November 17, 2011 @ (Seattle, WA)

Tags: sad, love

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up. What hurts me most are all the fond memories I have about him and the relationship. Every little thing I see and I hear reminds me of him and the moments I thought were as enjoyable for him as they were for me. I know that I did everything to make this work, but at the same time I always had the feeling I was forcing the relationship and that his feelings for me were not as strong as my feelings for him. What I do not understand, is why he pretended for so long. When I used to ask him about his feelings for me he would say I am making drama and I was an insecured person, the truth is, I was always asking becuase his actions and attitudes yelled You are not the one. On top of that, when we broke, he was crying and telling me that he loved me but he could not stand the drama anymore. So he wanted me to feel guilty about this. Would it be possible that he deliberately was acting mean, to see how far I could endure the situation, and finally say it is over because of you? Would not it be easier to say I am sorry my feelings for you are not strong enough?



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November 24, 2011

it sounds like he liked you but its what you said. he wanted to see how far could YOU go along with his actions towards you. it may have been a convenience thing with you and him. did he drive? did he have a car? did he live with you rent free? it was something that was keeping him that he liked but liked you less. im sorry! but their is so many people in this world. time heals all!


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