December 25, 2013 @ (Ohio)

Tags: Broke up w me at school

Me and my bf went out for 4.5 months..and he broke up w me five days ago. He was my best friend my world. I NEED him...:( we would text FaceTime,e or see each other just about every day, we were a really close couple. I cry every night so much and I just don't know what to do. He seems like he's getting over me quickly but he says he'll always care for me. He says that he broke up w me bc the main reason was was that I told him he should stop this habit...I'm not going to say what it was but let's just say little kids do this...and it involves gold....anyways he said also that I didn't like things he like (ex. He likes video games and I like makeup and this is the example he gave me actually) he also said I was rude and sarcastic sometimes, and he told our mutual friend when she asked about our breakup that I gave him BS all the time....and gave him anxiety attacks... But he always got anxiety attacks and panic attacks over the littlest things and would over react on things. And the week before we broke up he was saying how his friend ally wanted to hang out w them at a skate rink and it wasn't going to be there...and he told me two months ago how he was attracted to a friend if mine... He also said we'd always argue. But not all the time, at least not to me. I remember some really good times...I just miss it so much. It hurts so bad. Idk hoe to deal with it...please someone please help me I'm 15 btw and I have to see him at school



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March 21, 2014

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March 19, 2014

You don't need a boyfriend!-Concentrate on schoolwork and be somebody,not a nobody...



January 10, 2014

You're 15, life goes on. Sorry to be so blunt but that's life.



December 27, 2013

You're still young, It sucks that you have to see him at school though. But, it doesn't matter, break ups are almost inevitable. I know what you're feeling, break ups are tough. It's okay to cry, you'll get over him eventually. This habit of his sounds game related, like clash of clans or something. You have to understand he needs time for himself too, even though he may play a lot, he is still is young. Better to enjoy those little things in life while it lasts, because when you turn into an adult those fun things wither away. Still that doesn't give him the right to break up with you, so what you're into make up and he video games. That is pretty much all relationships, it would be a problem if you were both into make up. But it would be AWESOME if you were both into video games. Gamer Chicks rule, let that be a lesson to you. Boys dig gamer girls. Just move past it, it gets way better I promise you. YOU ARE ONLY 15!


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