March 16, 2011 @ (asia)

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hey !
my guy kinda brked up wid his gal to go out wid me ... so basicly evrine in skul hated me .... aniways ... i tnk its just a law of attrction cause i was new to this skul.. plus wen i go to know him .. in da sensc wen we wer datng .. i figured dt hes not type .. cause i love guys hu are loud and fun .. and basicly we wer kinda soul mates ... and i dont tnk der was ani lov in our reltnship ...

and later i decided to brk up wid him ..... and .. now hes back wid his ex .. and he had told evryone that he broked up wid me .. lol



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April 29, 2013

I seriously doubt people in school hate you because of that. They more thank likely hate your "spelling". That is, if you even went to school. Your post points to the contrary.


Miss Britney Baker

April 20, 2013

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Le Ann

April 20, 2013

Le Ann DR CHECK, I must thank you and Real Gifted Spells. I can honestly see why I was referred to you. This year 2011 was real dreadful, because my man left me before Valentines Day. When I purchased your Triple Love Obsesssion spell and that potion he began calling me the very next day and texting me 13 times. We spoke and saw each other later that week. He was telling me how much he missed me, he was thinking of me throughout everyday and he told me he loves me and wanted to come back home.... THANK YOU!"



September 05, 2011

liek annoyed said.. learn to SPELL.



September 05, 2011

dude.. learn to you loser. :P



March 22, 2011

Chic, if u gonna take sb. elses' guy, make sure he's dumped her coz of her:he doesnt love her or she wrong him or sth., not coz of u. If he's just testing the waters with u n found nothn wrong with his ex, then best believe;u are gambling with ur heart,dear.



March 18, 2011

Wow you sound absolutely retarded...


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