June 17, 2012 @ (dothan, alabama)

Tags: broken heart

im having a hard time getting over this girl i love. im 16 and she is 15 and we met at a friends house. i didnt think much of her because she was soooo beautiful and i didnt think i had a chance with her because i am a very humble person. we started "talking" for about 2 weeks and we started liking each other. she asked me to come to her house, we connected and i asked her out. one day though she started acting funny and i asked her what was wrong. she was texting her ex boyfriend very frequently that day and she was putting status's on facebook that were hinting that she was thinking about breaking up with me. she said she wanted to work things out and i did too but she said she wanted to work things out after i broke up with her. i loved her soooo much i was willing to throw away what i had with her just so i could see her happier with someone else. she got a boyfriend two days after i broke up with her and she post pictures of her and him on facebook all the time. he is 17 and is a taller, more handsome guy than i am. she talks to me almost every day still but all she talks about is how happy she is with him. its so hurtful to know i couldnt make her happy and i love her so much but she loves someone else. i dont know how to get over her and i have frequent vivid dreams about me kissing her and being with her. she says she still likes me but i cant have her making me fall for her again when she has a boyfriend. its unhealthy for me. if anyone has advice on how to get over her please comment. thank u for taking the time to read this



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June 19, 2012

john thats really different....ur girl was somewhat older and should have known better...but i mean 15...she might actually really like you but is more worried about her image and shit like that....shes young and wants someone older... didnt u ever want an older girl? ye that sounded weird lol. but still shes a 15 year old and wants the world right now i wouldnt have taken this relationship to seriously either to tell u the this age she will take what she can get. and the best way to let go of her is to shut the door. trust me there will be other girls coming your way....i just feel bad for her... i mean shes gunna have it coming to her if she keeps dating older men...she doesnt even know what she wants...


John L.

June 18, 2012

Tammy is right. She is using you to make herself feel better. My ex did crap similar and she took everything from me and called me a mistake. Dont fall for the crap she is putting you through. Girls can be cruel especially when they lack self esteem and seek it from others.



June 18, 2012

delete her from everything. do not under any circumstances talk to her. she is playing with your heart and mind. leave it alone.


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