December 03, 2013 @ (New york)

Tags: Ugh

I need to vent. In advance, thanks for reading.

He is the last person I thought I'd be crying over. I had just moved and was new in school - it was a smallish town and there wasn't really that many new kids. So everybody was introducing me to everybody. Cutting class with a friend walking around, a group of guys walk up to my friend and he starts talking to them and what not and introduce me to them. I could tell that they are older -some a lot older- I don't even think they went to my school. One of them, Drew, stayed behind everyone with me as we all walked on the narrow sidewalk. We talked briefly I learned he was also cutting, he was some what of a "bad" boy he would always be getting in trouble and smoking weed and all that. My first impression of him was he's cool, he's like me and he's cute! But I never pursued him neither did he with me. I just saw him as a friend. Yeah he's cute but I didn't feel anything towards him. He'd always greet me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek every time and wait for me by my class. I saw him in and out relationships and when one got kinda serious I actually got upset! But not enough to really care and got over it almost right away. His best friend had a thing for me and I let it slide but felt really uncomfortable cause I didn't want drew to find out. I met him in 08 and the years passed and our friendship was just that - a friendship. We didn't become best friends and start dating we didn't have any of that fair tale crap.

Since he was older he left school before I did and after that I barely saw him. In all honesty I didn't really care, he was my friend but just my friend and it wasn't such a tragic thing when we stopped talking. I was on my Facebook and I came across one of his exs and she was getting married! I thought it was to him but then saw that it was to someone else. In my head I thought to myself why do I care? Whatever, right? So I looked him up and we started talking again and catching up and exchanging numbers. He lived close by and he had a car so he was literally only 5 minutes away. He grew to be even more handsome than I remember. And I'm not your typical girl - I'd rather take apart a car engine than get my nails



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