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March 03, 2010 @ (Norway)

Tags: Confusing long distance

So, I lived in the USA for a year and got a boyfriend. We dated for approx. 8 months before I had to leave. We went in to a long distance realtionship which was hard but it worked. Now 8 months into it, and 4 moths before I come back, he decides to end it. I was heartbroken. Now after a week of silence he e-mails me and asks: did we use condoms when whe had sex"!? He also said "he was just thinking about it the other night." This all happened after he said he didn't have any feelings for me anymore, he even said he didn't want me to come back and now he's randomly e-mailing me! What is this supposed to mean? Does he regret breaking up, or just trying to make it harder for me to get over him?


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