Broken :(

April 04, 2011 @ (Indiana)

Tags: Him

I left the man I love because I knew he wasn't happy anymore. The hardest thing ive ever done...

I'm hoping he's happy cuz Im not ...
I gave him one last hug and cried all the way driving home.

I'm 16. Love shouldn't be like this.



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August 18, 2011

Aw! Listen,Im 13 And I Know What Your Going Threw Cause Ive Been In Love! It Really Hurted Bad ;; Cause Stuff Like This,Can Leave You To A Lifetimee Suffering! And I Know This Cause Ive Been Suffering For Over A Year Already! And Im Only 13!! Can You Believe That?! And I Already Know What Love Is! Read My Story!Its On The 3rd Page! And You'll See What Im Going Threw! Well Anywayss,I Hope Your Broken Heart Mendss Hun! (: -Xoxo Jayleen.-<3



June 23, 2011

the same thing happened to me me and my boyfriend broke up after 4months because all i wanted is for him to be happy and now its 8 months later and i miss him he is 16 like me and is with a girl thats 20 and she is pregnet with someone elses baby , she was pregnet befor they even got together . i dont even no what to do any more i just miss him . but at least i know hes happy even though im not at all .



April 07, 2011

You're 16... everything will be fine. you haven't even hit your first transition point yet.


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