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March 26, 2014 @ (new jersey)

Tags: bad break ups

Wow where to start on January 1st I was asked out by this boy.... he is in my school well I am a sophomore and him a senior.... every girls dream in high school.... well anyway he asked me out and it was so cute cuz he was like I like you and when I said I like him too he was like really. ... I tend to over think things and It was all thru Facebook.... so eventually during our 2hr long discussion at 2 in the morning he asked me to be his girlfriend I was ecstatic... I mean cmon a senior was asking ME out... well he came over that saturday he met my mom and my brother and my little cousin he was so sweet he played with them and him and I watched tv all day.... and then on the monday after that saturday he told me he loved me and he was falling in love... and I have to admit there was something about him that made me start to fall... well a week and a half later he broke up with me the reason was that he had a lot going on and he didnt want to loose me and that as soon as things were better for him we would get back together... being naive I believed him... well 4days or so later he got with a different girl which broke my heart but I was ok.... on February 19 he came to me upset and said that she cheated so he broke up with her and he wanted me back so I hugged him and he hugged me back and so I really wanted to be with him we got back together we were great for 2 weeks... again... then he turned around and broke up with me but this time there wasnt a reason so I was heart broken yet again but then I was bound and determined to find out why.... well I started paying closer attention to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE when one day I seen this girl walking with his sweatshirt on 3 DAYS LATER.... I went up to him that day since we had the same last period class together I was furious he was supposed to be only friends with this girl.... so he told me he didnt want to talk to me which hurt me worse I cried right there in front of him.... he wont look at me unless he thinks im not paying attention.... his smile makes my heart skip a beat..... and I am still in love but I dont know if he still loves me anymore....



January 30, 2014 @ (Carlsbad, CA)

Tags: Bet, In Love, Young, Naive, High School, Virginity, Fake Friends, Bad People

So, I'm eighteen now but I'm going to rewind a year to my sophomore year..


When I was 16 I moved to California from Atlanta.. When I got here I was well known because of my skin color and my suprising hair length.. I got some secret admirers during the first few months and some not so secret admirers.. For the most part I had a very small group of girl friends but a large group of acquaintances.. Everyone I knew I was introduced to by one of my friends.. I was invited to a party about a month after I arrived by one of my friends (let's call her Becca). So Becca introduced me to three guys at the party (Let's call them Luke, Nate, and Daniel). So Luke and I really hit it off and we started to hang out.. Everywhere Becca took me Luke was there.. After another month of us hanging out we officially started dating.. He was so sweet to me and I remember always thinking.. 'I'm so in love with this guy'.. We spent every moment together and he treated me so well.. When I got a job at this tanning spa he would always bring me food and gifts.. After another month of this he started to disappear.. I wasn't really worried about it at the time because I was a dumb love-struck child.. After a few weeks of absence with only phone calls he reappeared and his charm was in over-drive.. Around this time rumors started floating around school that I was a slut and all that shit and that Luke got me pregnant.. I asked him about it and he just insisted that they were jealous and told me he loved me.. He told me this every day five times a day almost for the next three weeks.. And then he proposed... (Yes, he proposed to me at 16.. And my dumb ass said 'yes') Welp.. I lost my virginity that night.. (Don't judge me.. He's a con-artist) And the gifts, the visits, the 'I love you's, the calls, everything.. Stopped. I was still infatuated with him and I refused to believe he used me.. He never proposed with a ring which should've told me that he wasn't serious but I thought him saying 'I love you' was good enough.. The rumors at school got worse in his absence and I heard an interesting theory swirling around.. It was a bet. I refused to believe it at first until I decided to ask Becca about it.. She just cried and cried and cried.. She kept telling me she was sorry and she didn't know he would actually do it.. Turns out my 'friends' Nate and Daniel bet Luke $200 dollars that he couldn't take my virginity before the year was up.. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS IS WHAT MY VIRTUE MEANT TO THEM!! Luke came back to school a month later and acted as if I was invisible.. I stopped talking to all my friends and found a new group.. I confronted Luke a week later and he said he just fell out of love and the bet never existed which I know is bullshit because he somehow got a new paintjob for his car.. I didn't cry.. I wasn't sad.. I was pissed beyond words.. He dismissed me so easily after he took something that was meant for my husband.. I could've hurt him as easily.. I thought about slashing his tires or something like that but in the long run I didn't do anything that could get me in trouble.. I let it go. It's been two years since then and I have a new boyfriend.. His name is Chris! I love him sooo much and unlike Luke we're taking it slow because we both know what it's like to get hurt.. I've spoken to Luke once since the confrontation and that was to curse him out and vent a little bit.. Which ultimately ended in him walking away and me slapping him.. I hope Luke finds someone good so that when he does some shit like that to her and she leaves he'll know how other people feel when he mistreats them.. Chris and I are in love.. And I'm sure this time because it feels different than the love I had for Luke.. It feels natural.. I guess I felt strained in my relationship with Luke without realizing it because I had nothing to compare it to.. Just in case you were wondering.. Yes. My parents know what Luke did to me and his parents know too.. I'm not going to share what happened because that's between our families but I'll tell you Luke owes my family a lot of money.. This experience has made me stronger in more ways than one and more alert.. Before you judge me you have to remember I was naive and sixteen.. With college time nearing and my upcoming move to L.A. with Chris I can let go of all the scars that my move to California gave me because I got lots of opportunities too! If anything like this happens to you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.. I found my light! This is for the girls.. Save your V-Card.. You only have one and make sure it counts and he really deserves it.. I made the fatal mistake to give it to someone who saw it is nothing more than a bet and hasn't even apologized.. I hope you learned something from my mistake.. Byeeee!



