November 25, 2011 @ (fresno,ca)

Tags: (lil2231)

Me & my bf joshua had been together for about threr years in a half we had plans to get married but a month before we were going to get married i founf out i was pregnant, i had two beautiful daughters,alizae & nicole the night i was in labor josh didn't show up when my daughters turnes a year old we decided to get married but i started getting phone calls daying josh had cheated on me the night i was in labor when i asked him he didn't deny it, i broke up with josh and moved back home. To this day he calls and texts ne all day begging for me to get back with him,which i don't plan to to do i only have a relationship with him because i have kids with him but i believe once a cheater always a cheater, i clearly am heart broken but i know i have move on.



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November 26, 2011

thats harsh people tell me that i almost did thank god


Chico Rush

November 25, 2011

are the babies his?


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