April 05, 2011 @ (Pennsylvania)

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My ex boyfriend and I were together for three and a half years, we were eachother's everything, bestfriend, other half, etc. We were 15 when we started dating, and now we are both 18... It's our senior year, and of course i had a feeling we were going to hit a rough patch since it was going to be stressful...we started fighting a lot over the stupidest stuff, and then came Janurary and things just got worse. He was a jealous person.. I did everything for him, paid for everything, took care of him, and etc... Well, the mid jan.. he broke up with me, cuz he claimed he couldnt feel my love. the day after wards he wanted me back and said he would stay forever and never ever leave me again.. He wanted to propose to me this summer, and we even looked at rings... Well feb 14.. we were perfectly fine.. then tuesday we started fighting cuz i asked if he was going to get a job in college, and of course he said no. We fought that whole night, and at the end of the night i said i was soo afraid of him leaving me, he replied danielle ill neever leave you, i love you forever and wanna be with you forever and i wanna propose this summer.. the next day was akward and he wanted to resolve things and said he wanted this forever and etc... i picked him up from his weightlifting, we got back to my house and as soon as i sat down, he said it was over, saying we are two diff people, that I changed, and we fight too much, and he wants to be cocky now.... Five days later he likes a new girl, three weeks later he is dating this girl.. and its been about two months since we broke up and he is still dating this girl and wants nothing to do with me. I guess love really does hurt. :/



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August 18, 2011

Aw Hun,I Know It Really Hurts But You Still Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You And Theres Plenty Of Time To Find Love .. Your Still Young ;; * And Look At Me,Im 13 And Im Heartbroken And I Know What Love Is! Read My Story If You Want! Its On The 3rd Page ;; But Anyway,Hope Your Broken Heart Mends! -Xoxo Jayleen . -<3



May 23, 2011

girl, i was in the same fuckin situation. but hes cheated on me nd i took his sorry ass back nd last friday we got into a huge fight and it got violent and hes said some SUPER DUPER ruthless shit to me. i kno he loves me but i gotta question it. im 18 years old to nd he was gunna propose to me this summer as well. idk how to let that part go but idk. love fuckin stinks and idk how to cope with this hurt.



April 06, 2011

You're freakin' 18 years old. Break ups suck but most people don't marry their high school sweethearts anyway. You'll find someone better- might take time, but 18 years old is awfully young to become jaded about love.



April 06, 2011

Love doesn't exist. It's something ppls made up. No one cares about you but yourself. People only care when its convenient for them


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