November 04, 2011 @ (Cluj Napoca)

Tags: break up heart broken

I had a pretty bad break up, the perfect guy left me a couple days before my birthday, with no reason at all.... :( my whole happiness was crushed! I've cried days and days, remembering the good memories, whining about how and why, I stopped my life due to a break up. I was in pain, emotionally and physically. I managed to get over with it and now, I'm completely over him. I fixed my life and now I'm happier thn ever!
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November 11, 2011

Hi, yes, indeed.



November 11, 2011

I'm so sorry this creep ruined your birthday. Only an insensitive jerk would break-up with that sort of hurtful timing. You deserve way better! Please know that many of us feel deep sympathy when we read these postings, and even if people don't take time to comment, they send up little prayers to help comfort those who have been treated so poorly. A couple of good books - Men Who Can't Love (I don't like the tittle, too sexist, but book is great). It's about people who can't commit & will often keep relationship dangling to avoid the exit scene. Also - Women Who Love Too Much - another sexist title, but great book. It's about hanging on in a relationship because you thunk it's gong to get better, or you dream of what it could be (but clearly isn't). Hugs, and best of luck to you -



November 04, 2011

Hay sweety. You're brainwashed!! Let me tell you why... First of all, the perfect guy doesn't exist!! Second of all, you're too dependent on this guy!! You worship him... That's wrong! He shouldn't be your purpose in life!! You've put too much emphasis on this guy in your life. You need to learn to be independent. Find yourself!! Read books, find a new hobby, volunteer at an orphanage. In suffering, you should always help other people out & quit feeling sorry for yourself because there's always someone who's in a worse position than you. If this guy dropped you without a clear reason then he doesn't deserve you at all!! Keep your head up, you'll be okay! You don't need a guy to make you feel fulfilled and happy, you need yourself! You're in charge of your own happiness, don't let anyone take that away from you, especially some dumb guy who can't see how amazing you are! Lastly, you'll find that special guy... Just live your life and he'll come along!! :) God BlesS!!



November 04, 2011

my boyfriend hits me and I don't know what should I do ... we love each other but he gets angry all the time.


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