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November 07, 2016 @ (A place)

Tags: bad breakup, cheating, deserve better, sad

I met this guy three years ago through friends and it seemed to go really well. We were both in high school and the first year was lovely with us going on adventures and going on dates. However, during the first year of college, he turned incredibly immature (he had failed his GCSE's and I had just started A Levels), stopped making an effort with me and there were rumours he had cheated on me. We broke up for 2 weeks but I was stupid to take him back after he begged me that he missed me.
The next two years sucked. I would put in all of the effort into the relationship whilst he spent all of his money on cigarettes and spent his time playing video games. I felt trapped and lonely.
Recently I started university and he is still stuck at college. As all of his decent friends are at university or working, he started to become friends with some very dodgy people (known to do drugs and commit crimes). He started to get close with a lot of girls and it became obvious he was cheating on me when he suggested we go on a break. I ended it after receiving a text from him saying he was sleeping with another girl and yesterday we gave each others things back (three years worth of his things given back to him in two bin bags). He had hickeys all over his neck and random girls kept calling him whilst he was saying we should remain friends.
I know I deserve a lot better than him and I'm going to try and focus on my degree and find someone who will make an effort with me. It's just that it is hard to move on from three years of confusion, bittersweet memories and him in my life.



January 15, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: confusion

We were together almost two years. Met in freshman year and now I'm almost done third year. So in love and so happy, we had our differences but always got past them. Had a small break up once for about two weeks because I was out of the country and we were fighting and such. Got back together soon after and just been amazing ever since. One day he says i cant love you anymore over text message. Get over me. Thats it. Never heard anything since. Dont know how to deal with this or what to do.



January 02, 2012 @ (Aus)

Tags: 1

We weren't together long, probably only over a month and the relationship felt kind of rushed, as if everything just went way too fast. It isn't as if I regret anything about the relationship as it happened, I just think it would've turned out better if it didn't go so fast.
Anyway, all of a sudden when the holidays began we saw each other less and less. I was told that he was working too much and he was too tired to see me. When I asked about our lack of communication he said that he was just too tired and that I never really talked to him. It was frustrating and despairingly I attempted a sort of silent approach interspersed with periods of strained conversation (not face to face). I have no idea how any of this was supposed to help and so I just left it. He didn't 'have time' to see me...okay, then I'll just go on and assume that he's just not interested anymore.
So basically my breakup was a prolonged period of confusion in which the dumper let me work it out for myself that we were no longer together. Whether this method of indirect break up was an act of cowardice, laziness or (seriously misguided) kindness I don't know. We still talk occasionally through social networks and such and are supposedly 'friends' in a weird way that feels like nothing meaningful. I don't feel any resentment towards him (or try not to) because this stuff happens and people lose interest. Except I hope that when it does happen most people explain this to the persons' face and don't let them painstakingly figure it out for themselves.



August 05, 2010 @ (Las Vegas)

Tags: cheat heartbreak

So, I had an extremely huge crush on a girl in my class for almost a year. She was way out of my league, so I spent most of my time daydreaming. One night, she told me she liked me, for a long time. I was shocked, yet happy. We hung out, then I proceeded to ask her out. She said, "Of Course!". About 1 month and a half into the relationship, on her birthday, I came over to her house to surprise her with gifts and balloons. She loved it. That night, I went to a concert with my bestfriend. I lost my phone while there and asked him if I could borrow his to make a call. I used my friend's phone to call my girlfriend to tell her what happened. Just after, I stumbled upon text messages on my friend's phone from my girlfriend. The messages were too friendly. I died inside. After a week of confusion, I had to break up with her, and I had to stop being friend's with my best friend...of 11 years. My ex kept denying everything, that "She was just trying to be friendly" I didn't listen. A few days later, I found out that she never told anyone that we were going out. She kept the relationship a big secret. She told her friends that I never asked her out. She flirted with numerous guys while I thought we were going out. She was even secretly dating another guy behind my back too. The same thing happened to him too. I was the victim of a game she liked to play. She lied to me, cheated, and made me lose my best friend. She took my heart out, branded it, and gave it back to me.



October 16, 2009 @ (North Carolina, USA)

Tags: break up song

My boyfriend and I had been dating for a year and a half. I thought it was really going somewhere. One day he calls me and says that he really needs to talk to me. I come home and he has set up a lovely candle light dinner. I was so surprised and happy. He smiles and pulls out a ring box and then he pushes play on the cd player. "Dont go away mad(Just go away) was playing. Seeing my confusion he explained, "Oh sorry, forgot to change the song from when I broke up with my girlfriend today". My mouth just dropped open as he changed the song to some sort of wedding march song and then asked me to marry him. I very nicely told him to fuck off and what an asshole he was and then took my leave.


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