October 04, 2013 @ (NY)

Tags: bad break up

I met this girl in my senior year in HS. I really liked her, but i was neing the respectful guy and hide my feelings because she was with someone else. Anyway, we stayed friends for the year and when summer came we lost touch. At my second semester of college, I ran into her and we decided to catch up. While talking to her, i learned that she was single and i got a little excited because i still had feelings for her. so i decided to make it funny that i had a crush on her in HS and she told me she did too. This should have been a warning because she was with someone when she liked me, but i was naive. A little while after that i askerd her out and we started to date. It was great for about a week until i found out from another friend she was atlking to her ex when she previously said she didnt talk to him anymore. I confronted her about it and she admitted it. I then broke up with her, but we still kept in touch. This was my mistake because i decided to give her a second chance. I understood why she was talking to her ex. It was a 2 year relationship and i know that can be hard. So we dated a gain after a mont h after i broke up with her. The relationship lasted a little over 2 months and i found out from another friend that she was sleeping with a younger guy that was still in HS. I didnt want to jump to conclusions, but my friend said that this other guy knew about me and was only in it for the sex. Me and her hadnt had sex yet but that is my fault because i am a virgin. I still refused to believe it, but i went over to her house to confront her and she denied it and i believed it cuz im a moron. Then a few days later, i get a text from her right before im going out with some friends saying that she was breaking up with me because she had too much stuff going on. By this point i was soo done with her shit that i said ok and still wwent out and had a good time. I learned my lesson from that and will never let myself into a relationship lie that again. I am currently talking to this girl and we probably are going to be together soon :) thumbs up



March 22, 2013 @ (ukraine)

