April 11, 2011 @ (Minnesota)

Tags: No-O

My ex told me our relationship has become "platonic" We had been together for about 4 months. I was an ideal boyfriend in nearly every way, I'm funny, I'm decent looking, I'm a great cook, and I cooked several fine meals for her. I took her out to fancy restaurants, movies, and plays. I bought her flowers several times to surprise her, and even delivered them to her at work so her coworkers could all be jealous of her. There was one problem, I was bad in bed.

I was a virgin when we started dating. She knew this, because we had been friends for a while, so she knew not to expect much from me in the bedroom, at least at first. In spite of that I knew how to give her pleasure in other ways, and never failed to get her off.

When we finally had sex, I didn't have the problem that most guys have the first time. Instead of not lasting long enough, I didn't have an orgasm at all. I was hard, I just didn't finish. We had sex on three different dates, each time the same thing. I was getting better at it each time, less awkward, more satisfying for her, but each time I didn't blow, probably because she was obsessed with making me come, and it made me nervous.

The last time we had sex, I got her off three times, I stayed hard for so long, we just kept going until the early hours of the morning, until she literally passed out from exhaustion. But, because I didn't have an orgasm, she began to doubt herself and think that I didn't find her attractive.

I told her every day how beautiful she was, but still she somehow reached the conclusion that the fact that I hadn't gone from virgin to Peter North in 3 lays somehow meant she was to blame.

We were going to try one more time, but the day before that date I found out my mom was dying. We tried anyway, but I was to distressed and couldn't even get it up.

So now, my mom is on her deathbed, my bills are piling up because I have missed work, I am behind in my classes because I have been missing school, and my ex dumped me, not because I can't please her in bed, but because she doesn't think I get enough pleasure in bed.

I think she should have given me more time. I mean, 3 times isn't really much of a chance to prove yourself, especially if you start as a virgin.

Funny thing is, I'm not mad at her, I feel sorry for her, I was probably the best boyfriend she will ever have.



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April 12, 2011

HA the same crap happened to me the first 7 or 8 times. I couldnt get it up then couldnt cum. I was a virgin and was completely embrassed. Just so you know the more she wants you to actually puts more pressure on you and therefore your mind isn't relaxed. Not something you can do when stressed. It is in a way a stress relief but you have to get comfortable and trust me going from virgin to the works is a huge change. I felt so embrassed which then makes it even harder to get the plumbing to work. Tell her it's natural especially if you are a shy guy. Hey if she says that no offense maybe she is looking for something in you that she cant find in herself. Also be careful bec. the girl I was with took my virginity and I loved her. She ended up using me and destroying me. My virginity meant nothing to her but everything to me so be careful. Tell her hey listen I am sorry for the problems in bed but if you care about me other than sex and you want to try to make it work then it shouldnt matter. While sex is a very important part of a relationship I realized a true relationship doesnt even need it. Sounds to me like you were a challenge to take your virginity and when she had it, you wern't so much of a challenge. P.S. the girl I was with said "do you not find me attractive?, Do I not turn you on?" So it sounds like a repeat of what I and many other guys go through. If she gave up on you that easily she isn't looking for love. Oh yeah the girl I was with said I was the nicest guy she was ever with. This might be a blessing bud. Listen to your gut


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