September 01, 2011 @ (Oregon)

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Ok so my ex and i had been together for 11 months everything was great at first then i left to a summer camp for a week. When i got back i could tell something was wrong.. but he just wouln't tell me wht it was. So then here we are talking on the PHONE not even in person.. nd he tells me " im tierd of you always arguing about everything i just want to not fight anymore.." nd some more BS .. he dumps me that night .. here i am crying like a dummie. BUT, wait here i am i love this kid with all my heart soo im willing to go all the way were he lives nd try to work things out. To my surprise i get their and he's getting high so i try to seduce him lol nd he gave in .. for like a million times but then after said ... " no im not a cheater i dont cheat" i was like WTF do you have a new GF? and it turns out that while i was sitting their crying my eyes out nd all those restless nights he got with this girl eathier the day he dumped me or the day after.. this happened yesterday .. i am sooo hurt and idk what to do i feel like im never going to get over him .. I HONESTLY HOPE HE GETS HIS ASS KICKED SOOOOON!!!



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