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April 30, 2013 @ (Australia)

Tags: Love1

We met 3 years ago straight after my marriage breakup thinking it was just a bit of fun one night stand it turned out it lasted 3 years . He never really committed to me the whole time but I somehow felt I was in a relationship he gave me back my self esteem initially after my marriage breakup and i was so happy when i was with him but over the years I began to feel used and abused for sex and text based relationship . But he knew how to get me back everytime I felt strong enough to walk away he came back said and did everything right rope me in only to cut me loose again so he could go and have his fun then blame me for something I had said or did. He told me I was the best girl best company gorgeous sexy etc etc i was in love with him although he was 10 years younger than me I felt there was always a chance we could be together because he said he would never find anyone like me . And now here I am again I let him back into my life only for him to cut me off again but his time I am determined to let go and move on I have to because I want to feel real love be loved and appreciated I deserve it



May 06, 2011 @ (AZ)

Tags: love1

We had been together for three years. Three happy years. We laughed all the time, went places together, shared dreams and thoughts. Had awesome debates. We didn't always see eye to eye, obviously, but when we argued it was productive. There was compromise on both parts and I FELT so loved and so lucky. I looked at other people's relationships and couldn't understand all the drama and strife. We worked through our problems and were steadily making progress and both happily moving forward in our relationship. So much laughter and joy, any issue was rare because we got along so well. And then about a week before it happened, maybe two, I noticed he was very distant. I chalked it up to work stress and so many other things. I didn't push, thinking he would talk about it when he was ready. I know how I feel when I get the blues, I don't want everyone pushing me and asking me what's wrong, ad nauseum. He called me one day while he knew I was at work and gave me the dreaded line, "We need to talk." He said he didn't love me. He wasn't looking for "the one." We weren't compatible, etc etc etc. This from the man who only a week before had purchased a trip over seas with me and was talking about our future and telling me how special I was, I mean I literally had the wind knocked out of me. Now he says he wants to be friends. I love him but I'm not stupid. I don't want to be with someone who could flip on me so quickly, who would lead me on for three years, someone who apparently doesn't love me. But, my heart just can't seem to catch up with my brain. I see that he had an attack of commitment-phobia. But, how can it be true that he would stay with me for so long, that we could both be SO happy and he doesn't love me? I am having trouble moving on because I just can't wrap my head around it. And this whole, "We can still be friends," mess. Yeah, right. That has to some selfish ploy to alleviate his guilt feelings. And he tells me things like, "People break up all the time." "People change." It seems like the only thing that changed was how he acted toward me. And people do break up all the time, but so suddenly? So arbitrarily? He said he has never been with anyone as long as he has been with me and that no one was so immersed in his life, that he had never been so close with anyone else. Ever. He still wants me to be a part of his life. But he doesn't love me? He has loved other girlfriends, but not me? I'm lost. I just don't get it.


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