November 25, 2013 @ (Maine)

Tags: First Love

So i met this guy durring my summer before college, but i said that i didn't want to date anyone. We started as friends hanging out and watching movies. But as a couple weeks passed we started dating. We dated for about 3 or 4 months. I was a college half an hour away, and he stopped talking to me. No messages, no texts. He would ignore me for days, sometimes hours. To busy with his friends i guess. He completly closed up and wouldn't talk. I tried a lot and finally i had to break it off. It was tearing me apart, always wonder what was going on, and what i had done wrong. I has been a month and i still want to cry, and it makes my heart physically hurt. If anyone had any advise for getting over your first real love, please let me know.



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January 25, 2014

You should have not dated anyone-Move on-Finish your studies-Be a somebody,not a nobody --



December 11, 2013

I asked myself that very same question only four years ago. I am now about to get married and couldn't be happier. You need to embark on a new journey of some kind - improve your education, travel, excercise, work towards new goals and most importantly stay away from boys until you 3/4 healed. Believe it or not, breakups can help us achieve incredible things. Use that hurt to your advantage!



December 03, 2013

all i can say is that there are plenty of fish in the sea and just do something you like to do like hobbies or even go out with friends. Keep your head up high and let them hater and assholes run on, you will find someone better thats loves you for you and will treat you like a princess.


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