December 07, 2014 @ (California )

Tags: Bad breakup I hate everything Never letting a guy play me again

I liked this guy for months, he finally asked me out last night. Guess what happened? He broke up with me the next morning. I feel like everyone thinks "It was better this way then you don't get too attached" Well not for me. He played with my emotions so much. I wont repeat all the amazing things that he said to me that no guy has ever said to me before. He played with me and I've been dealing with depression for years now, my self confidence is very low. When he complimented me I felt like I was getting some of my self confidence back, then he just goes and makes me feel like a fucking worthless bag of dog shit. I literally feel like no one cares. Of course there's your family who care, but they don't understand! I don't want to be seen in public I feel like everyone see's how worthless I am. I hate myself like I actually hate everything about me and no matter how many times I will say "I'm fine," I'm fucking not fine! Not at all. I feel like no one gets it. Everyone thinks that I couldn't be hurting this much. Well your wrong. I gained confidence, I felt wanted for the first time in months. Then he made me feel like it was a game to him. So if anyone thinks its okay to do this and play with someones emotions because you really don't think they will care, think twice! Because you're fucking wrong!
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January 15, 2015

I would like to reccomend you say you arent fine and get help. Yeah definatly suck. But think about it there is 7.2 billion people out their in the world. You will find someone who is right for you. So go get thereapy ^_^ trust me it helps



December 17, 2014

Hi Dear i dont know you personally so i cant comment on your personality however all i can say is that you should be a big believer in Karma and understand that this jerk will get what he deserves. dont torture yourself over this worthless piece of crap. If you start thinking positive thoughts then good things will start happening for you. just give it a try.



December 09, 2014

Hello, Read your story, if you dont mind me saying something to you. I still dont understand why you get into depression and loose your self confidence.. Why do u expect love from someone who hasnt loved you. Do you really think being with him together and getting into depression gives you some relief. Just look at the sky and see the big universe. He is jsut a tiny dot. You have the entire world waiting for you. Just close your eyes and look again. Everything will be new. Your life would be better, Your prince is waiting for you somewhere.


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