June 02, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: Morrissey

"My Larissa", "Baby", "hunny"Ö fuck. In your head you broke up with me 3 months ago but it took you til 3 weeks ago to really do it. Thatís how complicated you are. To lose your feelings is one thing, but to play pretend and say you love me when you donít really care about me is fucked. Youíre a coward and I donít respect you for what you put me through. You donít want to call me and rather email me? I missÖ whom you used to be, the shy girl with brown eyes, big hair and red lips. I donít miss the lying little girl you are to me now. It makes sense why you didnít like serious moments, or taking pictures, or being around my family at times, and why you acted up, said disrespectful things and treated me the way you did. Youíre the worst girlfriend Iíve ever had.

I saw it in the first place when you cheated on me, I made the mistake of forgiving you and what happened thereafter wasnít fair to me. I was doing everything I could, the best I could do to believe we can be happy together. You were bringing me down, you were making me think I was doing something wrong and you broke my heart. I spent all this time getting to know you; I always went out of my way to be with you. In-between working a lot, skating as much as I could, growing my business, getting fired, having you cheat on me, all the depressing feelings, you going out drinking too much, me not being motivated to skate, bummed out over everything, to getting new jobs, significantly improving my situation, then, to watch you lead me to a shot in the dark.

My ex cheated on me, as you know. Remember we said we wouldnít ever put each other through the same things others did to us? Lucky for me I was cheated on twice in a row, right? How did I get such good aim with finding very messed up people? Itís a real bummer. I knew you were hiding something from me, I knew I couldnít trust you and I went to your house that night for the same reason I sent you a birthday card you didn't deserve... to get the truth. No more lies Larissa, take my information off your resume and donít give anyone my letter of recommendation. If I get a call I will tell them that you never worked for me, I will be honest and admit itís all bullshit and that you are not a good candidate.

Youíre brown jacket you left in my trunk is in the trash.

Life is going to hit you eventually and it will be a night-terror come true. I showed you what youíve been missing, freed you from your broken home, into mine countless nights and held your hand through the ups and downs. I looked out for you and was there for you. You cover up your sadness pretty well but one day it will all come out when you least expect it. You canít hide it forever. You are weak. You have a lot of growing up to do. Youíre not looking for someone to sweep you off your feet. Youíre lonely, you are lost, but I found you and met you for some reason. But someone who deserves me and will treat me right is in my future. Iím a good man, a gentleman, one of the most positive people youíll ever meet, I have a passionate heart, desire to be someone great and I did my best.

Itís fitting you have a tattoo of a rose, roses are beautiful but every rose has itís thorns and they hurt, especially when you donít deserve to feel them. This whole thing is a shame and itís much too late for goodbyes. Pray Larissa, God knows what you did. Pray for goodwill, kindness and respect. He has been lifting my spirit and giving me strength to part with loving you. You need Jesus and youíll eventually need to seek my forgiveness if you really do value me as a friend for any of the rest of your life. Learn the difference between right and wrong.

It didnít have to be like this.



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