November 01, 2014 @ (Hong kong)

Tags: Heartbroken

Back in 2012, a new guy came to my school. Every girl was obsessed with him and thought that he was handsome and all, including me. That guy was also the one who made me fall in love with him. But not only me, but together with 3-4 other girls at the same time. On September 28th, we were having a party because of a girl's bday. That guy was there as well, and it came out that the guy actually liked the girl who was having her bday there. Me (and all the others) saw them kissing and all.. I started to cry in front of everyone because I just couldn't handle it..
After a few months I finally got over him. Until November 2013, he told me that he already liked me since September 2013, but the matter was : he was still with that girl. They were sexually active and all. I didn't accepted him or something but I still kept talking to him, because deep in my heart I still liked him.
March 2014, we were together since now. In this time I learned that he has a really bad temper and gets mad at the smallest things. I had mood swings for 4-5 months when I was with him.
In July 2014, I went to a foreign country for the whole summer. He freaked out and kept on blaming me for leaving, he kept telling me that we would break up, and scolded at me with a lot of foul language.
I felt so miserable and didn't know what to do.
At the last week of my holiday I decided to break up with him, cause he treated me just like rubbish. When he heard that we were going to break up, he freaked out even worse than before, he threatened me that he would kill himself, and stuff like that.
When I was back, he was at the airport with a huge board, all about our stories and the happy things we've been through and all the little things that I thought he was supposed to forget.
We went back together again, but yesterday I discovered that he haD token nude pics of himself and his ex, when they were still in a relationship. That broke me, because he never had told me anything about his ex. I felt like I was just being lied to, these 8 months. He just said that the past is in the past, and things like this. He doesn't understand my feelings at all. He still keeps his exes diys and pictures on his laptop, thinking that I didn't know. At the beginning, he made me feel so special that I thought that we would never break up and stuff, now I'm just crying and crying and crying.
I told him that I want one week to think about what I should do and that I need to analyse everything. He begged me to not break up with him again because he told me that I'm his "everything" and all.
I'm just broken by the fact that he didn't told me these things. Every time I hear these things, it's never from him, it's always one of my friends who tell me this. I feel so fucked up right now and feel like I've been lied on for these 8 months.



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