April 26, 2011 @ (australia, brisbane)

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This story is very similar to most stories here but only me to blame for the way i feel. me and my ex been dating for 6 months but known each other for a year. i let her go knowning i would never get her back, i loved the first moment i met her and to be honest i will love her for a long time to come.

it started about a month ago we kept arguing over noting constently and after so many break ups we would get back together no matter what, simply cause we would fight and argue till we solve the issue. last night it was me arguing and trying to solve the problem, it was then i realised her love for me has died



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August 18, 2011

You Will Be Fine Hun . (: I know It Hurts Alot And It Seems Like It Will Take Forever To Heal The Pain ;; But Time Will Heal And Mend Your Broken Heart ;; * Take It From Someone Who Was Actually Hurt Pretty Bad Even Though Im A Young Teenager And I Shouldnt Know What Love Is But I Do . ! Hope You Feel Better Hun ! (: -Xoxo Jayleen (:


Valley Smoker

April 26, 2011

It's probably not that her love for you has died.It's more likely that it's been replaced by her love of some other guy's cock.


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