Tags: break up, cheating

We started our relationship in October, 2010. From the beginning we were extremely comfortable with each other. Needless to say, we shared a level of intimacy that seemed unreal for two human beings to share. For a little over two years, everything was perfect, a strong word to use, I realize, but there seems as though there can be no other way to describe it, all I needed was him and all he needed was me, we’d spent most days together, and the time we were apart we spent communicating through one or the other form of technology, and it was never one sided. I would contact him as much as he would contact me. We became so codependent, irrational as it seems, it was hard to even ever imagine a life without him. I changed the way he thought, when I had had met him he was impulsive, to say the least. His character comprised of instinct and upbringing. He grew up in a large family, and now would be the right time to point out his islamic roots, his father has never had a ‘father to son’ talk and, initially, he too, was introverted. His thoughts, suppressed. I changed that, he no longer believes in following anyone without question, I eradicated his naivety. Before making a decision, he now rationalizes the consequences, or so I thought.
Although originally from pakistan, He lives in a first world country, two years, four months down our relationship, he was invited to pakistan, to attend the wedding of his cousin brother with his cousin sister, yes, cousins getting married is a perfectly normal thing to do in pakistan, never mind the incest or medical issues raised by it. Anyway, he was to be gone for two weeks.
Upon his return, I learnt, through no help of his, that while his stay in pakistan, he had cheated on me, with one of his cousins. Although, I know it is a possibility for any person to cheat, I would never think of him cheating on me. I still have trouble convincing myself some days.
But all that is done now, we broke up in February, 2013. Its been over a month now.
I have forgiven him for what he did. I am not sure if I would ever get back with him for the only reason of the risk of him repeating his impulsive action. It is futile to talk about this as it is under no intention of his to be with me.
We see each other everyday and on most weekends too. And I see him, looking at me, telling me how beautiful i look, noticing the slightest change of my appearance, our legs touching under the table even though there is clearly plenty of room to sit separate. All this is just so natural for me, it appears to almost be innate.
Well, I suppose it doesn’t help that even though we have broken up, we keep an active sexual relationship. We agreed that it was simply too good to let go and neither of us have had sex with another person after the break up, also, we currently live in a country where the chances of either of us having another relationship are slim. So for me, this set up is actually pretty good, but I suppose he wants more.

A common friend of ours is in a long distance relationship, and he currently has a girl visiting him who happens to like him, and to avoid any trouble, he asked my ex to ‘seduce’ her. I presume, it should not have surprised me, but when he jumped at the opportunity, I was left speechless. I was moving on, happy even, but this little event left me hanging dry, and feelings I was too scared to confront before have managed to finally push their way through. As I type this, he is meeting her, today, for the first time, in hopes to sleep with her. And I am left, feeling alone, unwanted, insecure. I feel as though he moved on too quickly, with so much desperation, it disgusts me, makes me feel disrespected. I worry that even the times in our relationship when we were happy was also a lie. I can not live with that truth.



July 22, 2012 @ (New York)

Tags: dumb, young,

Well for starters, this happened a couple of months back and I'm completely over it.
My boyfriend at the time and I had dated for two years, straight out of high-school. We always got into constant arguments which up until today I should have realized that I should have let go from the beginning. He would always argue about how much I used to call him or text him but mind you we would barely see each other. He was in a different school and so was I. We had met through mutual friends. At the time I used to see it as absence makes the heart grow fonder...boy was I wrong. By the time we were both starting our first semester in college I realized that he was spending a lot of time with these two girls but I didn't put mind since I was actually paranoid that I was pregnant. Well turns out I was and had a miscarriage, I didn't find out until after so it didn't really affect me but when I was paranoid he didn't even bother to go with me to get checked out. Well I started noticing that some girl on Facebook was always commenting on his photos and on his wall and usually that doesn't bother me and I approached him about it and he stated "I would never mess around with her, she's pretty fat. I hate fat chicks" HA! yeah that was the girl he dumped me for on our anniversary.
The girl would then try calling and texting me threatening me AFTER she she found out that he cheated on her three times with me. It was bad in my part but hey...I was still in love I guess. I have no regrets, and now I just laugh it off at how young and naive I was. And basically for girls to read this and see that after a break up you can be strong never cry for a long time over a guy that isn't worth it.



