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Brian Hung

April 05, 2017 @ (Tainan)

Tags: Anger, Disgusted, Revenge, Cheating?,

I'm writing right now 5:08 in the morning about my breakup story, it was a while ago back in January, I was in a relationship with a girl, where we were in love deeply, but notice how I said were, because after a while, something happened... We were taking the same class of music, where she met this other guy, now, I was cool with it at first because I don't want to be completely restrictive. Then something hit me, I started noticing her not replying to my messages often and stopped interacting with me, I'm easily angered so I immediately confronted the other guy about this where he was cool with it and respected our relationship. We used to talk over 3 hours a day, then we talked less than 10 minutes a week, she started ditching me to go see him, sitting closer to him than she would sit beside me. Then she said she needed space, remember how we hardly interacted now, and I thought it was total bullshit, we had a huge argument over it but eventually resolved it, she told me to stop looking at her, talk to her or walk with her (we are still in the fucking relationship), eventually I couldn't take it anymore and broke up because she is being bullshit, and now we are in a very unhealthy friendship where she is extremely bias towards anything about me, she constantly pisses me off, fuck thats how it is now and I want is revenge.



May 12, 2012 @ (Indiana)

Tags: Never want to talk again, Friends

So, after almost two years of a relationship, my ex never wants to speak to me again. Weeks before we broke up I'd called out his 'friend' on being a sexist asshole after he said straight to my face that girls sucked at gaming. His friend had been verbally abusive to not just me but everyone at the school and when I stood up for myself it wasn't just for me. After this I received an offensive message calling me a "disgusting, degrading, attention whore that does anything to get attention and when you don't get it you whine and bitch". Upon showing this message to my boyfriend he felt like I should apologize to him for calling him a sexist asshole. Overall my boyfriend wanted nothing to do with the situation and didn't even try to defend me. I was tired of how he treated me. The first year we started dating everything was perfect but when year two I was basically abandoned and taken for granted but I still tried to keep the situation together and make him happy. This was the final straw. Now people keep coming to me and telling me hes been having sex with or trying to have sex with a girl from our school right after we broke up. I feel disgusted I had anything to do with him.


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