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June 03, 2014 @ (new york)

Tags: bad breakup cheater funny breakup

Ok so this boy lets call him matthew ok so i liked him for about two months and he was ny best friends boy best friends so one day she formally introduced us so he said i was cute then he told her that he really liked me and then from there he picked me up from school and he would hug me and then we were best friends then i guess she told him that i was going to ask him out so i when to the store and he came with me he was just keeped huging me and he was being nice so jhe he told the store dude that i was really cute and that i was his girl and my face turned red so did his and we was walking and he said that if i was going to asked him something i said no then he said i already know what oit is and i was so scared like my stomach keeped having butterflies and i said i cant do it then he said ok will you go out with i said yeah!then he said just yeah then i said i mean yes he just started laughing and he walked me home he said bye babe i said bye<3 then the next day he came with ne to pick up my brother and sister from school and he hugged me and grabbed me and gave nme a tight hug and then he kissed me on my cheak and on Friday my aunt was baby sitting us and she said i can go see him i said thanks so much love you and then u when over to my friends house and she took me out side we when alot of places so after he came and he wasnt talking to me and he he said cece sat on my lap and fell asleep on me btw(cece is my best friends name) i was like what why then i said iyts ok and they were like brother and sister after that he inboxed me and said its over then i said its ok but why not tell me in person don't be less of a man and tell me over facebook. he said that he didn't want to see me cry i said im not crying and then we just stopped fighting i said can we be friends after a week bc it was our one month anniversary and he was yeah i would like that so we stared being friends but then my other best friend told me that he called me a side hoe and he told everyone that he asked out my other best friends so i asked him he said no and then over spring break he asked me out being the dumbass that i am i said yes this time we made it a whole month and then one day. My guy best friend told me he saw my cece and Matthew making out and holding hands i told him he keeped denying it so be for i could say it was over he told me first so the week after he called me his side hoe and i meant nothing to him so now that im dating this boy he wants to get mad and then he asked out my beast friends both of them and they when out then broke up and then him and my other best friend and him when out he told me the only reason that he is dating her is to get back at me
But now that i found someone new he told nme that he loved me and i told him no so now everyday he rides his bike to my house and saids hi and me being nice a say hi back but i told all of them that karma is a bitch and he ended up in love with me and. Doesn't like anyone eles



January 25, 2013 @ (New Jersey)

Tags: Mat

I always knew my relationship with my jackass ex boyfriend Matthew would not work out... He was always an asshole yet I stupidly fell for him anyway.

So we went out one day and he told me that he wanted to break up with me because 'he couldn't love me as much as I loved him'. Fair enough I said ok and we parted ways.

Next day I meet up with my male best friend and tell him what happened and things got a bit intimate (always had a soft spot for him). One week later I'm out with my best friend and we're holding hands when I see the ex! And guess what, he had a new girlfriend! So he was cheating on me throughout the 1 year relationship.

I grabbed my best friend and made out with him in front of Matthew. It was so worth it. When I went home Matt deleted me off facebook and I couldn't give a flying fuck about him. Matthew walks past me at Uni and acts as if I don't exist. Last week I was on the bus and Mat's girlfriend was sitting in front of me. I made it a point that she knows who I am and wished her the best of luck with her boyfriend.

Its not her fault she's with a jackass. I wish I could warn her what sort of a person he is. Once a cheater always a cheater.

I'm not in a relationship with my best friend, but I still make out with him when I see Mat :)



March 03, 2012 @ (Atlanta)

Tags: Matthew, John

So basically I used to date a guy, let's call him Mark, for almost 2 years. In the meanwhile his best friend and I were getting super close. You see Mark was a very possessive and religious person and would really get on my nerves. Moreover I could not trust him as he would spill all of my secrets and said some pretty personal things to others about me :/

So John (the best friend) was nice to me and comforting and we would occasionally hold hands. My friend Matthew, who is currently my best guy mate, would tell me to break up with Mark..

Eventually John was a bastard and spread a rumour around school that I was cheating on Mark with him and well I dumped Mark.

Fast forward to 7 months later and I started dating John even though he was really horrible and mean. Throughout the relationship he would ignore me, would not tell me where he was headed, and basically really hurt me. Matthew was upset as he told me that John was using me.

Things were pretty intimate with John, but one day, out of the blue, he said and I quote 'I was only with you to use you.. and anyway I'm not ready for a relationship bla bla bla... Its me not you'

This happened in July and it is now February.. he has a girlfriend and seems so loved up with her.. I have a boyfriend who loves me and respects me and cherishes me for who I am.. The day after John dumped me I went out with my best friend but after some intense make out sessions he decided that he doesnt want to be more than friends..

So that's the story of my life



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