't being mentaly cruel".what's wrong with him using te law to solve a sitution that ended in an assult upon his person?if it was the other way around you wouldn't be saying that it's okay to hit someone.why is it that women automaticaly get the benefit of the doubt?what was her husband supposed to do? keep getting hit?wait for her to start kicking?wait 'till she decided to use a weapon to hit him? wait until she decided to use a knife or a gun? fuck that.she did the wrong thing and suffered the concequences9i'm still 100% positive that if she was a man those concequences would have been so much greater).



March 13, 2010

chico rush is an idiot.. i would have done much worse then slap my cheating husband. if your fat ass would call the cops if your wife slapped you for cheating then you are a huge pussy and i feel sorry for you.


chico rush

February 25, 2010

sdamn fine post sped.it is all about equality under the law.what you said about the teachers is also so true.except you forgot to mention the book deals the women get so they can tell their story to an understanding Oprah's Book Club.speaking of teachers and students in possible sexual situations;i understand why male teachers don't usually teach P.E. in elementary,middle and even lower grades in hih school.everyoe assumes that the man won't be able to cotrol himself and his atraction to the girls.why do they let lesbians into the same situations?just a thought



February 25, 2010

I 100% support the husband for calling the cops and pressing charges on Danielle. She hit him and left physical evidence -- enough to make an arrest. He was trying to defend himself and keep Looney Tunes Danielle away. He never lifted a finger to hurt her -- only defend himself against a crazy bitch that kept coming after him, over and over. Welcome to equality, bitch! Look at the male teachers that have sex with female students -- get thrown in a PMITA jail. Look at the female teachers that have sex with make students -- let off with a slap on the wrist. You bitches want to be equal -- then you deal with being charged with assault if you hit the guy, same as he would be charged if he hit you. Just because you don't do damage doesn't mean a crime wasn't committed. Doesn't matter if he cheated or not -- physical violence SHOULD always put your ass in jail no matter if you are a man or a woman. The husband is 100% in the right and is actually damn smart. He is a big guy and I can see a situation where you slap him a few times, scream at him, and then he loses his temper and clocks you. Boom -- he's in jail. So he is protecting himself AND YOU by having your carping ass arersted for assualt. No surprise that he cheated on you --- you sound like a complete psycho bitch!


chico rush

February 24, 2010

if as you say he was holding you down and tossing you to the floor why didn't the cops take him in too?you say you TRIED to slap him that's still assult.you say he grabbed you,pushed you to the floor and pinned you to the wall.was that before or after you assulted him?because that sounds like SELF DEFENCE to me.as for him "crying to the DA" i in the same situation i'd want you prosecuted to the extent of the law too.it sends a message that domestic violence is unacceptable no matter who the victim is.you say he refused to pay child support?go to court.you don't even need to pay a lawyer for that the courts will do it for you for free.maybee his motivation for wanting his kids is that their mother is prone to violent outbursts.



February 24, 2010

Fuck me what a cunt!! You should get him "taken care of" ;o)



February 24, 2010

Chico rush, I TRIED to slap his face which is what most women would do when they find out their husband has been cheating. I did NOT make contact. And I failed to write in the original post, he was calling me a bad mother, worthless woman, cunt etc. HE pushed me to the floor, HE pinned me against the wall and HELD me there and would not let go all the while calling me names. The only way I could get away from him was to grab the only thing I could (his neck) and dig in with my nails and push him away. That is called SELF DEFENSE NOT abuse. The DA wasnt going to charge FELONY ASAULT, until he went crying to the DA saying how much of a victim he was. BOO HOO. And I could prove he hit my son y the bruse and scratch on his neck. I was just STUPID and did not want my then husband to get in trouble. If the situation was reversed and he slapped me.. if he had left the house i would not have done anything. If he had insisted on staying in the house and continue to call me names and push me around I definitley would have called the police. And as far as my night in jail... I understood that, but for him to INSIST they charge the mother of your 4 children with FELONY ASSAULT is a bit much! He even said more then once that he refused to pay child support and if he got custody he wouldnt have to. THAT is what was motivating him. If anybody in my house was abusive it was him both physicaly AND mentally.


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