March 29, 2013 @ (san diego)

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My boyfriend of 1 year broke up with me and I am devastated . This was my first relationship and I feel an immense heartache. I feel I'm to blame because of my anger and distrust when he didn't give me a reason to. People say he'll come back but I highly doubt it. It hurts everyday and its barely been a week. I know he wants nothing to do with me. I feel like this feeling will never go away. Everything reminds me of him. I still love him. If he loved me, where did that love go? Or was it never love. If I could turn back time I would because I'm filled with regret, sadness and regret. What hurts more is he's already moving on. Love sucks.



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April 02, 2013

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April 01, 2013

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March 29, 2013

Girl, if he is moving on that fast after a year most of the time it's because he's trying to get over you. I under went something similar except I had proof. Honestly, if he can't see how wonderful you are it may hurt but you can move on . Just delete everything about hi. Trust me you'll be ok. Don't dwell. If it's real it will come back without having to push it to come back


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