February 24, 2012 @ (Evansville IN)

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My boyfriend of six years broke up with me valentines day. Completely outta the blue I wake up that morning to a text by him saying that he doesn't know what to tell me bout our plans for that day cause he met a girl hes ''been talking to" and she takes up all his time now and he has no use for me now. He told me get lost. It was the most brutal heartbreak I ever felt. We'd spent the three days prior to that together and talking bout what kinda things we'd like to do together in life. He'd told me we were meant for each other the very night before...and to do it on valentines day was the cruelest thing. He wouldn't answer his phone or texts that day. The next day he texted he wanted to talk and see me. I said no. Two days of continually asking me I finally agreed. He sat right in front of me at my kitchen table and told me he was confused and didn't know whAt he wanted and that the new gf wasn't even really his gf yet. He basically buttered me up with compliments and I believed him like a fool. The very next day he invited himself over started acting like a complete jerk by texting her continuously and then saying after 45 min into our dinner date that he was done and he had to take me home cause he had somewhere to. I said whats wrong with you I don't understand. He went crazy yelling and screaming for me to get the hell out of his car and that he hates me and not to invite him over again. I said are you on drugs or something cause you invited yourself. He drew his fist back at me like to punch me and I started to cry cause I'd never seen anything like this ever. He had instantly changed. He threw his coke on me as I got out the car and was pushing on me to get out making me fall. I was completely freaked out. This was not the same guy I'd Been with for the last six years of my life which now feel completely wasted. This was like something out of a scary movie. I'm completely devastated and don't know what to do or why this is happening. I think maybe he is on drugs cause I've discovered he's been taking some of my prescriptions from my purse here in the last two months. It's only thing I can think of. . I also was told by him that he'd ran his car into a ditch drunk with a few of his new friends in the car with him the night before he came over the first day we talked. He said they'd been celebrating his buddy's 21st bday and that this particular friend who I've tried to invite to do things with us and to bring along his gf, well I got told that friend doesn't like me so that's why I'm getting dumped. Please if anybody on here can possibly relate or just tell me anything,to help this terrible thing I'm going through I would very much appreciate your advice or comments. Thanks



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March 05, 2012

I totally understand what your going through, my boyfriend decided a week after dumping me that maybe he didn't like this new girl as much as he'd thought and kept apologizing to me and asking me to see him and hang out and talk. So I agreed and when I seen him he continually was texting on his phone the whole conversation, during which he made it clear he still wants me in his life. Well I didn't stay long for that visit but I acted like I didn't really care a whole lot and that I was busy doing my own thing. In reality I miss him so much. But what's sad is I know if I let him know I miss him he'll think he can do this anytime he wants and still have me. So I just been sittin back and not answering his texts to hang out. I think you should do the same, continue to not call him or text. Even if you already have, my advice to u is to stop doing it immediately. And when he contacts u next time (and trust me, he will) don't answer him, let him wonder what your busy doing without him and who your spending your time with. He may pretend it doesnt bother him but it will. It's pathetic but guys want what they can't have usually, and I'm telling you from experience that you HAVE to make them think you don't have time for them. Give him a taste of his own medicine. It'll make him take time to call u for a change. .cause that crap he says bout being too busy is a bunch of bs! At least I know with my ex it is anyway, and I'm not letting him stomp on my heart again.. You hang in there and remember what a great girl u are, and he was lucky to have u.



March 05, 2012

i can feel for you i just broke up w my boyfriend of 6 ys also i found out on this girls * there pic and her saying this is my new bf. after a week we got together to talk he said he feels so guilty bla bla bla and that we should start to talk more so i would call him and he never called me first, so i waiting and didn't call him and days went by he is always saying sorry im just busy, its been 9 days since i have called and he still hasn't called why bother talking to me at all if you can't even just be a friend long ass time to waste


poor guy

February 26, 2012

I can completely understand what you are going through right now....What makes it worse is that we tend to think all of it was fine some days back..I feel the same....but never blame yourself for it....If the guy did not value a long relationship..it's not worth it...The same happened with me...my gf of 6 years broke up with me just days after her bday where we were together, talking about future and that very evening she was with someone else...Be strong is what I advice you...keep talking to your best friends...try and divert your attention from this..don't think of getting back with him...cuz you are worth much more...Don't analyse what went wrong and stuff..cuz again there's no answer to it and you won't help yourself thinking about one...Sometimes pricks like these just get "bored" with a long relation and tend to seek "fun" outside a stable relation...feelings and emotions do not matter to them....so it's better you've got rid of such a person...The first few days would be terribly painful but don't relent under the pain...grow strong and come out of it...With time you would hopefully get someone much better who understands and cares for your feelings...all the best !!



February 24, 2012

That guy sounds crazy! Obviously you don't need that in your life. That guys going to try to bring you down and you shouldn't let him do that. Keep him out of your life before he completely ruins it. You deserve way better


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