January 21, 2012 @ (U.S.A.)

Tags: jerk, slut, whore, friend, drunk

I guess this one isn't even a break-up, but it was like one. A while back when I was single, there was this guy that I knew who was, to put it bluntly, the community whore. He made it his personal mission to sleep with everyone. I was in no way interested, but because we worked together we eventually did end up becoming friends, and would often see each other outside of work when co-workers got together for drinks. And then one night I had too much to drink and lo and behold, banged the company bicycle. I was pretty mortified with myself. I made him swear not to tell anyone about it--not only because I didn't want people to know I'd been that stupid, but also because it's not exactly kosher for that to go on between coworkers anywhere--and I made it crystal clear that it was never, never happening again. He felt the same--the man went through women like tissue paper, so he agreed without batting an eye.

So imagine how angry I was when I found out he told literally EVERYONE about it the next day. I tore him a new one--I brought that infantile jerk to tears. He swore he was sorry and after a few weeks of giving him a pointed cold shoulder, things sort of went back to normal and we became friends again--closer than before, oddly. He ranted to me about his conquests to bed other drunk and/or low-self-esteem suffering women and I would smile and nod. He kept bringing around whatever woman he was currently screwing and tried to get me to be friends with them, which I hated. I mean what am I supposed to say to her? It'll be nice knowing you for the next few days before he finds someone new? It was so awkward and I couldn't stand hearing them gush about whoever he was pretending to be while knowing he was just intending to toss them aside. He kept insisting "this one's different", like he was madly in love with each one, thus making it okay to love and leave them in his mind I guess.

Well, I started to hang out with him less and less. He was fun to be around sometimes but god could he be a twat. Then one day, after we'd been friends for about a year, I met someone I really liked and started dating him. Suddenly, this supposed friend was pissed. He was jealous and cold and ignored me whenever he could, ranting behind my back to other coworkers that the relationship was obviously no good. So apparently he was only ever keeping around female friends as people he thought he could potentially back-up bang. I had no clue that I was actually part of some sick, perceived harem. Now he claims that I "broke his heart" or some shit, when while we were FRIENDS, he was in relationships with dozens of others. It's such a lie; I know he never had feelings for me, he just wants attention. Such a crybaby, and I'm glad I finally have the sense to just ignore him from now on.



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