March 11, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: Morgan

Me and my ex were together for 4 years. Last year he got into drugs. It ruined our relationship. He lied, stole and cheated.
When we first got together I had just gotten out of a relationship and he was in a bad one. We leaned on each other for comfort and ended up falling in love. I felt we had the perfect relationship. It was us against the world. We brought a beautiful child into the world and had the perfect happy family.
The stuff he has done to me while on drugs is unthinkable. The person I fell in love with was sweet, understanding, funny, considerate, everything I wanted out of a partner.
For 3 weeks prior to our breakup he got clean. It was great. I felt like we were falling in love all over again. Things were happy and he was being a wonderful father again. Then he left for the store that one faitful day and did not come back. He gave me some excuse about being kidnapped by old druggie friends. Came back the next day with my car wrecked and a girl. He stopped coming home after that and finally 4 days later I had enough and I packed up me and my son's stuff and moved out. Apparently that girl moved in the same day I left and they were together since then.
In the following 2 months he turned our family home into a drug house, went on leave from his job, totalled his car, and ended up in jail, oh and lost our home because he was jailed.
A couple of days into his jail stint we talked on the phone and he cried and appologized for everything he had done. We kinda reconciled but a week after he got released he started lying to me about texting someone. He got really defensive about who he was talking to just like he would do to me when he was doing drugs. He wont stop lying and I do not think I can get over the pain he has caused me and my son. He used to be wonderful and now he is the complete opposite. I am at a crossroads with our relationship and not sure what to do. My gut instinct tells me to run screaming into the hills and my heart is saying work it out with him.



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March 16, 2012

Listen, from what you're writing he is a pretty messed up guy (sorry to sound harsh). Sometimes its hard to let go but do what is best for you. He does drugs and left you for another woman.. That's pretty tough.. And its not healthy for your son either. I would do my best to keep my distance from him



March 13, 2012

Im sorry to say this but I believe you have known the answer all along. You already gave him that chance to turn around and you have gone above and beyond what most women would have done. Getting divorced and losing the one you love is hard. I know both men and women fear it. But this is not a safe environment for you or your son. Take charge of your life right now. Pack your things and leave him. Get rid of all his stuff and find a new beginning. For now be independent. You can do this , I know you can. Will keep you in our prayers.


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