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September 01, 2011 @ (Oregon)

Tags: example 1, example 2

Ok so my ex and i had been together for 11 months everything was great at first then i left to a summer camp for a week. When i got back i could tell something was wrong.. but he just wouln't tell me wht it was. So then here we are talking on the PHONE not even in person.. nd he tells me " im tierd of you always arguing about everything i just want to not fight anymore.." nd some more BS .. he dumps me that night .. here i am crying like a dummie. BUT, wait here i am i love this kid with all my heart soo im willing to go all the way were he lives nd try to work things out. To my surprise i get their and he's getting high so i try to seduce him lol nd he gave in .. for like a million times but then after said ... " no im not a cheater i dont cheat" i was like WTF do you have a new GF? and it turns out that while i was sitting their crying my eyes out nd all those restless nights he got with this girl eathier the day he dumped me or the day after.. this happened yesterday .. i am sooo hurt and idk what to do i feel like im never going to get over him .. I HONESTLY HOPE HE GETS HIS ASS KICKED SOOOOON!!!



August 31, 2011 @ (texas)

Tags: example 1, example 2

I'd never know that my ex was still in a relationship when he tried to date me. I wasnt interested at first but seeing his effort made my heart melted. So I accepted him in my life. Everything, of course was great at first until one night when he confessed that he was still in another relationship when we started dating.

I was so mad at first but when he explained that his ex is the one who cheated on him first and he also showed some evidence of it (text from that girl), I decided to forget about it and continued with our relationship since I already fell for him (my first love)

Few months later, I further my study in college which is about 400km from my hometown and thats mean I was away from him and could only met him once a month. While I was away, his ex kept trying to win him back and it really annoyed me to death. He said he got no feeling anymore with this girl.

So I just let it slip through my mind. However, one day, he wrongly sent a message to me which the intended user is his ex. In that msg he showed clearly how he still in love with his ex. Our relationship was on the rock. He accused me to be pushy when in fact I was not. I just demanded to know his whereabouts when he didnt call me for few days.

Next thing I know, he married the girl. and I spent 2 years and a half crying about it, when I finally moved on and didnt think about it anymore, his wife sent me a msg through fb and made me reminisce about the bad old things and made my life miserable again. I just wish that both of them will burn in hell.



August 31, 2011 @ (malaysia)

Tags: example 1, example 2

My-then boyfriend of one year said that he needed to go to another island (within our country) to help out family's business (timber business) and he said that he would be back in a month' time. Two months passed, he didn't show any sign that he would come back and when I asked, he made a big deal about it and accused me of forcing him to choose between me and his family.

To make things worse, he also told her family about it and made them hate me.We fought like crazy, and he said he would be there for at least a year. I promised to wait for him. Even though it was so hard to contact him since he's in the jungle most of the time, but I tried my best to make it works.

Three months later, during my study break, I decided to pay him a visit. It was my first time to fly and to go to that island. He promised to pick me up from the airport and spend time with me. I was so excited since Id never flied before and Id never been to that island, because its on other part of my country.

The day before I arrived, I tried to call him but couldn't get through. I was worried but I still went there, hoping that he would keep his promises. When I arrived there, I couldn't get him through the phone.

So I settled down alone, looking for the guest house and all, with a very small budget (since he promised to pay my money back!). I tried to call him everyday but couldn't get through and couldn't stop crying because I was alone there and that place is so unfamiliar to me, couldn't afford to change my flight back.

I called his sister with the hope that she would help me a bit but she just show how much she and her family hate me. I almost faint when I know about it. They didn't even want to see my face.

Only on 5th day finally my-then bf contacted me and agreed to meet me for only two hours. He promised he would come back again. But until now.. after one year and a half I'd never heard from him again.



January 23, 2011 @ (cedar rapids, ia)

Tags: example 1, example 2

I was befriended on Facebook by a hot guy who had 10 mutual friends as me. He said in the first message "You look sooooo familiar...blah blah blah..." We talked back n forth via FB and txting for a few weeks before he asked me to come over for dinner (he was cooking). RED FLAG ignored by me!! So I went over (stupidity), we had a great time talking, laughing and had a lot in common. We watched a movie, kissed, and so on. That night on my way home he sent a text: you are wonderful!! we talked and text everyday. He asked me out the next night. It was awesome! Then 2 more days that week we got together. he was talking about taking me places, doing stuff together and how beautiful I was. Well, the day after our last date, I didn't hear from him. I sent a txt, he responded 3 hours later...with no XO's or happy faces. Then I didn't hear from him ALL weekend so I sent him an email monday night asking what's going on in a very friendly way. He responded that I'm a wonderful girl, but something just didn't feel right. I kept him as a friend on FB. Yesterday his status changed to "in a relationship". I'm kicking my own ass for falling for that player. DELETE FRIEND!!! I'm really having a hard time understanding why I was so easy and available to him. He dissed me and it was probably someone he was dating before me. I couldn't believe it!


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