March 21, 2014 @ (Canada)

Tags: bad breakup, sad, lost , confused , need help , romeo and juliette

I have been with my bf for almost three years. He is my second and I am completely in love with him. I hid our relationship from my parents but after a year they found out. They're very strict and told me they wanted to meet him. After they met him, they made my life miserable and told me I had to break up with him. But I didn't want I was just getting closer and closer to him. He was truly my soulmate. Today, I am miserable because we still haven't slept together because I want to be a virgin until I get married but he doesn't he's 20 and wants to lose it already with me because he loves me. I don't blame him he's been so patient with me and I feel bad. But in my religion, I can't sleep with anyone until I get married. He told me that if we don't do it he doesn't see us last another 2 years. My parents are telling me every day to break up with him because they don't see him in my future and will never accept him because I deserve better. So here I am, thinking to myself how I'm going to break up with the person I love. I know I will be depressed for a very long time but it's better to break up now then to wait longer right?



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June 19, 2014

Wow, my exact situation. I don't know what to say in terms of advice but I want to let you know that you're not alone in thinking this, and you're not alone in feeling torn and heartbroken. Good luck..


Canadian Chick

April 24, 2014

I was in a similar position before and I thought I was in love and I gave up my v-card to a guy who waited 6 months of dating and then gave me an ultimatum. He was Jewish and I was Christian, so his parents hated us dating. In the end, I have in and then 2 months later he tried to dump me. This is while I was overseas, living off a work visa in Australia, and he basically took up all my free time so I didn't have many friends. We ended up staying together until my visa was up but when I cam home, we tried long distance for a month and then it was over. It's funno cuz after that month I met my current husband and 4 years later were happy and in love. summary: You may think he loves you now but someday you may meet the man of your dreams who loves you for exactly who you are and admires what you stand for as a person, not as v for him to stick his d in. Even with my current husband, he had the patience and understanding of helping me get through the hurt that my previous bf put me through.


john l

March 25, 2014

hes about to use you. if he really loves u as much as he cl*s he would wait forever. i waited till i was 23 and in love. the girl used me and threw me away. save it for your husband bec its a connection you will be proud you waited to share with him. sounds like a dumb jerk to me.


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