February 27, 2012 @ (Texas, California)

Tags: Long distance1, internet, dating, sad, breakup

Bitter sweet Internet love life

This is a true story about my own love life and how it started.. and sadly ended

I looked to my right and then to my left, I saw a guy with a cat head on? He seemed pretty interesting, but being the random person I was I walked up to him and said "Hai how's life?", "It's awesome right now" I giggled, "So what's your name?" the crowd around him answered "--------" I didn't even notice they were there and made me jump out of my skin! 
------End of Flashback------
The day we first met was a memory turning hazy, but I never knew he would become my best friend. At the time I first met him I was a 1st year in middle school and was pretty dumb, but I didn't care as long as I was having fun at school, I was the type of person who could make anyone smile! I didn't take anything seriously at the time as in friendships, and relationships, I was all about living for the moment and always acting silly, but that would eventually change. Jerome was a well known person, I'm pretty sure he had more friends then I would ever have in my school years, but he was funny and also serious, he always put his friends as his number one priority and that's what I liked about him! I started talking to "------" everyday, and I would always learn something new about him, my friendly feelings eventually turned into love. One day my friend Christopher and I had started talking about the most random topics and I saw "-----" walk over to me and sit close to like he always did , I told Chris, "HEY CHRISTOPHER, are you going to pay for our wedding!" I realized what I had just said and started to blush, "but I have to pay for mine first!" he whined , ever since that day "------" and I became girlfriend and boyfriend, we exchanged numbers and the first thing he said was, "YES, I can prank call you now!" "Oh shush and text me cause I have to go, BAI "------" I LOVE YOUH!<3" "Love you too!<3" After that he imminently texted me, he made me feel special inside like I was the only girl he could have, I guess he had me falling head over heels for them, but things change... The day of my birth was coming up and I was so excited on what he would get me!! It could be anything I ever dreamed of. It finally came and what I got was a diamond ring as in an engagement ring!! He purposed to me after just one month and I felt so happy!! But after that my life would change forever... It was Friday may 20th that I received a text saying he had asked a girl out and she said yes. I wasn't happy about it, but I tried to act happy, but failed miserably. Inside I felt real jealous even though this relationship was just over the Internet I couldn't help but feel a little ache in my heart. As the weeks had gone by we started texting less as he distanced himself from me, but then his friend had died one day and that made the distance seem even longer, as he was always busy helping out others, even though I was a priority I felt like an option which hurt me the most... as a result I... cheated on him, I cheated on him because I wanted him to feel what I felt when he told me he had a girlfriend, that was The lowest point I  had ever gone to in a relationship, and I felt empty inside. I told "------" all about "Joey" (a.k.a moo moo) at first he seemed completely fine with it but as I told him more, we had arguments that were pointless, he eventually  found out that moo moo wasn't in real life but was on the Internet, I made a fatal mistake of hanging out with "Joey" that day as he gave me a '<3' sign right in front of "------" After that day "------" no longer talked to me, he ignored me, and all their was left was for "Joey" to fill the void I had in my heart. After a successful relationship "Joey" finally ended it, saying we were going to fast... I no longer had anyone to cover up the sadness that they left me, and started to cry everyday waiting for them to come back to me. I became obsessed and eventually had thoughts of suicide, but I never did have the courage to cut into my arm. In my mind I knew no one would want me anymore from the terrible thing I've done to "------", and decided to never love again. All I ever wanted was Jerome's attention and acceptance, I had eventually got it but lost it so easily. 

"Yes, this whole relationship thing was over the Internet, but it didn't matter to me because I felt so close to him that even distance couldn't tear me apart from him, I know it was naive of me to think it would last even though I cheated on him, I still hoped the relationship would still make it through"



December 30, 2011 @ (Florida)

Tags: love

We haven't broken up yet, but I'm seriously considering some possibilities.
Let's start it off with, it's been 1.5+ since we've been together. We are young, so being naive must follow dearly, "of course". He is my first of many things, and so much more. We give each other space, yet we enjoy being close. The hurt began months and months ago. Maybe 3 months into our relationship. Firstly, I don't expect any boyfriend to give up friends for me; I won't do it so they shouldn't either. Fair enough, yes? But his best friend, let's call him Joe, has called me every single insult, name, and crude thing in the books. I have cried myself to sleep many-a-times, just because of how he treats me. Every time, my boyfriend has not put his foot down. I became depressed after being called a "trampy, pathetic, useless, slutty-bitch" after so many times. My boyfriend has called other girls gorgeous and flirted back. He's started fights then made me cry. He's a great guy, he just talks out of his butt. His friend is hurtful. He can be very uncaring at times. So when is it too much?


