January 02, 2015 @ (kolkata)

Tags: changedforever!

i was in class 8..a age too tender to even comprehend one-fourth of what love means..but he had something so amazingly magical about him,i felt the best.i dint know what the feeling was...after a month of dating we got into a relationship.Being in class 8 meeting him was a big issue..but we managed..seeing him atleast once a week was a blessing.I bunked tutions to meet him,saved every penny i had to gift him on his birthdays,anniverseries etc.What a realationship it was!.There was so much of love in everything I saw in this world..this world seemed a better place.His care,his protectiveness,his touch was a bliss.I knew we were inseparable.Our relationship was an inspiration to many.The cost of loving him was slaps and beatings from my brother..but who cared?..ANYTHING FOR HIM!..Years rolled on..and my brother agreed too..his blessings were always there with us...and one fine day,I gave myself to him.We both cried..he assured him that i had made no wrong decision and i would never have to regret for that...and i believed him.He was the only world i knew...i knew we were inseparable until the day came.It was 22nd of april, brother called me up sobbing and crying.."He is not a good guy..he sleeps around with girls..recently he had brought a girl in his house to sleep with.You leave him."...and these words changed my life!..I sat on the road and cried for hours.I BROKE UP.
Years have passed on..but one sentence of Nicholas Sparks hangs true in my life "The first time you fall in love it changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try,the feeling just never goes away".I know I should hate him..he shattered my life forever.My life has never been the same after 22nd april 2012...but deep down i still cry for him.I do not know why did he do that to me.I STILL MISS YOU AFTER WHATEVER YOU DID..and YOU KNOW WHY IT HURTS MORE? ..BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN LOVE.



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