September 10, 2015 @ (Lucknow kanpur India)

Tags: Sad breakup

Okay here we go
I was in class 7th when i was attracted towards a girl but when i went to talk to her she got to know that i was attracted towards her thats why she refused for friendship also but i tried once more n yes this time i was successful n then everything was going good n after 4 months i proposed her n she said that she needs time to think n then next day i said whats your decision to she said what you think i said it must be a no yrr bcoz you will think i m like others but it was a yes n i was very happy n then our relation continued happy for about an year n then she said to me that my family has got to know about this so we will have to end this relation but i said its okay yrr i can understand but then again we started talking like lover after a month of brkup but we were not committed but we said luv u n all those things n this continued for 2 yaers n then our school took us for a trip to rajasthan (city i won't mention ) n then those things were more than lover bcoz we discussed abput our future n our families n some memories ,some laughs that we can never forget n after the trip everything ended bcoz she said tp me that she wanted to study n then i said that i will wait for you till my last breath n then she stopped talking slowly n gradually but i waited for her n after 2 months i heard she was committed with her best friend n i was crying like hell n i broke completely n then also when there were fights in her relation i used to sort them out but his bf didnt liked this n then she never replied to me again but yes i m still waiting for her bcoz i know that she will come back n people who helped us in our relation are against her today...



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