May 11, 2013 @ (Indiana)

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I have a doosey for the enjoyment of all the broken hearted here, I MUST share. This happpened over 14 years ago, and I still revel in the ridiculousness of it all on occasion, and it makes me very thankful for what I have now, and very thankful I am a much more mature person,too. I was dating a man who had become a very important part of my life. We were best friends, did so many things together and the chemistry was insane. Everyone told us how lucky we were to be so crazy about each other. Constantly pawing at each other, doing everything together, at that time, the happiest time of my life. A euphoric laugh and love fest. The intensity of my feelings for him were over the top on every level. It stayed this way for about 2 years. I was hook line and sinker, do or die with this guy. Being away from him felt like detox, miserable loneliness no matter who was around. But then I started noticing he was not returning my calls quite as often. He would occasionally be unable to hang out. We were both busy, I thought once things died down we would pick back up where we left off. He got a new apartment in the same apartment complex as his mom and sister. We hung out there when he was not working or busy doing this and that.I talked to his mother and sister almost everyday, discussing our plans for this and that. All was well, when suddenly he stated we needed to break things off and see other people, then asked for a last romp in the hay as a good bye. I was so upset, looking for solace, I entrusted with my now, new family, his mother and sister. I then found out he had a new girlfriend. Well,not actually new. They had been dating a year and lived together in his new apartment for about 6 months. They knew the whole time. Yowsa.



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August 05, 2013

I am married now and my husband and I have an 8 year old daughter. He is still womanizing and I hear he is a drug dealer now as well. I look at it as an escape. :)



June 28, 2013

In a way, I think it is good that your relationship with him is over. A guy who is not mature enough to hold it together for someone he cl*s he loves is not a good boyfriend. I am glad you moved on, you deserve better.



June 26, 2013



Katrina Lines

June 16, 2013

OMG I am sos orry to hear that, that is sooo shitty please tell me he got what he desrved?



May 11, 2013

By "now my new family", I meant THEN my new family. lol


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