January 31, 2013 @ (Somewhere)

Tags: The other woman

Okay so I meet this guy at this party I was at. We started to hit things off great. Our relationship lasted for a good two and a half weeks, that's when "N" decided that it was time to call things off, I was fine with his decisions because I wasn't emotionally attached to him yet. I started to wonder why he had broken up with me because things seemed to be going great. I started to chat up with some of my friends about possible reasons why he had ended it, and in this situation having a extremely noisy best-friend, she was about to dig up details from friends of mutual friends. Apparently while we were dating he was seeing this other woman. I didn't let the situation bother me. A couple weeks past and me and my brother went shopping for my mothers birthday present, that's when I saw "N" there with what I think was the other woman. I decided to confront her too tell her that if he cheated on me, he would possibly cheat on her. After telling her that she is better off without him, she called me a fat ugly whore. That's when my time bomb ticked and I screamed at her that she was the other woman that ruin our relationship. Turns out they had been dating for two years, and I was indeed that other woman who had made their relationship unstable. I died of complete shame, to make things worse she and "N" were ganging up on me with very nasty words, so my brother which neither of them had ever met, had to come to my rescue by punching "N" and had to pretend to be my so call "New Boyfriend" so I had some sort of dignity left letting them and the other twenty passer byers think that I wasn't some crazy girl who was still waiting for "N" to take me back. Not only had I caused a scene that day, my brother had to pretend to be boyfriend ( Awkward and GROSS!)



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