October 16, 2012 @ (Georgia)

Tags: slut manwhore

So, there's this guy. He was probably the cutest guy at my school and then he went off to high school. We started talking and he started liking me and I couldn't even believe it myself because really? ME with the hottest guy ever?! It was way too good to be true. But later on we always talked and went on dates. One night we were at this football game and we were being PERFECT and then this next day..he went to the fair with some girl Kayla. Kayla was some girl his BESTFRIEND was seeing and was also at the game with his bestfriend the night before (she also had a rep for cheating on all her boyfriends and he knew). I found out and got mad and he just said I care about you too much to go out with you and hurt you. If you didn't want to hurt me why would you do that? WTF! and then we stopped talking for a little while and now their going out. I mean we were never offical but that was still fucked up.



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October 17, 2012

THIS IS KAMRYN LOL WTF DAVID A BITCH KAYLA IS SOOOOOOOO OOGLY FOLLOW HER INSTAGRAM AT _yourmother_ and you see this guy and her hooking at her/his house and being "cute" ewwwwww herpes in the mouth dis girl got STD'S !!! :) have a nice day cheak instagram not dat cute peach out girl scouts



October 17, 2012

lmaooooo Kamryn just told me this whas yhuu...lmaoo but thats kinda fucked....lmaoo and KAYLA?? really?! lmaoo


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