His Only?

December 18, 2011 @ (If only I knew..)

Tags: two years, serious, love, hurt, miss him, want him back, heartbreak, pure, happy, how

I don't want this to sound like another bad romance or break up.. Because we weren't. I know this is hard to believe but in eighth grade, I met the love of my life. Don't get me wrong, I was really young and naive. But he had me at hello. He was tender but strong, charming but sweet, and fun ut committed. He was perfect for me. My other half has finally connected with my soul. We dated seriously for 2 years. We never rushed anything, always a casual move or a serious discussion. We realized the dangers of becoming as close as we did but were so sure we would be together for years to come. He loved me enough to even sit through New Moon with me on our year anniversary. I guess I was never a great girlfriend to him but I couldn't, and still can't live a day without him. A week after our two years, we got into a fight and my friend got involved and made him want to break up with me.. We were done at that point.. We disconnected and lost each other. Tragically, I grieved for months about losing him. He was my gift and I let it go. He moved,literally, across the country and it's been 8 months since I've seen or heard from him. Recently, he popped up into my Facebook and we started talking. I realized about 3 weeks ago how much I missed him and how much I want him back.. He is still kind of bitter, but is sincere too. I'm not sure what I should do anymore about this and was seeking help and guidance from someone who has gone through something like this. I know we both messed up but I still love him dearly. And I don't want to sound like a hopeless romantic because I'm not. I gave myself to him and have lost it. He means the world to me... Still.. Thank you for reading my reach out..


Young And Naive

November 29, 2011 @ (nj)

Tags: naivegirl stupidguy

Ok so my break up story is about a guy I dated in my highschool years. I met Shane my sophomore in highschool he was a freshman. I thought he was really cute and vice versa. He always asked our mutual friends about me. I liked him because he was sweet and he seemed like he genuinely liked me. He tried getting a friend to ask me out for him cuz he was shy but I refused to give an answer until he asked for himself. Eventually got the nerve to ask me I was ecstatic and of course said yes. We dated for about a month and a half and he broke up with me cuz I refused to be the one to kiss him first and he didn't have the balls to do it. So we kept in touch and remained friends. We started "talking" again my junior year and he told me he wanted to try us out again. I told him I wouldn't do it unless he kissed me first so he kissed me and I said yes. He got excited and hugged and kissed me again. He treated me pretty good and we talked on the phone almost every night but we never got the chance to hang out cuz my mom is over bearing and extremely strict. We dated for about a month before he broke up with me only to ask me back out a day later. I wasn't going to say yes but his twin brother told me that he talked about me nonstop and that he missed me so I gave in. We dated for 2 more months after that we loved eachother or so I thought. One day while on the phone he broke up with me after a huge argument and it absolutely crushed me. Again we remained friends. My senior year we started talking again but it didn't go anywhere. I graduated highschool and we kept in touch. I dated other people he dated other people. We started talking again(I couldn't stay away being with him just felt so nice) we had sex a couple times and we're thinking about going out again but I decided I didn't feel like risking the hurt again but we remained in touch and flirted all the time. No matter how many girls he dated it always came back to me so I know deep down he does have real feelings for me but he's too immature to commit(none of his relationships last long) I eventually just gave up on him and could not be happier with that decision. I'm with an amazing guy now. We've been together for a little over a year and are engaged. I have no contact with my ex at all. Ahh it feels nice to get all of this off of my chest$


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