January 25, 2012 @ (south austalia)

Tags: cute, boys

Once i was seeing this guy. he was such a sweetheart, nice, caring, cute, handsome. just everything i wanted. we got along really well we texted &talked everynight we seen eachother almost everyday things were going so well it was like id known him for years. we kissed a couple times and everything was perfect until i found i he had been playing me and had a girlfriend halway through the thing we had.

so a couple months later i was talking to this guy. he was funny and we had some common stuff and alot of mutal friends. He came around mine for 10 minutes with a mate as she needed to get something and me and him spoke for abit. we started talking alot, and then we got really close me and him had a few hookups and then i found out he was the bestfriend of the guy i had last seen i didnt know what to do but i kept seeing him anyway. the guy i seen before him texted me calling me a player. and saying ohh get in their with my bestfriend and then abusive ones again. so i havent seen his friend in awhile nor him. it really hurts knowing theres guys out there like that. disrespectful, and just hurts girls for a living. i really do hope that i see his friend again as we got really close.



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